Technical Designer – Lead Draftsperson

Beacon Theatrical Services
New York, NY 10040

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Beacon Theatrical Services, a specialized Technical Supervision and Production Management company serving the theatrical, live entertainment, experiential and production industries is looking to hire a Technical Designer who will also serve as lead draftsperson. This person will work with our Clients and their creative teams as well as our in-house team of Technical Supervisors to create detailed design-drawings from renderings, technical design and shop drawings primarily using AutoCAD, Vectorworks, Adobe and Sketchup software. The position is part of a project team, which holds regular progress meetings and support each-other to reach a successful completion of each project. Projects may include: entertainment venue systems design and integration, assisting designers to create drawings from models and renderings, working with internal or external production managers to generate shop drawings for bid spec, conducting site surveys and generating accurate and workable drawings for existing venues.

As part of our commitment to provide equity and inclusion for BIPOC members of society, we are excited to say we’re looking for anyone who finds the above description appealing to apply. While our background is based in the performing arts, we are encouraging anyone with the required and preferred skills to apply regardless of race, gender, career background, college education or prior work experience in the performing arts. People with experience in the architectural, design and construction fields are strongly encouraged to apply.

Required skills:

Strong proficiency in AutoCAD 2016 or later. Ability to draft clearly and cleanly in 2D and 3D for any given project.

Proficiency with Vectorworks 2016 or later. Ability to draft clearly and cleanly in 2D and 3D for any given project.

Ability to read and comprehend creative design and construction drawings from clients and other outside sources.

Familiarity working with Sketchup design software for creative and concept drawings.

Ability to generate clean hand-drafting including lettering. Yes, we do hand drafting.

Strong sense of space and special relationships. Often, we are asked to fit things in unconventional spaces or work on unconventional projects. We also draft truck packs.

Solid ability to work with a small team or individually, being able to independently determine your priorities to reach the next goal or deliverable. Strong time management skills are paramount as we are typically working on hard deadlines.

Ability to communicate and advocate your ideas and concepts clearly and succinctly.

Preferred qualifications:

A belief that applying common-sense to a problem before overthinking it is the best course of action.

Working knowledge of materials, hardware and tooling commonly used in the entertainment and construction industries.

Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and/or Illustrator.

Experience working with MS Project, Smartsheets, and Excel.

Experience creating drawings for CNC/CAM and modern fabrication equipment.

Position information:

This position is salaried, FSLA-exempt and covered under our workers’ compensation and liability insurance policies. All salaries are fixed and equal for starting employees regarding of race or gender.

Start Date is August 10th, 2020.

During the pandemic restrictions, this position can, and is encouraged to work from home except for site-surveys and install supervision which will require a presence on the worksite.

Applications should include a cover letter introducing yourself to us, a resume and any relevant examples of your work or experiences. Applicants should send materials to:

or visit:


As we said above: Beacon is committed to equal opportunity for employment. That means all are welcome to apply. We believe in equal pay for equal work. We believe in a positive, productive workplace where creativity and new ideas are always welcomed.


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