EBP Seeks a Black Female or Femme TGNC Dramaturg with Interest in Medical History for 2020 Commission, Tanya’s Lit Cl*t

Experimental Bitch Presents
Brooklyn, NY 10543

Job Details


Experimental Bitch Presents (EBP) seeks an experienced Dramaturg for our 2020 Commission, Tanya’s Lit Clit. EBP is seeking a Black female or femme TGNC dramaturg with an interest in medical history to begin working as soon as possible. 

About Tanya’s Lit Clit:

Written by Emma Goldman-Sherman. Conceived with and directed by Tatiana Baccari, TANYA’S LIT CLIT is Experimental Bitch’s first play commission and will be developed over the course of their 2020 Season. 

TANYA’S LIT CLIT (TLC) is a modern-mythic play about Tanya, a White ballerina with a burning in her clitoris (a word she can barely utter!) and Dr. Violet, a Black uro-gynecologist with her own autoimmune diseases. In an epic journey led by a chorus of womxn+, Dr. Violet and Tanya embark on a wild investigation of the female body and the herstory of its treatment.

TLC exposes gender and racial disparities in medicine and shows how mythologies interfere with our ability to be heard and believed, even by ourselves. Dr. Violet has internalized this history of medical bias; from Hippocrates to Charcot’s hysteria, Sims’ gynecological experiments to Freud. When Violet takes Tanya on as a patient, they must both change to fight the broken system and move toward healing.

Overall Goals for Working With Dramaturg:

We would like to shift the narrative from a Tanya-focused piece to more of a shared ensemble piece where Violet and Tanya (one Black lesbian woman doctor and one White heterosexual ballerina) navigate our medical system as they both try (as patients and as a doctor) to disentangle themselves from the toxic narratives of the history of medical and cultural bias against women and our pain. 

We want to take a play that centers a White narrative and change it to reflect both White and Black narratives. It may actually turn out that Violet is the protagonist and Tanya is the antagonist although it is Goldman-Sherman’s hope that by creating an Epic ensemble structure, we can give both Violet and Tanya their own journeys reflective of the world we live in. 

Key Responsibilities:
Collaborate with writer + director on the dramaturgical development of the script. 
Attend meetings and rehearsals within the timeframe agreed upon. Please note the schedule is flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs. 
Attend a closed reading of the script in December and give notes following. 
Conduct research and curate a dramaturgy packet prior to the first rehearsal in early December. 

Desired Qualifications:
3-5 years professional experience working as a theater writer and/or dramaturg
Interest or experience in women’s medical history
Black female or femme identifying person

Payment commensurate with experience and availability
Minimum $15/hour

As soon as possible: Begin script work with playwright
Week of November 24: Time Off for Thanksgiving Holiday
Week of November 30: Script Work Continues + Rehearsals TBD
Week of December 7: Private Virtual Reading TBD 

About Experimental Bitch Presents 

Experimental Bitch Presents (EBP) is a proud equal opportunity company and considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, familial or veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected status. However, EBP acknowledges that opportunities are not available equally to all and EBP refuses to be complicit in an oppressor’s pattern of abuse and seek to upend imperialist, patriarchal, cis-heteronormative, white-centered dominance by prioritizing BIPOC, femmes, LGBTQIA+ peoples in our collaborations. 

Experimental Bitch Presents (EBP) is a feminist production company dedicated to building community and creating new and experimental work that disrupts, engages, and redefines the process of art-making and innovative content. Experimental because we embrace controversial questioning and seek out artistic forms and structures that innovate the field. Bitch because we are femme, queer, loud and proud! Presents because we center diverse bodies of work concerning contemporary feminism that encourage audiences and artists to engage in action and conversation. By re-claiming the title of “bitch” and blowing up the barriers surrounding femininity, feminism and the hierarchies within sexuality and gender, EBP celebrates the bitch in each of you. Face your fear. Face the bitch. Love the bitch.


October 27, 2020 – December 12, 2020


Min $15/hour



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