Portland Stage Company 2020-21 Season – Equity Video Submissions (Deadline 06.12.20)

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Submissions will be viewed by:
Anita Stewart – Executive and Artistic Director

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Video Submissions from Equity Members for the upcoming 20-21 Season. See breakdown.

Due to COVID-19 and Social Distancing Efforts, accepting Video Submission Auditions in lieu of live EPAs locally at the theatre in Portland, Maine and in NYC.

All stage manager positions have been filled.



Please send an email to auditions@portlandstage.org. The body of the email must include your name, AEA status, any relevant agent information, a link to the video submission, and if there are any particular characters in our season that you are interested in. Attached to the email should be a PDF of your resume and a headshot (not to exceed 2MB). The video should not exceed three minutes in its entirety and should include (in order): your name, AEA status, the title of the work you are about to perform, and a monologue of your choice not to exceed two minutes. We recommend uploading the video to YouTube as a private video and sending us the private link.


Proposed Season: Dates for productions are subject to change based on when we are able to produce.

by Callie Kimball * World Premier* *New Work*
Director: Jade King Carroll
1st Rehearsal: 09/08/20
Opening: 10/02/20
Closing: 10/18/20

In 1920, Perseverance ‘Percy’ Turner, an African-American schoolteacher, writer, and suffragist, is determined to elevate her students above the circumstances in which they were born. One hundred years later, in the same small town of Hillcroft, Maine, Dawn Davis, a white schoolteacher, is running for office on a platform of education reform. The play hops back and forth in time following Percy and Dawn’s storylines as they weave together through time.

Characters in 1920

Perseverance ‘Percy’ Turner – Female-identifying. African-American. Mid-20s on up. A teacher, suffragist, and unpublished writer. A mix of passion and formality. She uses her commas.

‘Judge’ Elmer – Male-identifying. White. Early 30s on up. A widower and the mayor of Hillcroft, where his family has lived for generations. Is profiting nicely off of Prohibition by running a bootlegging business and using Percy’s school as a cover. Doesn’t worry about too many things. Not actually a judge.

Leland ‘Moss’ Tarker – Male-identifying. African-American. Mid-20s on up. Served in France in World War I. Judge’s hired hand. Talented at many types of jobs. A reformed sinner, he is not above profiting off the sins of white folk. A bit of a brag.

Characters in 2020

Dawn Davis – Female-identifying. White. Early 30s or up. A former teacher running for public office. Grasping onto idealism to avoid the despair that comes from seeing things as they are.

Cooper ‘Coop’ Davis – Male-identifying, White. Early 30s or up. Dawn’s husband and a construction site project manager. In a bid to prop up his marriage and his wife, he’s renovating the municipal building into their new home.

Dilly – Female-identifying. Any race, but probably white. Late 30s or up. Dawn’s campaign manager. She’s worked on many campaigns, none of them successful. Divorced and the opposite of idealistic. Is not above snorting crushed Adderal to deliver on a deadline


by Tor Hyams and Lisa St. Lou *World Premier* *New Work*
Director: TBD
1st Rehearsal: 01/05/21
Opening: 01/29/21
Closing: 02/21/21

*all characters any ethnicity*

Senior Living is a series of vignettes set at and around a senior living community (SLC) where people are dying to live. The play is framed by a SLC talent show and between acts, we see a series of vignettes, featuring different groupings of characters, about the SLC residents.

There are four roles, two male-identifying, and two female-identifying.


by Bekah Brunstetter
Director: TBD
1st Rehearsal: 02/09/21
Opening: 03/05/21
Closing: 03/28/21

Della – female-identifying, 50s, pleasant, round, with a mass of big, curly hair Tim – male-identifying, 50s, her husband, a good ol’ boy

Jen – female-identifying, early 30s, with a wedding binder, who has dreamt of her wedding day her whole life

Macy – female-identifying, early 30s, her reluctant fiancé, African American


by Lanford Wilson
Director: TBD
1st Rehearsal: 03/16/21
Opening: 04/9/21
Closing: 04/25/21

*all characters any ethnicity*

Matt Friedman – male-identifying, forty-two, dark, and rather large. Warm and unhurried, he has a definite talent for mimicry.

Sally Talley – female-identifying, thirty-one, light, thin, quite attractive, but in no way glamorous or glamorized.


Book by: Willy Holtzman, Music by: Louise Beach, Lyrics by: Darrah Cloud * World Premier* *New Work*
Director: Jackson Gay
1st Rehearsal: 04/13/21
Opening: 05/07/20
Closing: 5/23/21

This neo-romantic, lyrical musical love story, based on the historical figures involved, tells of a severely ill-woman’s journey from a psychiatric patient to a renowned psychoanalyst. Sabina’s quest to find a cure for her madness, and the hero who will save her, ignites a love triangle of mythic proportions between her, Carl Jung, and Sigmund Freud. The play explores ideas of love, legacy, transformation, and the value of being heard.

Carl Jung – male-identifying, 30s/40s, Swiss. Caucasian. An adventurous psychologist who is unafraid to test boundaries and convictions. VOCAL RANGE: G2 to F4. A baritenor with some nice higher notes but strongest in the lower range. Historical figure was 6’1”.

Sabina Spielrein – This role has been cast

Ludwig Binswanger – This role has been cast

Emma Jung – This role has been cast

Sigmund Freud – This role has been cast

***none of the roles have understudies***


Submit video audition materials to: auditions@portlandstage.org. The body of the email must include your AEA status. See breakdown for full details on audition video and submission requirements.

Deadline: 06/12/2020