Actors for Outdoor Immersive Theater Show – Clearwater, FL

The Scranton Strangler
Culver City, CA 90230


Jim Lanahan

Job Details


The Office Murder Mystery Parody Presents: Who Is The Scranton Strangler is a socially distanced, outdoor, immersive theatrical experience in which audience members meet and interact with various characters associated with America’s favorite office: Dunder Mifflin.   


The show will comply with all Federal and Local rules with regard to COVID19 health and safety. 


Audience groups of 30 or less will walk on a set route and meet various suspects one at a time, interacting with them for ten minutes or so. Each suspect will have an angle, most of which are variations on “I could have done it, but I didn’t.” Can you solve the case of the Scranton Strangler?


We are looking for actors who can embody the characters from TV, but don’t necessarily have to physically resemble them. Casting is open to any age, ethnicity, or gender identity. Due to the interactive nature of this show, a quick wit, good comic timing, and improv experience are a plus.

The Characters:


Michael is not only the world’s best boss, he’s the world’s best tour guide.  The quarantine has been tough for him. Work from home? Michael doesn’t know what that means. Literally.  To kill time and catch a killer, he’s putting on this Tour de Farce.  Michael is ‘always on’ with a constant stream of jokes, puns, and impressions. We need an actor who can match his energy and command a room. 


Dwight is the Assistant to the Tour Guide and has his priorities in order: he’s a farmer first, a paper salesman also first, a Volunteer Sheriff’s Deputy (also first), and a black belt in Karate, first as well. His hobbies include world domination, office domination, and beets. Total and complete commitment to the character is the single most important thing about this role. 


Jim is the boy next door type who everyone likes. He’s easy going, earnest, full of heart, and most importantly John Krasinski. Jim enjoys pranking Dwight, egging on Michael, and loving Pam.  He has agreed to be a part of this tour because he thought it would be funny. That’s how he makes most of his decisions. Must be able to smirk, look adorable, and win over the crowd every time.


Pam is the heart and soul of the office and this murder mystery tour. She would rather be at home binging Great British Bake Off and making bread, but Jim begged her to come along.  Pam is smart, witty, independent, pregnant with a pandemic baby, and just as much in love with Jim as the day they were married. After years of working with Michael, she knows exactly how to put him in his place.

PHYLLIS / MEREDITH This actor will play both Phyllis and Meredith. Phyllis is the matronly motherly type with an obsession for erotic-true-crime. She likes to gossip, stir the pot, and solve sexy mysteries. The only thing she loves more than the Party Planning Committee is her husband, Bob Vance. She’d kill for both of them but is not a suspect.  Meredith is brash, bold, and black-out drunk. She doesn’t care what people think, but she probably should. Due to her proximity to the recent crime and her instability as a human being, she is a suspect. TOBY

Toby is the worst. You can smell his sadness from six feet away. He looks like every disappointment in your life wrapped up in one person. If someone told you that Toby killed a bunch of people you would nod your head and agree, because it’s not that much of a surprise. Many have thought that Toby is the strangler, but many others have thought his hands are too weak to strangle. Toby is nasal, soft spoken, a constant thorn in Michael’s side, and likes to do cross-stitch in his spare time.  


  1. Your headshot as an attachment (not pasted into the body of the email).
  2. NOTE: Ensure your attachment names include your NAME and the word ‘RESUME’ or ‘HEADSHOT’.
  3. The subject line of your e-mail should say ‘<YOUR NAME> – SCRANTON STRANGLER in CLEARWATER.
  4. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  5. Actors able to provide own housing and transportation in CLEARWATER will be given preference.



December 7, 2020 – January 24, 2021



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