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  1. VITICAST is seeking professional actors for an original audio drama series, “Royle Pursuit”. Most actors will carry multiple character roles. To keep our actors safe, as well as open this opportunity to actors located anywhere, actors are required to have access to quality sound recording equipment (see “Submission Requirements” below), so they may work from home.

    Note: Since Viticast is 100% audio-based, all adult actors may be considered for any role, regardless of race, ethnicity, color, orientation, gender status, age, or other appearance-based qualities.

    If cast, it will be for the first five episodes of the series, and if received well by audiences, may be perpetual in nature, with a new contract for each new set of episodes produced.

    Show summary:

    Set in San Francisco in 1947, “Royle Pursuit” is a melodramatic period detective dramedy, in which two deputy detectives find themselves caught in a deep, supernatural plot. 

    Actor breakdown:

    Ben Royle – lead, 20’s. Deputy detective for the San Francisco Street smart, alcoholic; an unmotivated completist; enjoys speaking French and fine art. Singing a major plus.

    Mattis Quin – lead, 20’s. New deputy detective. Naive, but bookishly brilliant; a Sherlock Holmes in Watson’s clothes; enjoys mystery, but not confrontation.

    Roberta Stanton – lead, 20’s-early 30’s. Secretary for the chief detective; attractively brash and pithy, easily keeps up with the male-dominated environment (she’s His Girl Friday, even on a Tuesday). Other major character is the Season 1 main villain – 40’s-50’s. Mysterious, stoic, and hard-heartedly vile; A slight German accent. This track includes cameo characters in some episodes.

    Character Track A – male-centric characters. Includes eight semi-recurring characters including the villain’s goons, a conspiracy theorist, a French Waiter, and Jascha Heifetz. French and Russian accents a plus.

    Character Track B – male-centric characters. Includes eight semi-recurring characters including the bartender at a frequented bar, British butler, oafish villain’s goon, and other cameos. British accent a plus.

    Character Track C – male-centric characters. Includes eight semi-recurring characters including the chief of the San Francisco detective branch (loves being in the spotlight), a villain’s goon, a French Maitre D’, and other cameos. French accent a plus.

    Character Track D – female-centric characters. Includes one main recurring character, Joanna, the daughter of the main villain; absurdly attractive but secretive and tricky enough to be considered dangerous. This track also includes nine other semi-recurring and cameo roles.

    Submission Requirements:

    A link to an audition tape (two contrasting monologues). May include a song.

  2. A PDF of acting resume attached to submission.

  3. A short (1 minute or less) audio sample for Viticast to determine quality of recording capability. Can be a monologue, story, joke, etc. Please send in .WAV if possible, or .mp3.


About Viticast:

Viticast is a production company which produces 100% audio based, immersive, cinematic storytelling experiences. “The Netflix of Podcasts” is the new home for audio dramas. While Viticast is not the first production company to produce such audio dramas, it is the first to create a home for the genre, as currently audio dramas are clumsily mixed into audiobooks and podcasts, of which they are neither. For more information, see viticast.com, or include any questions with your submission.


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