Seeking Women-Identifying or Non-Binary Writer/Performers of Parody Songs, Original Songs, and Standup for Online Election/GOTV show

Parody in Blue
New York, NY 10032


Jennifer Ambler

Job Details


Who: Seeking amazing and creative writer/performers of parody songs, original songs, or standup who are female identifying or non-binary. Especially seeking BIPOC performers!

What: Comedic cabaret and variety show focused on the 2020 Election. The goal of this show is for the audience to laugh (and cry and rage) about the current state of our politics, and feel motivated to go sign up for phone and textbanking in order to bring about a Blue Wave.

When: Sept 22 at 7PM 

Where: Streaming live on YouTube.  The musical numbers will need to be pre-taped for audio quality, but the standup and banter will be live!

Why: Because we want Trump and Mitch out of office!

How: Each performer has up to 10 minutes to perform, which is enough time for 1-2 parody or original songs or a standup set.  There may also be an optional group song to perform in. All songs/standup needs to fit the theme of voting, politics, or the 2020 election. 

Pay: All performers will recieve the greater of $30 or half of their ticket sales (show will be $10 suggested donation) 

To Submit: 
1. Everyone: email your headshot and resume

2. Parody song writers: If you have video of you doing a parody song you wrote, please send that link!  If you don’t, then send a sample of a parody song you have written and a video of you singing with accompaniment. 
Original song writers: Send a link to a video of you doing an original song
Standups: Send a link to a video of your standup, preferably political but not necessarily.  

3. Send me a few sentences about what material you would want to do for the show.  For example, “I want to write an original song called Ditch Moscow Mitch,” or “I want to parody My Shot from Hamilton about not throwing away my vote,” or “I have a standup bit about how bad-@ss Nancy Pelosi is.” This is the part I make decisions on, so give me your best pitch! 

Callbacks will be a chat with me over Zoom on Aug 9th or 10th.  

Check out past and upcoming shows at and


September 22, 2020 – September 22, 2020



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