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If ever there was anything that could speak to a desperate national community right now, it’s “Conversations With An Average Joe,” a non-profit, non-equity play that had off-Broadway previews at the time of the last presidential election.

The Conversations we need to turn our country around are not going to get started in DC or in a media that’s lost control of their purpose—it has to start at curtain call.
Conversations is frantic and fun, quick paced—like the bar where it happens.   
It’s an earned media bonanza especially it’s take on the Coronavirus and there is nothing like it on or off Broadway or on TV with my intention to attract and educate the audience with the many current political hot topics that I have first-hand inside knowledge and experience that are mentioned in the play. 

It begins when an Environmental Protection Agency community meeting dealing with the Flint water crisis turning ugly with  arguments about the lack of tests and threats by feds regarding the coronavirus and accusations about government and corporate corruption, with the residents forced to leave by the Feds and head over to Janes Bar for further discussion.  
Those who come over from that meeting along with the audience, tackle issues of diversity that divides them into agendas of such personal importance that unless they agree to provide for their general welfare, they’ll continue to be doomed to a subservient existence of our government’s making. 

And, it’s the continued debate of issues ranging from the current loss of constitutional rights to gun control to climate change and involving race relations and the shared experiences of men and women from prostate to tampons and equality of pay, with all joining together learning how to find a common ground in defense of their livelihoods and liberties and children’s future.  These discussions in the familiar setting of their bar, offer the comfort and confidence to even humorously speak out and listen and finally to join together in their best interests.

It’s timely, entertaining, current and true and it’s happening right now all over the country. It’s about POLITICS and average people who deserve a voice. The issues are passionate and driven and balanced with solutions and brings our country together. “Conversations” was born for this time and those who understand the explosiveness of combining THEATRE AND POLITICS along with the value of its interest to expand its reach throughout the country and on TV. And offer solutions to all our problems including the Coronavirus that our government seems hell-bent prolonging.

One of our goals is to get on stage as soon as theaters open since Conversations’ underlying issue is the Coronavirus along with all the politics that are so hot right now. And now we need to finish filling out our cast to complement some of our great actors while attracting more great actors who can get to stage ready quickly. We’re double casting to be sure we are able to continue with an anticipated long run and to give cast scheduling flexibility. Of  course, all our auditions and rehearsals are held on Zoom.

We’re joining together as actors, directors, producers interns and staff to give us all a great chance at success with us in charge for a change. We have been successfully profit-sharing with our actors receiving a $50 minimum per paid performance with ranges at medium size stages of $50-$150, and would anticipate with a great timely play and great cast exceeding those amounts. But we have to be ready to be first out of the gate to get the publicity and locations we want.  We also need those cast members who are passionate for the characters they represent, because it is their feelings toward each other that will make the difference on and off the stage. Since with all the issues, and conflicts, it is the relationships that teaches the audience about how to listen and talk and look after each other.

All of this is talked about in CONVERSATIONS WITH AN AVERAGE JOE as our characters join together in their favorite bar in a show of unity that will change the direction our country is headed and again give us all hope.
If you have an interest and want to audition online, read the play, pick a role, and send us your resume and video reel ASAP 


Must be character actors who can memorize lines very quickly to get up to speed with direction and rest of cast. Minimal blocking since all one setting. 



BARTENDER 35 to 75 years old, all ethnicities male. Character in charge of the bar and promoting and directing conversation; dry sense of humor when picking on college student. 
RESTAURANT OWNER  35 to 75 years old, all ethnicities female. One of main characters who is in charge of bar and talks about government’s care for poor and hungry and how economic solutions can solve problems for business and jobs. Compassionate..
COLLEGE STUDENT  17 to 23 years old, all ethnicities female. A millennial concerned about costs of education and her generation’s future; smart, with an attitude; actually does have extraordinary Understanding of social media to use as a solution to bring about attracting the many of those needed to change the politics of our country. College student/waitress needs to possess social media experience on stage. 
*VETERAN  40 to 70 years old, all ethnicities male. Conservative and doesn’t like to waste time taking about issues that cannot be resolved  and Angry at how corrupt politics has ruined our country and wants to organize to “make America ours again”

*ENVIRONMENTALIST  30 to 45 years old, all ethnicities male. Sees the world through the eyes of the green movement and is more optimistic about outcomes but still blames it on corruption. Gets angry and fights those who disagree with him for the causes he believes in. 

REPORTER   30 to 45 years old, all ethnicities female. Key role for the other characters to get factual inside information about the news, past and present. 

*RETIRED MAN  50 to 75 years old, all ethnicities male. Angry while funny at same time at how government and corporations are in bed together, cheating average folks, and talks about his experiences not having any money left after getting screwed by corporations and government. 
TEACHER  35 to 45 years old, all ethnicities male. Main lead; laid off from Wall Street, now teaching economics in high school; educates those in attendance at a bar about how money gets spent.
*LAW STUDENT  22 to 35 years old, Black/African American female. She expresses the background history of the country and the effects of law and our courts; and the importance of having women and blacks getting the right to vote for all of us; confident and strong personality explaining how races and ethnicities  have different experiences and justice many times because of being poor


NURSE    30 to 50 years old, all ethnicities female. Very important but shorter role that appears in the second act; a tough, confidant nurse who deals with healthcare issues and personal tragedies with compassion showing to audience. 




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