Strange Courtesies – Equity Video Submissions (Deadline 01.01.21)

San Jose Stage Company
San Jose, CA

Job Details



Bay Area Theatre
$520 weekly minimum (Tier 3)

Artistic Director: Randall King
Executive Director: Cathleen King

First Rehearsal: February 8, 2021
Rehearsal week/recording: February 8 – 13, 2021
Pre-Recorded Video Streaming: February 24 – 28, 2021

All auditions will be online video submissions. Due to COVID19, we are not holding any in- person auditions at this time.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Equity actors of all ages, ethnicities, and genders for San Jose Stage Company’s upcoming virtual production in collaboration with African-American Shakespeare Company of STRANGE COURTESIES by L. Peter Callender. Local Bay Area actors particularly encouraged to submit.

San Jose Stage Company is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in casting and uses a color and culturally conscious approach to casting. Actors of any race, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, and ability are encouraged to submit their materials and audition.


A new play by L. Peter Callender
A virtual premiere in collaboration with San Francisco’s African-American Shakespeare Company.

Citizens of South Africa are confronting a painful past through the Truth and Reconciliation

Commission, which has heard thousands of reports about murders, tortures and other human rights abuses of the apartheid era. STRANGE COURTESIES explores the potential restorative power of truth telling; the significance of sympathetic witnesses; and the tasks of both perpetrators and bystanders in the TRC process. Can dignity be restored to victims and their families while offering a basis for individual healing, and promoting the reconciliation of a divided society?

Cast Breakdown:

NOMISA [no-MEE-sah] KWANZI , F,36, A Night nurse. (*This role has already been cast.)

ROBERT SEYBOLD , M, 38, a Black/African/African-American TV reporter; NOMISA ’s boyfriend.

JONNY EMANUEL KWANZI , M, 18, NOMISA’s younger brother.

ZENZELE [zen-ZAY-lay] KWANZI , F,54, Nomisa’s, Jonny’s and Zachariah’s Mother.

ZACHARIAH “Zakkie” KWANZI , M, Jonny’s and Nomisa’s brother and Zenzele’s son. He is remembered.

HOWARD ARTHUR PRINSLOO , M, White South African Age55, former high-ranking member of the

South African Security Force.

Please prepare a contemporary monologue in a South African dialect totaling no more than 2 minutes. Ensure that your video recording is uploaded to a streaming service such as Youtube or Vimeo with all access permissions set to allow anyone with the video link access. Please fill out this form to submit your online video submission:

Deadline: 01/01/2021