Crossover: A New Pop Musical – Philadelphia Fringe Festival

Green Light Group Productions, LLC.
New York, NY 10031

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Seeking diverse, Philadelphia-based performers for CROSSOVER, a new pop musical that will be presented digitally as part of the 2020 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Performances will take place over the course of a weekend in late September, dates pending. Rehearsals will begin in August, and will take place remotely.

For consideration, please send your headshot, resume, and general availability to the email below. 


Meet CROSSOVER, the newest singing competition to hit the airwaves with a streaming-era twist: the competing artists must prove that they’re adept at both writing and performing across different genres in order to claim the title of CROSSOVER Champion. When contestants 101 (Regina “Reggie” Carlyle, a soul-singing Stanford dropout), 13 (Hallie Harper, a country sweetheart on a mission), 69 (KC Parker, a wannabe rock goddess and the daughter of a famous guitarist), and 78 (Maxine “Max” Garcia, an electro pop starlet on the rise) tie in the regional competition, they reluctantly opt to compete on the national broadcast as a group: Four-Way Tie. As they navigate the ups and downs of sudden fame, they learn more about themselves and each other than they ever thought possible. CROSSOVER’s megamix-style score, featuring influences from dance pop, country, R&B, and rap, reinforces the show’s message: love between women, romantic or otherwise, is something to sing about. 

CROSSOVER is produced by Green Light Group Productions (GATSBY: A New Musical;

To listen to select demo tracks from the score, visit:

As an organization, GLG is committed to increasing the breadth of identities represented on our stages and screens. Artists of all racial, ethnic, and gender identities are encouraged to submit for the following roles: 


REGINA “REGGIE” CARLYLE (aka 101) (18-35, Alto with strong pop belt or mix): A headstrong, business-savvy singer-songwriter who drops out of Stanford’s MBA program to pursue her music. Having only recently realized that she is bi, she is reluctant to get involved with Max once the competition starts.  

HALLIE HARPER (aka 13) (18-35, Mezzo with strong pop belt or mix): A brassy Nashville native who’s been gigging as a country singer since childhood, and is eager to upend some the double standards held against women in her genre. Through the competition, she learns to stand up to her demeaning mother. 

MAXINE “MAX” GARCIA (aka 78) (18-35, Soprano with strong pop belt or mix): A self-possessed, out-and-proud dance-pop chanteuse with a serious talent for producing. Her loyalty is tested when she receives the offer of a lifetime: the chance to collaborate with her favorite artist. 

KC PARKER (aka 69) (18-35, Alto with rock belt): A sardonic rock beltress with a take-no-prisoners attitude. Through the course of the competition, she grapples with her desire for the approval of her father Charlie, a famous guitarist and recovering addict.

SHEA STONE (18-35, Alto; rap experience a plus): A Grammy-winning artist and LGBTQ+ advocate who takes Max under her wing.

LILA SELLECK (18-50): CROSSOVER’s hypervigilant host, who keeps the show moving with lively banter.

CHARLIE PARKER (40-60): KC’s dad, an acclaimed guitarist who struggled with addiction when his daughter was young. Still in recovery, he seeks to protect her from the dangers of fame, which clashes with her brazen ambition. 


August 1, 2020 –



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