While appearing on ‘Ellen,’ Martha Stewart revealed just how much fans actually thirsted over her viral swimsuit photo. Even Howie Mandel ‘couldn’t stop looking at the picture.’

Martha Stewart admitted that many people were thirsting over her thirst trap — even if she doesn’t exactly know what that means. “You want to know something, Howard? I don’t even know what it means now. What does it mean?,” the 79-year-old businesswoman, revered for her home/cooking products and books, asked Howie Mandel on the April 2 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The “thirst trap” in question was a photo of the lifestyle queen puckering up while wading in her East Hampton pool, which she shared in July of 2020.
The America’s Got Talent judge, who was guest hosting on Friday, did his best to explain. “You’re a thirst trap. You look hot and I couldn’t stop looking at the picture. Look at you. Look at you. You’re stunning. And you’re amazing,” who later added that “people thirst to watch that picture.” But enough about semantics — Howie wanted to know if Martha’s sexy pool selfie led to “any Zoom dates.”Apparently, Martha doesn’t have time to entertain suitors. “Oh, I got so many proposals and so many — you know — propositions,” she teased, but added, “But I had to ignore all of them. I’m a very busy person.” Howie then quipped, “Are you on FansOnly?” He seemed to be referring to OnlyFans, a platform which many people use to subscribe to content creators who sometimes post racy content. Martha didn’t appear to know what “FansOnly” was, and simply said, “No.”

It wasn’t the only time Martha posted a thirst trap — or received a thirsty comment. Months later on Feb. 4, the cookbook author shared a glamorous selfie of herself after a round with her beauty team. Drew Barrymore couldn’t resist commenting, “Again, I don’t care if it’s inappropriate… YOU ARE SO HOT.” From Howie to Drew, the consensus is unanimous: Martha is hot!

Like Martha said, though, she is a busy woman. In 2020, she starred in a new HGTV show called Martha Knows Best which followed the star as she tackled gardening projects on her farm in New York.