Helen, Electra – New York Euripides Summer Festival, 2020

American Thymele Theatre
New York, NY 10028

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Actors with classical training/experience are currently sought for the New York Euripides Summer Festival production of Helen and Electra. Preliminary readings start July 22. Late-day rehearsals and taping start July 23, all from 5:00-9:00 pm, for three weeks. Adhering to social distancing rules, all rehearsals and performances of this, pandemic edition of the New York Euripides Summer Festival will be conducted remotely and broadcast in mid-August by various carriers.


HELEN – A woman finds a way to reunite with her husband.

Cast Breakdown: (All-international, character-type roles of all ethnicities).

Helen, wife of the king Menelaus, a self-determined heroine. Female 20-30;

Teucer, a cautious Greek warrior who fought in the Trojan War. Male 20-35;

Captive Greek Slave, a compassionate attendant to Helen. Female 20-35;

Menelaus, a disappointed king of Sparta, brother of Agamemnon. Male 30-50;

Theoclymenus, an easily convinced king of Egypt, son of Proteus. Male 30-50;

Theonoe, sister of Theoclymenus, a wise fortune-teller. Female, 30-50;

Portress, a loyal servant to Theoclymenus. Female 30-50;

First Messenger, a caring Greek companion of Menelaus. Male 25-30;

Second Messenger, a courageous  Egyptian sailor. Male 20-30;

Castor, a deified hero, brother of Helen. (Appears in both HELEN and ELECTRA). Male 20-30


ELECTRA – A mother is avenged by her daughter for killing her husband.

Cast Breakdown: (All-international, character-type roles of all ethnicities).

Peasant, a hard-working farmer, husband of Electra. Male 25-40;

Electra, a vengeful daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra. Female 20-30;

Orestes, loving brother of Electra, Male 20-30;

Argive Country Woman, a curious neighbor. Female 20-40;

Older Man, a concerned foster father and tutor of Agamemnon. Male 40-65;

Messenger, a devoted friend of Orestes. Male 18-35;

Clytemnestra, a self-centered queen of Argos, wife of Aegisthus. Female 30-50;

Castor, a deified hero, brother of Helen. (Appears in both ELECTRA and HELEN). Male 20-30


Self-taped auditions must be slated with your name and the character for which to be considered. Use lights, external camera and mic, in front of a backdrop or screen. Select two, 60-second monologues (one preferably classical), both filmed at eye-level, one facing the camera and one monologue in left or right profile. Show entire body for both. Attach headshot and résumé with a phone number. Email submissions by July 22 to: AmericanThymeleTheatre@gmail.com  Please enter the name of your submission’s character in the subject line.  Pay. Union/non-union performers,


July 13, 2020 – July 22, 2020





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