Seeking Instructors: 3 Classes Launching- Extra Income for Performers of All Kinds

EMIR Productions
Brooklyn, NY 11213

Job Details


We are launching 3 classes starting September 1st, 2020 with the intent to provide more classes. The classes are:
* Character Analysis
* Acting Through Song
* Peer to Peer Audition Prep

We are looking for artists to help with the first 2 classes.

Who We Are:

EMIR Productions is run by a WOC. We strive to make sure every voice is heard and no one is left behind. We want people who have not been given a chance or who maybe struggling to make themselves known to help us inspire others as well as take care of yourself doing something you love. We are in unprecedented times and the arts are suffering the most. In the meantime, let’s come together to make sure we survive all of this.

Our Motto is: For Artists By Artists

The Qualities We are Looking For:
* Willingness to help others achieve their goals
* Amazing personality
* A performer
* Loves people
* Loves the industry
* Hardworking
* Believes in the Black Lives Matter Movement

The Requirements We are Looking At:
* BIOPIC Performers in all stages of the careers (Beginner to Professional)
* Able to take critique as well as give it
* Team player
* Experience (college degree and/or performance)
* Able to stay with the company for the minimum of 3 months or more (will be discussed at initial interview)

Please send your headshot/resume, and any videos you may have. We cannot wait to hear from you!!!


September 1, 2020 –





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