Seeking Women and Non-Binary Writer/Performers of Parody Songs, Original Songs, and Standup for Online Election/GOTV show

Parody in Blue
New York City, NY 10032


Jennifer Ambler

Job Details


Who: Women and Non-Binary folks who write and perform parody or original songs or standup about election-related topics (must be at least 16 years of age)

What: A online cabaret/variety show with the goal of not only entertaining but getting people excited about not only voting, but volunteering to phonebank/textbank/write postcards/help on Election Day

Where: Streaming live on the Parody in Blue YouTube channel 

When: Date not totally confirmed, will either be Oct 27 or Oct 29 at 7PM EDT.  Show will be approximate 90 minutes. This is about 1 week before Election Day!

How: All musical performances will be pre-taped to ensure audio quality and submitted 10 days in advance of the show, but performers will be live on the show to introduce their songs.  Any standup can be done live! Singers can do 1 or 2 songs, not to exceed 10 minutes with introductions, standup can do an up to 8-9 minute set.  

Why: Because we want to get rid of Donald Trump and pry the gavel out of Mitch McConnell’s hands, and elect leaders who will work towards positive changes. 

Pay: All performers will be paid the greater of $30 or half of their generated ticket sales.  There will be a suggested donation of $10 for the show. 

To Submit, email:
1. Your headshot and resume.  If you don’t have those, no problem, send a nice photo of yourself, and a basic summary of your performing experience.  

2. A sample of your work.  If you are a parody song writer, send either a video link of you singing a parody song you’ve written, or if you don’t have that send a video link of you singing with accompaniment and a written sample of your parody writing.  If you are an original song writer, send either a video or audio link of you performing a song you’ve written.  For standups, please send video link of you doing standup (audio only is fine if video not available) For everyone, it does not have to be what you would do for the show, just give me a sample of your talent!

3. Your ideas for what you want to do in the show.  This is probably the MOST important one.  Parody song writers – tell me what parody/ies you want to do, for example “I want to parody Hamilton’s My Shot to be about not throwing away my vote.”  Original song writer – tell me what song/s you want to write, for example “I want to write an upbeat bluesy song called Let’s Ditch Moscow Mitch.”  Standups – tell me what topics you would want to hit, for example “I have a bit about how badass Nancy Pelosi is that segways into she and AOC plotting together behind the scenes.” Give me your best pitches!  Everything needs to relate to the election, current politics, etc.  

Callbacks will be a Zoom meeting on either Sept 17 or Sept 20 where we will discuss your ideas further. 

Check out my channel to see examples of my parodies as well as a show from August that has the same format but with a different theme.   


October 27, 2020 – October 29, 2020



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