Playfest 2020 – Equity Video Submissions (09.03.20)

Orlando Shakespeare Theater
Orlando, FL

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$263 weekly minimum plus pension and health. ALL AEA contracts are SPT 1 using AEA’s media agreement.

Cynthia White, Director of New Play Development
Nick Bublitz, Producer in Residence Stephen Gelpi, Casting Associate Paige Gober, Company Manager

The Basel-Kiene Family joins City Beverages in presenting PlayFest 2020 will consist of six new play readings presented October 3- November 7. Each play will rehearse for one week (Monday-Friday evenings) and perform at the end of the week. All rehearsals and performances will be virtual. Actors are able to be considered for multiple shows. (See breakdown for specific dates for each production.)

Sides available at Choose any of the characters listed from any of the plays. Record one video of no more than two sides total. Preferred video format is unlisted YouTube or Vimeo link; please do not submit a video that needs to be downloaded to view. At the beginning of the video, state your name and what show/role(s) you are auditioning for (you may add additional characters that you did not record sides for). Combine all recordings into single video.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Orlando Shakes is currently accepting Equity principal audition video submissions for its upcoming production of PLAYFEST 2020 in lieu of live local Equity auditions.

All stage manager positions are filled, but we are accepting resumes for future replacements. Resume & cover letter to [email protected]


Gender diverse and color conscious casting: Orlando Shakes encourages gender diverse and color conscious casting. Actors of all genders and ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to submit for our auditions.

Polar Bears, Black Boys & Prairie Fringed Orchids by Vincent Terrell Durham Director: Rondrell McCormick
Saturday October 3, 2020 at 7:30pm

A liberal white couple open the doors of their renovated Harlem brownstone to host a cocktail party for a Black Lives Matter activist, his plus one, a sistah named Shemeka and the mother of a slain 12-year- old black boy. A night of cocktails and conversation spark emotional debates ranging from under- weight polar bears, Lana Turner, saving the planet, gentrification, racial identity and protecting the lives of black boys.

Jaquan Wallace: Black-American, male, 33 years-old, born and raised in Harlem, NY, spent his high school years on academic scholarship at a New Haven, CT school for boys, college graduate openly gay but is often mistaken as not, secretly wanting to end his 6 year relationship with his lover Tom.

Peter Castle: White-American, male, 45 years-old, born and raised on Long Island, NY in an upper- middle class family, emergency room trauma surgeon, married to Molly Castle, father to the couple’s 3 year-old Black-American son, yearning to have a biological child with Molly.

Molly Castle: White-American, female, 40 years-old, born and raised on Long Island, NY in an upper- middle class family, college graduate, cofounder of a non-profit environmental foundation, bright, eager, open to new ideas, moved family to Harlem, NY, married to Peter Castle, content with being a mother of one and saving the planet.

Shemeka Davis: Black-American, female, 31 years-old, born and raised in Harlem, NY, a graduate of SUNY Binghamton in Upstate New York, single, no children, uncensored, but not a “Sassy Black Girl”, proud to be a Black Harlemite, owner of the Frederick Douglass bookstore.

Tom/Officer Lennox: Tom: White-American, male, 33 years-old, former meth addict, now a drug rehab counselor, openly gay, obtained his college degree during his 6 year relationship with Jaquan, pro- Black, blissfully ignorant of Jaquan wanting to end their relationship. Officer Lennox: White-American, male, 30s, NYPD officer.

Rita Dupree: Black-American, female, 27 years-old, born and raised in Harlem, NY, unmarried, has her GED, fast food worker, grieving the death of her son Elijah Dupree at the hands of NYPD.

Elijah Dupree: (Pre-recorded voice over) Black-American, male, 12 years-old, Rita Dupree’s deceased son.


Take My Hand And Wave Goodbye by Tammy Ryan
Director: Jessi D Hill
Saturday October 10, 2020 at 7:30pm

When Stef is shot down in a random act of gun violence in Pittsburgh, her fifteen-year-old niece begins dreaming her back into existence. In the months after the shooting, each family member is confronted with the haunting question: “If they had done just one thing differently would there have been a different outcome?” Told with humor and heart, Take My Hand And Wave Goodbye is about the impact of gun violence on one family and the difficult necessity of grief.

CASSIE – 15 years old, a crafty girl, the annoying little sister, but an old soul. QUINN – her sister, 18 years old, the bossy big sister, applying to college, stressed.

DEE – Quinn and Cassie’s mother, mid 40s, owns a small interior decorating company, also the bossy big sister, stressed.

MARTY – Dee’s husband, also mid 40s, a middle school social studies teacher.

STEF – Dee’s sister, Cassie and Quinn’s aunt, just turned 40, a free spirit, covered in tats, working most recently as a bartender.

TRACEY – 30s-40s, a security guard. Sensitive and grieving after a tragedy. Trying to heal.


Apologies to Lorraine Hansberry (You Too August Wilson) by Rachel Lynett
Director: TBA
Saturday October 17, 2020 at 7:30pm
Dark Comedy

Set in the fictional world of a post-second Civil War, Bronx Bay, an all-black state (and neighborhood) is established in order to protect “blackness.” It’s a utopia, but enforcing utopia proves to be tricky when it comes to defining who is Black and who isn’t. Both quick-witted and unpredictable, this thought-provoking script explores race and personal identity through the lens of an alternate future.

JULES, she/her/hers, 30s, Black, works at the community garden, food engineer

LORENZO, he/him/his, Black, 30s, works as a game developer

ALICE, she/her/hers, 30s, chef, Black, Lorenzo’s wife in part I and Jules’ wife in part II

YAEL, she/her/hers, Afro-Latinx, JULES’ girlfriend, 30s was working as a social worker

IZAAK, he/him/his, Black, artist, 30s, lives on the block, mostly Lorenzo’s friend in part I and Lorenzo’s boyfriend in part II


Welcome to Matteson! by Inda Craig-Galván
Director: Monique Midgette
Saturday October 24, 2020 at 7:30pm
Dark Comedy

Patricia and Gerald are quite proud of the life they’ve built in suburban Matteson, Illinois. They host a welcome-to-the-neighborhood dinner party, as they always do, for their new neighbors Regina and Corey. The big difference with these guests: the couple was forcibly relocated to Matteson when Chicago demolished its roughest housing project, Cabrini Green. Classism, internalized racism, and issues of choice/access complicate and threaten to destroy not only dinner but their relationships as well.

PATRICIA GRIFFITH – 39, Female. African-American. Long-time resident of Matteson, Illinois. Maybe she deserves everything she has, but don’t be the one to question her about it.

GERALD GRIFFITH – 38, Male. African-American. Patricia’s husband. Loves his single malts and his wife.

REGINA BAKER – 46, Female. African-American. Newly relocated, from the newly-demolished Cabrini Green housing projects. All street-sense; more book-sense than most give her credit.

COREY BAKER – 47, Male. African-American. Happily married to Regina. Cabrini born and raised. Wouldn’t change any of it, but change is inevitable.


The Wheel Woman by Vincent Delaney
Director: Cynthia White
Friday October 30, 2020 at 7:30pm Comedy

It’s 1894. Young Annie Londonderry takes on a wager to become the first woman to bicycle solo around the world—setting off a firestorm in the women’s movement. This surprising comedy tells the true story of a complex early feminist icon who pushed every boundary to achieve her goal.

Anna Kopchovsky, (later Annie Londonderry): Female. 24. Latvian Jewish immigrant. She’s never been on a bicycle before. And that will change.

Four actors play the following:

Female ensemble. Any age or ethnicity. Will play both male and female characters below. Actor 1 – Max (Annie’s Orthodox Husband), Young Woman, Woman 1, Edward Morehouse (a dilettante and cyclist), Reporter 3, Salesman, Reporter, French Immigration Officer, Cowboy 2

Actor 2 – Mrs. Archer (a Moralist), John Dowe (Bostonian newspaper publisher), Mr. Perkins (Londonderry Lithia Water Corporation), Reporter 2, Foreman, Manager, Voice, Waiter, Fanny Bullock (rival cyclist, American), Brigand 1

Actor 3 – Mr. Orson (a Phrenologist), Landlady, Jacob (Annie’s brother), Woman 2, Colonel Peck, Reporter 1, Girl 1, Elise (a young Frenchwoman), Photographer, Cowboy 3

Actor 4 – Margie (11, a young cyclist), Albert Reeder (Bostonian newspaper publisher), Mrs. Tubbs (of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union), Clerk, Policeman, Girl 2, Frances Willard (78, suffragist), Reporter 2 (p 76, 105), William Hunter Workman (rival cyclist, American), Brigand 2, Cowboy 1, Mollie (Annie’s daughter, 7)


Flashes & Floaters by Deneen Reynolds-Knott
Director: Roberta Emerson
Saturday November 7, 2020 at 7:30pm

Flashes & Floaters considers the challenge of integrating home/family life with work life. Facing expensive caregiving options and inadequate policies at work, Rachelle joins forces with co-workers, Ivy and Miriam, in hopes of building a workers-cooperative to become a main beneficiary of her own work and have more flexibility to be a caregiver to a newborn and her father, Everett. There are disruptive forces in this play, but there are also several acts of love, forgiveness, and understanding that exemplify what it means to come through for one another during difficult periods.

RACHELLE SCOTT, Black, mid-late 30s, Banquet Sale Manager at Oak Terrace. Lives in mother/daughter house shared with EVERETT. Pregnant.

VAUGHN TUCKER, Black, 40s, Rachelle’s Boyfriend, Works at party rental and tent installation company, Divorced with 2 kids (teen & preteen).

EVERETT SCOTT, Black, late 70s, Rachelle’s Father, Retired Electrician, Has low vision due to

IVY GERMAINE, Black, early-mid 30s, Rachelle’s Co-worker, Event Planner/Marketing Assistant at Oak Terrace.

MIRIAM LANFORD, Black, 50s, Rachelle’s Co-worker, Senior Banquet Sales Manager at Oak Terrace, A sales star.

JOYCE SCOTT HAYES, Black, mid 70s, Rachelle’s Mother, Lives in Virginia, Remarried, Retired Legal Secretary.

See preparation instructions under “Other.” Submissions are due by September 3rd and will be reviewed in the order they are received. Actors may submit by visiting ?AU=Img7js419 (preferred method) or by emailing the link to the video and PDFs of their headshot and resume to [email protected]

Deadline: 09/03/2020

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