Actors and SM for Animal Farm on Zoom

MB3 Theatre
New York, NY


Jamil Chokachi

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In these times when the world’s politics seem incredibly Orwellian, what better way to draw attention than with the words of the man himself. This stage reading of Animal Farm by George Orwell was adapted for the stage by Nelson Bond and is designed to be read by actors playing multiple roles.  This show will be rehearsed and performed over Zoom and all actors will receive a small stipend similar to some smaller equity showcase contracts, though it will not be covered under any union agreements while the unions continue to work out details on digital content directly related to Zoom. 

 I am looking for versatile performers who are comfortable with multiple track roles and as this will be over zoom, you should be comfortable with using your computer. Having access to an external mic and headphones would be helpful as well. Having access to these certainly help to eliviate some of the hurdles zoom performances encounter. Given the political climate and tensions that can arise around progressive left leanings, which I happen to possess, it may be beneficial for you to be familiar with this work of art before you submit. 

Actor 1(cast)
Jones- Human owner of the farm,  A bit of a tyrant and a bit of a drunk. 

Actor 2
Snowball- An intelligent and vivacious pig, fast talker who wants the best for the animals on the farm.
Benjamin- An  ill tempered and cynical donkey, the oldest animal on the farm and quite the smart ass. 

Actor 3
Squealer- Smart and persuasive pig, think somewhere between Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer.
Moses-  A raven who also happens to be an evangelical preacher. 
Frederick-  A tough shrewd human farmer who drives a hard bargain. 

Actor 4
Clover-  A stout motherly cart-horse who cares deeply about her fellow comrades.
Cat- A cat 😺

Actor 5
Boxer- A large and powerful cart-horse, Not very bright but of great character and work ethic. Though it is not required, would love to find someone with a very deep and booming voice.
Pilkington-  an easy-going human farmer, who’s farm was old-fashioned and a bit neglected.  Spends much of his time fishing or hunting. 

Actor 6
Major- An old prize boar who is very well respected on the farm and who brings the idea of revolution to the animals against man.
Napoleon-  A fierce looking Berkshire boar with the reputation of getting his own way. He takes over the Revolution and in time becomes the authoritarian dictator who everyone fears. 

Actor 7
Mollie-  A foolish pretty white mare who is more concerned with her looks than anything else. 
Muriel- A kind goat with just enough intelligence to read.

Stage manger who will run sound and I hope to find someone who is familiar with the zoom world. Please submit resume and experience with running sound and any zoom experience.

In addition to these characters, all actors will read narration throughout the play.  While the action in the script indicates that it takes place in England, accents are not required but feel free to try it out if the spirit moves you. Though my view is to hold the mirror up to modern American society. That being said, characters should have enough differentiation between them as no costumes will be used to indicate a change in role. 

The performance dates are tentatively August 20th 7pm and 22nd 1pm. Please note, I am in the process of securing the rights to this play and hope to have word soon, so be advised it is possible that I will need to push back a week. We will have approximately 4 rehearsals and one or two tech. All rehearsals will be required. 

Please provide headshot, resume in the body of the email and a brief one minute monologue, comedic/serio-comedic preferred, but your best work appreciated. Also indicate which role you would prefer to be considered for and if you are willing to accept any other role, as well as known conflicts during the month of August. Video submission should be a link to Vimeo. Please submit by Friday August 1st. 

These are trying times I know and no matter what, I wish you all the best out there. Stay safe and wear a mask! 


August 2, 2020 – August 22, 2020



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