{IN}TANGIBLE – a circus play (Deadline 12.17.20)

{IN}TANGIBLE Production
New York, NY

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TBD (Likely AEA Showcase)

Sarah Davey Hull – Director
Ruby Fulton – Composer
Brianna Kalisch – Playwright

Summer 2021

Equity and non-equity actors/circus artists for roles available in upcoming project slated for summer 2021 production. Actors of all ethnicities are strongly encouraged to submit. Specifically seeking strong actors with high proficiency in one or more circus skillset and the willingness and ability to train additional skills. Desired skills for each role are listed in the breakdown although there is some latitude on specific apparatus. Experience with devising and collaboration is always a bonus! 

Synopsis: The story centers on Q, an elderly woman struggling with dementia. While staying in a nursing home, her children and memories visit her. In a memory of childhood, Q’s parents enter on stilts making her a small girl again. In another recollection, her deceased husband descends on aerial silks to visit her.  The fusion of circus and theatre allows for greater storytelling and each discipline enhances the expression of the other. 

Young Q: (30s-40s) An energetic vibrant woman with a love for life. We see her at various ages ranging from 7 years old to parenthood. Married to John, mother of Penny and Oliver. Desired circus skills: juggling, aerial apparatus, partner acro, plate spinning

Q: THIS ROLE IS OFFERED Now in her late 70s and struggling with dementia she is adrift in a mutating timeline. Loves her family enormously.  Desired circus skills: juggling, acro

John: (30s-40s) A kind and playful man that sees life as a big adventure. We see him at various ages in Q’s memories. Married to Q, father of Penny and Oliver. Desired circus skills: partner acro, aerial apparatus, cyr wheel, plate spinning

Penny: THIS ROLE IS CAST An overwhelmed caregiver, grieving her mother. Close with her brother. Daughter of Q and John, we see her at various ages in Q’s memories and now as an adult. Desired circus skills: tumbling, unicycle, jump rope, plate spinning, stilt walking 

Oliver: (20s-30s) Youngest, in hopeful denial of his mother’s state. Close with his sister. Son of Q and John we see him at various ages in Q’s memories and now as an adult. Desired circus skills: tumbling, unicycle, jump rope, plate spinning, stilt walking

Carroll-Young Q u/s: (30s-40s) The nurse caring for Q. Brisk but friendly, kind but not overly invested. Desired circus skills: juggling, aerial apparatus, partner acro, plate spinning

*Slate – please list name, height, location and note what your current access to training facilities are – this is not a deal breaker, just information that helps us
*One side (those auditioning for Carroll should tape the Young Q side)
*AND a circus reel highlighting your current level of skills (these do not need to be professionally produced or fancy -you can videotape a clip of juggling in your bedroom etc.) If you are currently learning a new skill feel free to show us your skill-in-progress. 

Please email downloadable files or use WeTransfer or Vimeo for large files
Deadline: December 17th, 2020


TBD AEA Showcase Code: AEA and Non-Equity





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