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FUSE Productions
State College, PA 16801


Richard Biever

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FUSE Productions, located in State Collete, PA, is casting for a virtual production of the 1964 musical Golden Boy, which originally starred Sammy Davis Jr. The musical is based on the 1937 Clifford Odets. The music is by Charles Strouse, Lyrics by Lee Adams.

Roles Available:
We have three AEA Guest Artist contracts available. Others will be non-equity, some roles not paid.
This show will be produced virtually so all actors will remain in their home location and participate via Zoom. Approximately 75% of the show will be LIVE during the performances. Musical numbers involving multiple performers will be filmed, edited, and blended with the live scenes during the livestream of the show.
Rehearsals begin on or about September 14 and there will be two virtual performances on October 16th and 17th.

Black Actors:
Joe  (AEA Guest Artist)- originally played by Sammy Davis Jr. Superb baritone singer and actor with an excellent physique. Joe is an excellent up-and-coming boxer. The script says he is 135 pounds, but that can be changed.
Ronnie- Joe’s brother in law. Requires a strong comedian and a nice baritone voice. He’s the lead in the big first act production number “Don’t Forget 127th Street.”
Wellington – Joe’s father. 60-70 years-old. He questions Joe’s desire to box but becomes supportive.
Anna- Joe’s sister. Early 20s.
Frank – Joe’s brother. An activist.
Black Ensemble – Seeking:
3-4 men and 3-4 women
2 of the men play boxers in the opening and in a sequence called “The Tour.”
3 10-15 year-old girls
2 10 year-old boys (unchanged voices). One of the boys (TERRY) sings a duet with Joe called “Gimme Some.” (This song will be filmed and edited and not performed live.)
The black ensemble has two big numbers, both of which will be filmed and edited.

Hispanic Actor:
Lopez  (non-equity) – A boxer who fights Joe for the championship. Excellent physique, a lightweight- approximately 135 pounds. Appears shirtless during the final fight. Appears in one other scene. No lines.

Please send video no more than 120 seconds, including a musical theatre song and a short monologue.
Attach a current resume and photo.
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September 7, 2020 – October 17, 2020


AEA Guest Artist



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