Seeking Experienced Cosplay Performers and Actors for She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms

The Virtual Theatre
Dayton, OH 45410


Matthew Neal

Job Details


The Virtual Theatre presents
(Streams 8/7 – 8/9 and 8/12 – 8/16)
Directed by Matt Neal 
Creative Team: Sammy Haven, Scott Christian, Amy Mirlisena

Callbacks (if necessary): 7/1
Rehearsals and “filming”: 7/11 – 7/26 
This is a virtual production. All rehearsals will be held over Zoom and other virtual platforms. This is not a reading, text will need to be memorized. Actors are paid a stipend to be negotiated after performances are complete. Seeking experienced cosplayers and actors OF ALL RACES AND IDENTITIES (LGBTQ and Non-Binary performers specifically encouraged) to submit virtual auditions for the following roles:

NARRATOR: (Non-Binary, age unspecified, any ethnicity) A mysterious but angelic like being that guides the us through the action. 

TILLY/TILLIUS THE PALADIN: (Trans FtM, 18-25, any ethnicity) Used to be a shy, tortured nerd in high school. Killed in a car wreck as a teenager. Now leads a pack of badass women warriors to reclaim their soul from the five headed dragon, Tiamat.

AGNES/AGNES THE ASSHAT: (25-35, Female, any ethnicity) Tilly’s older sister, now on a quest to discover who her sister’s secret identity.

CHUCK: (18-40, male, any ethnicity) A comic book store owner. A dungeon master and self proclaimed D&D expert/ladies man. Guides Agnes in her quest for answers. 

FARRAH THE FAERIE/VERA: (18-35, female, African American) Agnes’ best friend. Councils her through her grief and relationship problems with bf Miles. She’s got ‘tude for days. Also plays FARRAH, a beautiful, singing fairy with a short temper for BS.

MILES: (18-35, male, caucasian) Agnes’ boyfriend. Handsome, dumb, but all around pretty okay guy. Unless he’s dating your sister. 

KALIOPE DARKWALKER/KELLY: (18-30, disabled, female, caucasian) In one world she’s a pale skinned, white haired elf dressed like a warrior supermodel. She is extremely intelligent and unswayed by emotion. In the real world she is Kelly, a disabled D&D mate of Tilly’s.

LILLITH MORNINGSTAR/LILLY: (18-30, female, any ethnicity) In one world she’s a leather clad, devil-horned, battle axe wielding, flesh eating dominatrix. In the real world she is Lilly, a close friend and D&D mate of Tilly’s.

ORCUS/RONNIE: (18-40, male, any ethnicity) In one world a giant, pot smoking, red skinned demon with super strength and a super appetite…for Hot Pockets and reality TV. In the real world, a pot smoking dude with a super appetite…for Hot Pockets and reality TV. 

EVIL TINA/EVIL GABBI: (18-25, female, any ethnicity) Best friends who made Tilly’s life in high school a living hell. Also play vampire cheerleaders who torment our heroes throughout the story. 

SUBMISSIONS: Please include a one minute monologue from a contemporary play or movie showcasing your acting/character abilities NOT IN COSTUME. Please also send a headshot/resume & reel or photos showcasing your cosplay abilities and experience. (Special skills: magic tricks, sword play, gymnastics, tumbling etc. demonstrations also encouraged.)

Send to: [email protected] 



July 11, 2020 – July 26, 2020





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