Seeking Performers for a Safety-Driven Workshop Production

Refracted Theatre Company
Brooklyn, NY 11216

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Refracted Theatre Company is casting non-equity actors for their safety-driven, live performances of the workshop production of Homeless Garden

Homeless Garden, written by Matt Minnicino and co-developed and directed by Graham Miller, is a future-tinted adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard. The play is set 25 years in the future and looks at the intergenerational, race and class conflicts that could arise when resource scarcity caused by the climate crisis becomes a reality.

Refracted Theatre Company is building an audio immersive performance, wherein the audience will be gathered for two public performances. Actors will all be masked and socially distanced, creating a safe environment to perform an audio-play as panto theatre. 

Rehearsals will be conducted via Zoom, with the exception of two in-person rehearsals at the performance location. Refracted Theatre Company will be following a series of safety protocols to protect the actors and team, including testing, temperature checks, travel restrictions, and PPE. 

Rehearsals and performances will be conducted in September/October. Actors will be paid via stipend.

Actors auditioning should:

– Live in Brooklyn or Manhattan with the ability to walk or bike at least 45 minutes to the performance location within that borough OR be able to drive themselves to those locations. Ubering or use of public transportation is not permitted.
– Have access to a computer, smartphone and earbud-style headphones for auditions, Zoom rehearsals and live rehearsals.

Please email [email protected] with a headshot and resume for audition sides and information using “HOMELESS GARDEN AUDITION” as the subject line. 

Please include in the body of the email:

– The role for which you are auditioning
– Where you live (and if it is outside of Manhattan or Brooklyn, that you have a car to drive to the rehearsal/performance location) 
– Confirmation of your non-union status. 


Liv Raines: White, 50-60, character uses she/her/hers pronouns. The matriarch of the Raines Orchard. A middle aged cis millennial, the product of growing up neo-liberal and very privileged. Passionate, eloquent, gregarious, self-centered and fiscally irresponsible. She carries a lot of pain but usually conceals it well. She is deeply attached to the Orchard she inherited from her parents and believes its existence and function to be proof of her commitment to save the planet. She is the sister of Leo, and the mother of Ani and Val.

Hermes Packer: Black, 30-40, character uses he/him/his pronouns. Hermes was raised in poverty by an abusive father and grew up working on the Raines Estate. Through hard work and the fortitude of his intelligence, he was, against the odds, able to pull himself out of poverty and socially escalate to be one of the richest men in society. Now a successful real estate and business mogul, he has a plan to buy the Raines Orchard from the Raines family in order to create affordable (and for him, lucrative) housing for climate crisis refugees.

Leo Raines: White, 50-65, character uses he/him/his pronouns. Liv’s brother. Leo is a middle aged cis millennial, “liberal” when it pays social dividends and is convenient for him. An older gay man of the first generation of white gay men who faced very little social adversity because of their sexuality- the essence of when privilege shelters an individual from the effects of oppression. He is sardonic, nostalgic, loquacious, and irresponsibly nihilistic, but loves his sister and nieces completely. Like Liv, he has a deep attachment to both the Orchard where they made their childhood memories and the past in general.  

Ani Raines: Mixed/POC, 17-20, character uses she/her/hers pronouns. Liv’s younger daughter. She is intelligent, beautiful, passionate, curious, and ignitable. She is a little sheltered, but falls for Tro because of their passion and forward thinking ideas about equality and sustainability. She is ready to do the work to help people who need it.

Val Raines: White, 30-35, character uses she/her/hers pronouns. Liv’s older daughter. Pragmatic but deeply fearful of the future, she is the only one of the Raines family who senses the stakes of the impending loss of the Raines Family Orchard. She is controlling but is not able to control her mother’s spending. She has hopes to marry Hermes in order to secure a future for herself and her family. 

Tro: White, 20-25, character uses they/them/theirs pronouns. Tro is a scholar and dreamer who believes in saving the planet by ending all ties to capitalism. Attractive, deeply intellectual, pretentious and passionate. They wield their philosophies like weapons against those around them. Tro is attracted and committed to Ani but is also turned off by the “archaic” idea of traditional monogamous love.

Dawn: POC, 20-30, character uses she/her/hers pronouns. One of the members of the staff of hired help to the Raines family. She has an infatuation with Sosh. Desperate for security, Dawn is looking for a traditional two parent relationship with someone with whom she can raise a child in a safe environment. She is aware of the dwindling finances of the Raines family and is trying to set herself up to succeed in spite of class obstacles.

Sosh: POC, 20-30, character uses he/him/his pronouns. One of the members of the staff of hired help to the Raines family. While he resents the rich, he is addicted to the idea of becoming one of them. Despite the declining financial state of the Raines family, he believes that working for them will lead to upward mobility in his social and class status. He resents Dawn for her “traditional” ideas of love and monogamy. 

Vagrant: White, 50-70, character uses he/him/his pronouns. A climate refugee trying to survive on the Raines estate by living off whatever food he can find in the garden. He might be mentally ill, he might have had a life where no one treated him properly, he might be un-sober, or a combination of all of those. He is a human being trying to survive on a dying planet. This character does sing, however being a strong singer is not required.


September 1, 2020 – October 17, 2020



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