Founding Sleep Coach for Wave Sleep App // Remote, Work From Home

New York, NY 10002

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Welcome to Wave, where we make falling asleep easy…and fun. 

Wave is the first and only mobile app offering LIVE guidance to help you fall asleep every night led by expert sleep coaches. We guide users to sleep using a unique combination of science-backed relaxation techniques, easy breathing exercises and fun visualizations set to sleep-inducing music to give them not only better sleep but a healthier sleep routine they can stick to every night.

We are looking for a team of founding sleep coaches who can help us have fun making people fall asleep and help us build an awesome new brand in the world of sleep. 

All Wave coaches will go through a paid 7-day, 20-hour training course to learn how to be a Wave coach. No formal sleep expertise is required.


  • Smooth, Silky Voice 

  • Ability to think creatively in real time 

  • Good imagination 

  • Representative of our world 

  • Real and authentic

  • One of one 

  • Connective and relatable 

  • Comfortable in front of camera/speaking live to a group of viewers 

  • Solid internet connection

  • Believes in our vision of making falling asleep easy and fun

  • Willing to work evenings/nighttime

Audition Process:

  • Please send a headshot and resume to [email protected]

  • After an initial interview we will have you send us a demo sleep recording. We will provide the script for you.


August 15, 2020 –


$70/Hr (Session)



Send e-mail to 00000173-59cd-d9c7-a377-ddfd8ec90000…

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