Sound Designer/Audio Engineer

Bay Area Children’s Theatre
Oakland, CA 94611

Job Details


Bay Area Children’s Theatre seeks Sound Designer/Audio Engineer to mix and master musical radio play. BACT is producing two audio plays between October-December with opportunity for future work in 2021. The musical radio plays are approximately 45 minutes in length and require a comprehensive sound design throughout. Sound designer will be responsible for creating the sound effect list, sourcing sound effects and integrating them into the file. This position is entirely remote and requires sound designer to work remotely while in regular contact with BACT Production Manager.  Working hours are flexible as long as deadlines for each stage of the project are met. This is a paid hourly position where sound designer will track their own hours and report them. 

Duties Include but are not limited to:

  • Creating comprehensive list of sound effects with approval from Director

  • Communicating with Production Manager regarding needs for re-records / other issues 

  • Creating and sourcing sound effects

  • Mixing final audio in Logic: setting levels, EQ, special effects as needed

  • Meeting all deadlines set forth by Production Manager

Please send resume and cover letter to [email protected]


November 1, 2020 –



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