Baltimore Center Stage 2020-21 season – Video Audition Submissions (Deadline: 09.21.20)

Center Stage Associates
Baltimore, MD

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LORT Non-Rep
LORT B – $969/wk and LORT D – $717/wk

Individuals who will be viewing submissions: Chiara Klein, Director of Artistic Producing Annalisa Dias, Director of Artistic Partnerships and Innovation

Melody Easton, Artistic Producing Manager Sabine Decatur, Artistic Assistant
Des’ree Brown, Artistic Partnerships and Innovation Apprentice

The 2020-21 Baltimore Center Stage season
is THE SWINDLERS: A TRUE-ISH TALL TALE by Noah Diaz, A PLAY FOR THE LIVING IN A TIME OF EXTINCTION by Miranda Rose Hall, OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder, and THE GARDEN by Charlayne Woodard. THE GARDEN is being co-produced with LaJolla Playhouse. See breakdown for production dates.

For questions, please contact [email protected]. To submit please visit or

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Actors for our 2020/21 main stage season. For specific roles, see breakdown.

Baltimore Center Stage is committed to actively dismantling systems of oppression and racism in every aspect of our organization and practice, including casting. To us, EPAs are our chance to meet the broadest spectrum of the theater community and we encourage all people to submit.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, state and local mandates and safety efforts, BCS will be holding seasonal EPAs through video submissions. All dates and productions for the 2020-21 season are subject to change.

We invite all actors to submit one minute of content of their choosing. We welcome all forms of expression – poetry, monologues, scenes, songs, movement, etc. – whatever you feel best represents your work. We will gladly view content you already have.


Preparation instructions: For this virtual EPA, we welcome all forms of expression – poetry, monologues, scenes, songs, movement, etc. – whatever you feel best represents you and your work. Since we know that not all actors have equal access to adequate space or equipment, you are not required to record something new for us; we will gladly view content that you already have on hand. If your submission is longer than one minute, please clearly indicate which minute portion we should view.

*Please note all dates are subject to change. Roles will not be understudied.

First rehearsal – 12/29/20
Tech begins – 1/23/21
First Preview – 1/28/21
Opening – 2/4/21
Closing – 2/28/21

MARIE (she/her, any ethnicity, 20s–late 30s) – A pregnant woman who’s feeling a little discontent. Has worked at the local dry cleaner since high school but feels okay about it. Determined to live a quiet, average life that looks nothing like her father’s, but old habits die hard. Genetics, you know? A little invisible, but only to the people who don’t matter. A quiet intensity that almost shimmers. Unassuming in a way that somehow makes her more noticeable. Quick, funny, self-possessed even if she doesn’t know it sometimes. An Aries but acts like a Pisces.

GEORGE (he/him, any ethnicity, 50s–70s) – Marie’s father. Twenty-some years older than her. A con man wanted by the FBI for swindling millions from families and businesses across the Midwest. Has been on the run for quite some time, but he’s back now and the feds are hot on his heels. Working through a strained relationship with his daughter, whom he hasn’t seen or spoken to in years, but he’s trying his best. Scrappy, quick, always has a hand in someone’s pocket.

CONTEXT (he/him, any ethnicity, 20s) – A narrator. Experiencing a quarter-life crisis. Possesses the uncanny ability to slip through time and space. An affable charmer. Keenly aware of his surroundings. A collector of data. Witty, a little bitchy, probably talks too fast and with too much hand gesticulation. An Aries.

FOOL 1 (she/her or they/them, any ethnicity, any age) – To play multiple roles, including but not limited to: a retired schoolteacher, a local psychic, a struggling actor, a gas attendant, and an FBI agent named Kris. Must possess a strong comedic sensibility and must be interested in playing people, not caricatures.

FOOL 2 (he/him or they/them, any ethnicity, any age) – To play multiple roles, including but not limited to: the leader of the neighborhood watch, a boyfriend, a dry cleaner owner, a drunk man in a Santa suit, and an FBI agent named Chris. Must possess a strong comedic sensibility and must be interested in playing people, not caricatures.

First rehearsal – 3/2/21
Tech begins – 3/20/21
First Preview – 3/25/21
Opening – 4/1/21
Closing – 4/25/21

NAOMI: a dramaturg, a woman who is afraid of death, 30s

First rehearsal – 4/2/21
Tech begins – 4/22/21
First Preview – 4/29/21
Opening – 5/6/21
Closing – 5/23/21



THE GARDEN *This play is being produced as a co-production with LaJolla Playhouse.
First rehearsal – 4/30/21
Tech begins – 5/22/21
First Preview – 5/27/21
Opening – 6/3/21
Closing – 6/27/21

CLAIRE ROSE – 75-80 years old. African-American. A retired factory worker. Grew up in the Jim Crow South but migrated to upstate NY as a young woman. She is a Master Gardener and has the plaque from the Mayor to prove it. Eccentric and outspoken, Claire Rose is funny and quick to find humor in any situation. Recently widowed, she and her husband struggled their entire lives to create a good life for their three children. She has a strained, adversarial relationship with her oldest child, Cassandra, whom she has raised to take advantage of every opportunity the North and the times had to offer. Claire Rose is a “tiger mother” with Cassandra. In spite of Cassandra’s success, Claire Rose is yet unsatisfied. She harbors jealousy and resentment. Claire Rose has created a successful over- achiever but is not comfortable with her results. She watches CNN and MSNBC all day everyday, in preparation for “the revolution.” Politics is as important to her as her precious vegetable garden. Claire Rose is in perfect health and strong as a bull. She believes everything she has done, was done to perfection. Claire Rose loves to sing and does so whenever she can.

CASSANDRA – 50-60 years old. African-American. A film editor. The first of three children born to Claire Rose and Pop-Pop. She loves her mother and has spent her life trying to please her. They had a fine relationship as she grew up. However, when Cassandra began to succeed in ways Claire Rose never thought possible, took advantage of opportunities that Claire Rose never had, Claire Rose’s love was tempered by her own resentment. Cassandra made mistakes and unlike her perfect mother, she tried to work through them. Cassandra has been competing with her Mother’s dreams forever. Finally, events in her life force Cassandra to strike out and create a life of her own. As far as Claire Rose is concerned, that’s a declaration of war. Cassandra is as strong willed as her mother so…war it is! Cassandra loves to sing – a gift from her mother. What makes this day different from the rest? Cassandra seeks a reconciliation.

See breakdown for preparation instructions. Please complete form and submit no later than 9/21/20. For submission details visit es/auditions/

Deadline: 09/21/2020