Florida Rep Theatre 2020-21 Season – Equity Video Submissions (Deadline 07.10.20)

Florida Repertory Theatre
Ft. Myers, FL

Job Details



2020-21 salary pending (2019-20 weekly minimum was $682). Housing provided for out-of-town performers.

Artistic Dir: Greg Longenhagen
Associate Artistic Dir: Jason Parrish

See breakdown for rehearsal and performance dates.

Please Note: The theatre plans to hold virtual callbacks at a later date to be announced.

The theatre plans to hold in-person auditions in Florida and New York when the CDC and AEA guidelines permit.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Video submissions from Equity Members for roles in the upcoming 2020-21 season. (See breakdown.)

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing efforts, accepting video submission auditions in lieu of live local auditions.

Stage Managers: Florida Repertory Theatre is seeking stage manager resumes for all productions. Please email a resume and short introduction letter to [email protected]


Florida Repertory Theatre is seeking video submissions for its 2020-2021 Season. The season outlined below is subject to change, and all titles and dates are likely to change. While the theatre is not yet ready to announce the anticipated changes in scheduling at this time, it wants to be prepared when it can move forward.

Preparation: Please prepare one or two brief monologues, or if you are a singer interested in one or both musicals, a monologue, and a 16-32 bar cut. If you’re auditioning for I LOVE A PIANO, please accompanying yourself on the piano if possible.

Submit your audition electronically by following this link: https://bit.ly/3d94DRP. (Auditions Manager is a secure submission management site where you can upload a headshot, resume, and link to your audition. No personal information other than name and email is required).

Information is also available at https://www.floridarep.org/about-florida-rep/casting-calls/.

Submission Email: If you prefer to email your audition material, please attach a headshot and resume, and include a link to your video (eg. Vimeo or YouTube), and email to [email protected] The submission form linked above is the preferred submission method.

Florida Rep is committed to building an inclusive organization that reflects our local community and meets national artistic standards. We encourage artists from all communities to submit for the available roles.

All roles are available unless otherwise specified. For pre-cast roles, auditioning performers will be considered as possible (emergency) replacements, should any become necessary.

Dir: Jason Parrish.
1st reh:9/08/20.
Runs 09/29/20–11/08/20.
Built-in Extension: 12/06/20
In Florida Rep’s ArtStage Studio Theatre.

Note: The theatre is producing a 4-person adaptation. All performers should be piano proficient and able to accompany themselves and each other.

Alex: Male. 40s-50s. Charming and sophisticated, the authority figure (sometimes). He is a bit stuffy and a bit on edge, but he is always likable. Strong singer/actor/dancer. Piano proficient.

Eileen: Female. 40s-50s. Mature and savvy with an earthy kind of sophistication. Eve Arden-type. Sometimes brassy and wisecracking. Strong singer/actor/dancer. Piano proficient.

George: CAST. Male. Handsome, romantic, playful. Young, enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky-optimist. Ginger’s husband.

Ginger: Young Judy Garland-type. Naïve, romantic, vulnerable, yet spunky. George’s wife. Strong singer/actor/dancer. Piano proficient.

THE WOMAN IN BLACK adapted by Stephen Mallatratt. Dir: TBA
1st reh: 10/06/20.
Runs 10/27-11/15.
In The Historic Arcade Theatre.

The Actor (Older Kipps): 50s-60s. Must have a command of language and storytelling. He is a Solicitor who’s hired an actor to help him exercise his ghostly past.

Arthur Kipps (Young Kipps): Mid 20s to mid-30s. An actor from the London stage. Must have command of language and storytelling.

The Woman: 20s-30s. Ethereal and otherworldly. A movement background is helpful. Because of the nature of the play, this role is unbilled.

WEST SIDE STORY by Arthur Laurents, music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.
Dir: Kody C Jones
1st reh:11/01/20.
Runs 11/24 – 12/16.
In Florida Rep’s Historic Arcade Theatre.

NOTE: Seeking AEA and EMC performers for both the young principal and the adult roles with strong musicianship, dance/movement, and a knowledge of the period. WEST SIDE STORY is a co- production with Florida Repertory Theatre’s Education Department, and the principal roles will play alongside high school students in supporting and ensemble roles.

Tony: Male. Early 20’s. Former leader of the Jets gang.

Maria: Female. Early 20s but appears 17. Puerto Rican, Sister to Bernardo, leader of the Sharks. Innocent, longing for something. Works in the dress shop.

Riff: Male, appears 17-19. Leader of the Jets. Quick-tempered, loyal, edgy.

Bernardo: Male, early 20’s. Leader of the Sharks gang. Maria’s older brother, Anita’s boyfriend.

Anita: Female. Early 20’s. Bernardo’s girlfriend, and watches over Maria. No-nonsense, tells the truth, works in the dress shop with Maria.

Chino: Male, late teens/early 20’s. A Shark, intended husband of Maria.


Officer Krupke: Male30s-50s. Neighborhood police officer.

Doc: Male, middle-aged. Owner of the drugstore Tony works at.

Lt. Shrank: Male, middle-aged. The precinct’s police lieutenant.

Glad Hand: Male or female, middle-aged. Chaperone at the school dance.

Ensemble & Featured Roles

The Jets:
Baby John
Big Deal

The Jet Girls

The Sharks

The Shark Girls

Dir: TBA
1st reh: 11/24/20.
Runs 12/15–1/24/21.
Possible Extension: 2/14/21
In Florida Rep’s ArtStage Studio Theatre.

Daisy Werthan: CAST. Female. 60s-80s. A wealthy, southern, Jewish widow. Stubborn and full of spirit.

Boolie Werthan: CAST. Male. 40s-50s Daisy’s son. A southern businessman. Kind, put-upon, and devoted to his mother.

Hoke Colburn: CAST. Male. 50s-70s. Daisy’s Black chauffeur. Kind, patient, but able to hold his own with Daisy.

THE HUMANS by Stephen Karam.
Dir: Chris Clavelli.
1st reh: 12/15/200.
Runs 1/05/21 – 1/27/21.
Possible Extension: TBA.
In Florida Rep’s Historic Arcade Theatre.

Erik Blake: Male. 60s. A middle-class Irish Catholic, practical to a fault and very set in his ways. He has sacrificed a great deal over the years to provide a good life for his family, but his recent confession has upset the comfortable world he knows.

Deirdre Blake: Female. 60s. Erik’s loyal wife, devoted mother to Brigid and Aimee. With silent strength, she clings wholeheartedly to traditions, familial duty, and the Catholic faith. The institution of marriage is sacred to her; she very much wishes her family shared this sentiment.

Aimee Blake: Female. Mid 30s. Erik and Deirdre’s eldest daughter. Both self-conscious and self- deprecating, her career as a lawyer once held great promise. Now, her physical and emotional health both suffer. She is deeply, quietly sad, and in intense pain following a breakup from her long-term girlfriend.

Brigid Blake: Female. Mid 20s. The younger daughter of the Blake clan, well-meaning but often impractical and dreamy. She recently moved in with Richard and turned her back on Catholicism, much to her parents’ chagrin. She is half-heartedly pursuing a career in music and attempting to live out her perception of a sophisticated adult lifestyle.

Fiona “Momo” Blake: Female, 70s-80s. Erik’s mother, grandmother to Brigid and Aimee. She has advanced dementia. For the most part, she remains passive and disconnected but has episodes where she becomes manic and aggressive.

Richard Saad: Male. Late 30s-early 40s. A worldly-wise graduate student, Richard comes from a wealthy family and has never wanted for anything. Despite their age difference, he truly loves Brigid and yearns to be accepted by her family.

Dir: TBA
1st reh:1/19/21.
Runs 2/09/21-3/03/21.
Possible Extension: 1/31/21
In Florida Rep’s Historic Arcade Theatre.

Note: The play takes place during WWII, and the location may be changed to fit the theatre’s local area. The theatre is seeking actors who have a command of Shakespearean language. INTO THE BREECHES is a story of how the women of a theatre troupe come together to put on Henry IV and V while the men of the company are overseas. The play deals with race relations of the time as well as LGBTQ issues discrimination. There are plot points dependent on the race of the characters, which is why the race of each character’s race is specified below.

Maggie Dalton: White female in her late 30s-early 40s. She is the talented, yet untested, director filling her husband’s shoes as Artistic Director while he’s away fighting overseas.

Celeste Fielding: White female in her 50s. She is the diva of the company who plays all the lead roles – regardless of whether she is right. In the play-within-a-play, she plays Henry IV and Henry V.

Ellsworth Snow: White male in his 60s. He is the conservative Board President of the Oberon Play House. He is married to Winnifred.

Winnifred Snow: White female in her 50’s/60s. She is an untalented but enthusiastic socialite. She plays Falstaff in the play-within-the-play. She is married to Ellsworth.

Stuart Lasker: White male in his 30s-40s. He is the quip-ready Stage Manager. Lovable, funny, and dry. He was denied military service for suspicions about his homosexuality. He plays Mistress Quickly in the play-within-the-play.

Ida Green: Black female in her 30s. She is the imaginative costume designer but has impressive acting talent. She plays Hotspur in the play-within-the-play.

June Bennett: White female in her early 20s. She is the ingenue of the company. She is innocent, naive, and a bit green. She plays the Kates in the play-within-the-play.

Grace Richards: White female in her late 20’s/early 30’s. She is a raw talent who comes in to audition for the company. She is shy and reserved but possesses power and presence when she acts. She takes over the roles of Henry Iv and Henry V in the play-within-the-play.

GOOD AMERICANS by Bruce Graham.
Dir: Greg Longenhagen.
1st reh: 2/02/21.
Runs 2/23/21 – 3/28/21.
In Florida Rep’s ArtStage Studio Theatre.

Note: This play takes place in Hollywood’s golden age in the late 1940s during the McCarthy hearings. The characters are based on some famous Hollywood archetypes.

Burt Donovan: Male. 50s-60s. A John Ford type. A major Hollywood director known for his western pictures. Strong-willed and loyal. A force.

Phil Sapperstein: Male. 40s-50s. A Jewish screenwriter. He has an acerbic wit and a razor tongue. He is writing an honest portrayal of General George Custer and faces opposition from the actors and the studio. He has a political agenda.

Doyle (Cork) Corcoran: Male, late 40’s-50s. A big man. The studio’s character man.
Mike Towers: Male, 30’s-40s. A good looking actor, the male lead, well built, but average height (a real sticking point with him).

Susan Whitehead: Female, 30’s. Attractive and severe-looking, and all business. She is an agent sent from the House Un-American Activities Committee and suffers no fools.

Dir: Jason Parrish.
1st reh: 2/23/21.
Runs 3/16/21 – 4/11/21.
Possible Extension: 5/02/21.
In Florida Rep’s Historic Arcade Theatre.

Please Note: Florida Rep is producing the 8-person adaptation of this script.

Buddy Holly: Mid-20s; male. Must play the guitar, sing, and act exceptionally well. Buddy is a singer- songwriter and star from Lubbock, Texas. Intelligent and charismatic, he has a flair for rock n’ roll. An actor 6″ or over would be a plus, but it is not disqualifying. Presence, guitar, vocal, and acting ability are the most important qualities in the actor playing Buddy.

Jerry Allison: Appears early to mid-20s; male. Expert drummer who can also sing and act. One of Buddy’s bandmates in The Crickets. Good looking and cheeky. Will play ensemble characters as needed.

Joe B Mauldin: Early to mid-20s; male. He plays the double bass in The Crickets. He is a serious, square young man with musical ability. Must be able to sing and act; ability to do tricks with the stand- up bass a plus. Will play ensemble characters as needed.

Big Bopper: 30s-40s; male. Must play the guitar exceptionally well. He’s a former DJ and a Texan with an irrepressible, larger-than-life character and ability to command the stage on his own as a single performer. His key song is “Chantilly Lace.” He also plays Niki Sullivan (the 4th Cricket) and other Ensemble characters as needed.

Vi Petty: 20s-40s; female. The wife of Norman with a heart of gold and a good sense of humor. Must be able to sing and act and have exceptional rock ‘n’ roll keyboards ability. She also plays Jingle Singer, Shirley, Mary Lou Sokolov, and Snowbird.

Maria Elena: Early to mid-20s, a Latinx female. Attractive and classy. Must be able to sing and act exceptionally well. The ability to play a musical instrument is a huge plus. Actress also plays Jingle Singer, Marlena, and Snowbird.

Richie Valens: Appears early to mid-20s; Latinx male. Good-looking with charm, presence, and charisma. His signature song is “La Bamba.” Must be able to act and move well. Must play the guitar extremely well. He also plays Tyrone, Engineer, and other ensemble characters as needed.

Hipockets Duncan: Appears 30s-40s; male. An exuberant hometown radio DJ from Lubbock, Texas, with an air of authority and a keen sense of humor. Must be able to sing. Also plays Norman Petty, a businessman and record producer from Clovis, New Mexico who loves music; Decca Producer, DJ at the Apollo, Murray Deutch, MC Bob Hale, and others as needed. Preferably plays a horn instrument (saxophone, trumpet, trombone, etc.).

Dir: Chris Clavelli.
1st reh: 3/23/21.
Runs 4/13– 5/16.
In Florida Rep’s Historic Arcade Theatre.

Angus: Male. In his late 60s. Any ethnicity, but likely white. A retired lawyer living in a Florida retirement community. He has a few issues to work out before committing again.

Abigail: Female. In her early to mid-60s. Any ethnicity, but likely white. A therapist. She may be ready to take another chance on love.

Ollie: Late 60s. Black. A former major league baseball player who now enjoys golf and yoga.

See breakdown for submission options and instructions.

Deadline: 07/10/2020

[email protected]