BEAU: The Musical Self Tape Request

The Directors Company
New York, NY 10036

Job Details


Beau is seeking actor-musicians of all backgrounds for a Summer/Fall 2020 29-hour reading; Covid-pending. Seeking male identifying musicians who play: acoustic/electric guitar or bass guitar or mandolin. Seeking female identifying musicians who play: mandolin or piano or violin. Feel free to audition with multiple instruments, the more the better!    Beau tells the story of musician Ace Baker, who at 12 discovered the grandfather his mother intended to keep a secret;  a man who changed Ace’s life forever by putting a guitar in his hand and self love in his heart.

1. Choose a role.   
2. Submit two 32 bar cuts. One strictly instrumental, and one where you sing while playing.     
3. Submit your tape to by June 8st, 2020 In the subject line: (Your full name _ the role)   

Beau: The musical
Concept, Book, Lyrics: Douglas Lyons Music: Ethan D. Pakchar and Douglas Lyons
Musical Director: Chris Gurr  Producer: The Directors Company  

ACE BAKER – Our narrator and band leader. Ace is bruised, bright and eventually brave. He idolizes his grandfather Beau, who unexpectedly changed his life forever. Mid-late 20s.

DAPHNEY/LE-ANN – Daphney is Ace’s quirky but sassy, quickly spoken best friend of 15 years. She’ll protect him at any cost. Le-Ann is Beau’s wife. She’s scorned by his circumstances, but desperate to make their marriage work. Late 20-30’s.

POP POP BEAU – Ace’s grandfather and Raven’s father. He’s a wise ass, funny and quick on the dime. He has secrets of his own that he takes to his grave. He loves, but only on his terms. Late 50-60s.

FERRIS – Ace’s bully, but also his first kiss. He’s a manipulative mofo. Callus on the outside but conflicted within. He softens with Ace, but only in private. Mid 20’s.

RAVEN – Ace’s single mother. She’s a force of a woman and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She doesn’t need a man, but wants one. She has blacklisted her father Beau from her life, for reasons she won’t share. Mid-late 40’s.

LARRY/DENNIS – Larry is Raven’s boyfriend and eventually Ace’s step-father. He’s the corniest human being you’ve ever met. He tries way too hard to get on Ace’s good side, but never gives up. Dennis is one of Beau’s lovers. He’s upfront and cut throat with no strings attached. Late 20-30’s.

NURSE/KARINA – Nurse, is Beau’s nurse throughout the play. Karina is Ferris’s high-school girlfriend. She’s a bigoted mean-girl and Ace’s worst nightmare. Early-20-30’s.   


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