2020 Radio Dramas – Equity Video Submissions (Deadline: 09.18.20)

Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre
Pittsburgh, PA

Job Details



Actors – $461/week minimum
Stage Managers – $590/week minimum

Alan Stanford, Artistic and Executive Producer, will view all submissions.

Callbacks scheduled over Zoom as needed.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Rehearse & Record: September 22-October 4, 2020
Released for Streaming October 15-31, 2020

Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales
Rehearse & Record: October 20-25, 2020
Released for Streaming November 13-29, 2020

A Christmas Carol
Rehearse & Record: November 17-December 6, 2020
Released for Streaming December 18-31, 2020

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Seeking Equity actors who excel in dialects for our three upcoming radio dramas (see breakdown) We are particularly seeking actors who can use vocal variety to portray multiple characters ranging in age and gender.

For the safety of all involved, we are requesting audio audition submissions in place of holding live Equity auditions for principal roles. The auditions will be reviewed by Artistic and Executive Director Alan Stanford and destroyed upon completion of casting.


For consideration, please record one of the two passages provided after the character descriptions, as well as a one-minute monologue of your choice. Submit your .mp3s and a current headshot/resume to PICT using the following dropbox link:


We recommend using the app Voice Record Pro, free for both iPhone and Android. Kindly label your files as follows: LastName_FirstName_(Audio1/Audio2/Headshot/Resume)

At the top of your recording, please slate your name and then begin the passage. If you have any trouble, please email [email protected]



JEKYLL/HYDE – (Male, 35-50) Jekyll is in his middle age and has a warm voice. Hyde is younger but his voice is rasping and cold.

UTTERSON – (Male, 50-60 ) Late middle age and gruff of voice, English Middle class. [This role is cast.]

LANYON – (Male, 50-60) Contemporary of Utterson. Upper class voice of a professional snob.

CAREW – (Male, 65-70) The elder of the others. A gentle somewhat delicate speaker. Upper class English.

ENFIELD – (Male, 30-40) Sounds younger than Utterson and slightly dandyish. English Middle class.

NEWCOMEN/GIRL’S FATHER– (Male, 30-50) Newcomen is 50ish, London Middle Class. Girl’s Father is 30 Cockney.

MR. GUEST/MAN IN THE STREET/OFFICER – (Male, 50-55) Mr. Guest aged 50 has a very proper lower middle-class London Accent. The other characters 50s are cockney.

GIRL/MAID – (Female, 11-early 20s) Both characters are cockney. The Girl is about 11 years old. The Maid in her early 20s.

MRS. POOLE/WOMAN IN THE STREET – (Female, 30-50) Mrs. Poole is in her 50s possibly a regional accent – Scots or Irish. Woman in Street is cockney and hardened.

OSCAR WILDE/GOD – (Male Voice) Strong, deep tone. [This role is cast.]


THE HAPPY PRINCE/ROCKET NARRATOR/THE GIRL/THE WHITE ROSE – (Male or Female, 20+) Warm, soft voice and clear diction.

THE SWALLOW/YOUNG PAGE/LITTLE SQUIB/BOY/THE NIGHTINGALE – (Male or Female, 20+) Warm, high- to mid-range sound. Lots of energy.

THE MAYOR & OTHERS/FIRECRACKER/FROG/GREEN LIZARD/OAK – (Male, Age 50+) Firm and strong vocal tone.

MOTHER/CATHERINE WHEEL/GOOSE – (Female, 35+) Warm, strong, reassuring tone.

THE MATCH GIRL & OTHERS/WHITE DUCK/PRINCE/RED ROSE – (Female, 20-30) Firm but gentle voice with significant variety between characters.

SPARROW & OTHERS/PRINCESS/DRAGONFLY/BUTTERFLY/DAISY– (Female, 20+) young, light, unique tone.

STUDENT/WATCHMAN/ROCKET/YELLOW ROSE – (Male, 30+) Flexible range with upper class tones.

EBENEEZER SCROOGE – (Male, 50+) Mature voice with mid to high tones, Middle class London. [This role is cast.]

BOB CRATCHIT/MARLEY’S GHOST –(Male, 40+) Warm Cockney, Rich but cracked voice. [This role is cast.]

THE THREE SPIRITS – (Male) Broad range. Actor who can sing.

CHORUS 1 – (Male) Broad range, English country and Yorkshire dialect. Actor who can sing.

CHORUS 2 – (Male) Broad range, English country, Cockney and Yorkshire dialect. Actor who can sing.

CHORUS 3 – (Female) Broad range, English country and Cockney dialect. Actor who can sing.

CHORUS 4 – (Female) Light to medium vocal range, English country and Cockney dialect. Actor who can sing.

MRS. CRATCHIT/MRS. FEZZIWIG/CHARWOMEN – (Female, 40+) Mature voice, English country and Cockney dialect. [This role is cast.]

FEZZIWIG & OTHERS – (Male, 40+) Broad vocal range. English county, Cockney and Middle class

HEADMASTER, TOPPER, & OTHERS – (Male, 30+) Broad vocal range. English county, Cockney and Middle class London. [This role is cast.]

FRED & OTHERS – (Male, 20+) Light to mid-range voice. Cockney, English Middle Class.

PETER CRATCHIT/YOUNG SCROOGE (Male, 17+) Light to mid-range voice. Cockney, English Middle Class.

SINBAD, DICK & OTHERS (Male, 20+) Light to mid-range voice. Cockney, English county, English Middle Class.

BEGGAR WOMAN, FIRST MRS. FEZZIWIG, & OTHERS – (Female, 20+) Light to midrange voice. Cockney, English county, English Middle Class.

MARTHA, BELLE, & OTHERS (Female, 20+) Light to mid-range voice. Cockney, English county, English Middle Class.

BELINDA, FAN & OTHERS – (Female, 20+) Light to mid-range voice. Cockney, English county, English Middle Class.

TINY TIM & PRENTICE BOY – (Male, 12+) Young Actor who sings. Boy Soprano.

DICKENS – (Male. 60+) Strong authoritative voice.


Please choose ONE of the following to submit as an audio sample.

1. Oscar Wilde. To be read in your best English R.P.
It was night-time and He was alone.

And He saw afar-off the walls of a round city and went towards the city.

And when He came near He heard within the city the tread of the feet of joy, and the laughter of the mouth of gladness and the loud noise of many lutes. And He knocked at the gate and certain of the gatekeepers opened to Him.

And He beheld a house that was of marble and had fair pillars of marble before it. The pillars were hung with garlands, and within and without there were torches of cedar. And He entered the house.

And when He had passed through the hall of chalcedony and the hall of jasper, and reached the long hall of feasting, He saw lying on a couch of sea-purple one whose hair was crowned with red roses and whose lips were red with wine.

And He went behind him and touched him on the shoulder and said to him, `Why do you live like this?’

And the young man turned round and recognised Him, and made answer and said, `But I was a leper once, and you healed me. Now else should I live?’

And He passed out of the house and went again into the street.

2. Shakespeare. To be read in whatever dialect you choose.
O now, who will behold
The royal captain of this ruin’d band
Walking from watch to watch, from tent to tent,
Let him cry ‘Praise and glory on his head!’
For forth he goes and visits all his host.
Bids them good morrow with a modest smile
And calls them brothers, friends and countrymen.
Upon his royal face there is no note
How dread an army hath enrounded him;
Nor doth he dedicate one jot of colour
Unto the weary and all-watched night,
But freshly looks and over-bears attaint
With cheerful semblance and sweet majesty;
That every wretch, pining and pale before,
Beholding him, plucks comfort from his looks:
A largess universal like the sun
His liberal eye doth give to every one,
Thawing cold fear, that mean and gentle all,
Behold, as may unworthiness define,
A little touch of Harry in the night.
And so our scene must to the battle fly.

See breakdown for preparation. Actors may submit two .mp3 audio samples as well as a current headshot and resume via PICT’s dropbox (https://www.dropbox.com/request/AkgBoQ5lZ I9ydbG6KBHG). Auditions should be received by September 18, 2020. If you are not able to self-submit, PICT is happy to provide a remote, live Zoom appointment to any Equity member who requests one, at a mutually convenient time. Please email [email protected] to request an appointment.

Deadline: 09/18/2020