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The Secret City
Woodstock, NY 12498

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The Secret City requests proposals from Marketing and Producing professionals and studios who are (a) passionate about the arts and (b) able to develop new strategies for the present moment that will be sustainable well beyond the pandemic. Candidates will be interested in supporting a small arts nonprofit with a national reputation complete its transition to a membership-based digital media organization including the following deliverables:

  1. Focused marketing strategy and action in support of current programming and our growing Patreon membership

  2. Website optimization oriented towards informing and supporting Patreon membership

  3. Social media optimization oriented towards online programming audience development

  4. Style guide for The Secret City branding and messaging

  5. Patreon benefit and membership optimization oriented towards membership retention and tier mobility (increasing monthly gift)

  6. Marketing strategic plan and training model for onboarding new staff and volunteers to support this plan

  7. Develop an outreach and engagement plan for a live virtual event this fall to drive Patreon membership and tier mobility

The Secret City’s work is inclusive, celebratory, joyful and profound. It has a veneer of silliness with great depth of meaning. We connect and reconnect: human to human, artist to creative purpose, individual to community, and everyone to the principles of art making: attention, curiosity, collaboration, tenacity, craft, rigor and generosity. Our work is founded in the practice of Creative Mindfulness.

The Secret City had planned for 2020 to be a year of transition, to re-organize based on new geographic and community model realities. An organization retreat in January was meant to propel a six month programming hiatus replaced with deep outreach work and community development in the organization’s new home in Ulster County, NY. However, with the onset of COVID-19, those plans were totally scrapped with an expectation that our ability to produce would be on hold indefinitely. However, our artistic director Chris Wells, discovered that his voice was very much one that was needed during this vulnerable time and set about crafting and refining a daily Facebook show called Daily Artistic Inspiration for Troubled Times. The show just celebrated its 100th episode mid-July and regularly earns thousands of views.

Parallel to these programming and audience development conversations, The Secret City was also beginning to lean further into a new membership-based model, supported by monthly contributions through Patreon. Patreon had been a great way for regular community members of The Secret City to effortlessly, and sustainably, maintain regular support for the organization. After three years of activity, The Secret City topped out at 137 patrons. Since the beginning of the pandemic five months ago, The Secret City has added an additional 150 patrons. These new patrons include long-time community members of The Secret City, but also new individuals who only have a relationship to the organization through the daily show.

We’ve hit upon a programming and support model that is working at this moment and we believe that it can be sustained. We seek a consultant or team to help us develop a sustainable long term strategy.

You will be working with The Secret City’s staff and board which includes:

  1. Artistic Director – Chris Wells

  2. General Manager – Dan Swern

  3. Patreon Manager – Emily DiPetrillo

  4. Online Programming Manager / Stage Manager – Karen Schleifer

  5. Board of Directors transition team – Tari Ayala, Leslie Tamaribuchi, Lynn Jeffries, Bennet Ratcliff, Jo Carol Snyder

Applicants should attend our 12pm weekday Facebook live show – Daily Artistic Inspiration for Troubled Times at for program and audience engagement familiarity prior to interview.

Please review all of the following links for familiarity with our virtual programming and organization identity prior to interview, including our daily Facebook live videos:

YouTube Promo Videos:

To submit for this RFP, please provide 

  1. Cover letter that states qualifications for addressing the deliverables indicated at the top of the RFP, specific experience with Patreon or membership management, ideal timeline for deliverable completion, and justifiable quote for services.

  2. Portfolio or website links to relevant client projects for reference

All submissions should be sent to The Secret City’s general manager, Dan Swern at with the subject line “Marketing Consultant RFP”. Please submit your proposal no later than September 4, 2020. Virtual interviews will be arranged through September, with the selected proposal to be awarded no later than the end of September, to begin in earnest. Please review our online materials and the provided content links for in-depth programming, mission, and community discussion during the interview.

Finalists will be asked to provide CVs for all team members and three client references with contact information.

If you have any direct questions about this RFP, please contact The Secret City’s general manager, Dan Swern at


September 28, 2020 – December 31, 2020



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