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Jessica Swanson

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Since we are working with artists worldwide and vocalizing together, everything will be pre-recorded. Once cast, show content will be due from vocalists no later than December 16th at the absolute latest. The show will stream on December 22nd and 24th.


  • To be considered, please fill out the following Google Form
  • Send a headshot, resume and self-tape with 32 bars of a song that best demonstrates your talent and the style you sing best. You may send in two contrasting tapes if you wish but only 1 is required. All materials must be sent to after filling out the Google Form.

“New Sounds of the Season” is a virtual cabaret featuring brand new Holiday music written with a theatrical style by songwriters from across the entire world. Songs are paired with singers and actors who will perform virtually from their hometowns across the globe. The show will feature a total of 19 original songs. Several previous Broadway performers and other soloists have already been cast and will be announced once the entire cast is finalized.


  • **Please note that there are several numbers that have already been cast**

Ensemble: Seeking vocalists ages 8 and up. These cast members will sing harmonies, help create extra video content and dance in multiple numbers throughout the show.

  • Across the Seven Continents by Ted Kociolek: Seeking 12 vocalists speaking English, Italian, Spanish, Luganda, French, Danish, German, Arabic, Polish, Japanese, or Russian. Also seeking a vocalist who speaks Hawaiian, is native to Hawaii or native to the Polynesian islands. The song features Christmas greetings from all 12 languages and we want to highlight artists who speak those languages.
  • It’s Christmastime (& I’m going home) by Lisa Brigantino: Seeking 1 female soloist currently in college and residing in a dorm to film in. Alto.
  • The Very Merry Force by Becca & Julian Blackmore: Seeking 1 female soloist, any age. Mezzo. (Star Wars fans encourage to apply for this song)
  • Say That You Remember by Laurie Hochman: Seeking 1 male vocalist, age 40+, preferably someone who is a dad since this what the song discusses.
  • Winter Wonder Day by Susan Borowski: Seeking 1 female vocalist, any age, folk style song. Mezzo.
  • Christmas Morning Joys by Brandon Brush: Seeking 1 young vocalist under 15 that can play an elementary kid
  • Santa’s Here by Steven Silverstein: Seeking 1 teen male vocalist, tenor.
  • Memories by Trent Cokley: Seeking 1 adult vocalist. Song has been written in two keys to accommodate male or female vocals.
  • Goodwill and Peace by Johnson Trent: Seeking male soloist, any age.


All NextStage actors of any age are always paid. Actors will have two avenues of compensation for this production.
Base pay: Our actors split half of our gross ticket proceeds and donations.

  1. Our Actor Tip Jar: We set up a virtual tip jar through PayPal that can be accessed before, during, and after our production. There is no minimum or maximum that actors can be paid in this fashion. This is an account we have set up so anyone can donate and the proceeds are divided evenly at the end of the production. We’ve had great success with this system from our past productions.


December 4, 2020 – December 22, 2020



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