Maltz Jupiter Theatre 20-21 Season – Equity Video Submissions (Deadline 05.14.20)

Maltz Jupiter Theatre, Inc.
Jupiter, FL

Job Details



LORT Non-Rep
LORT B+ ($1064/week minimum)

Viewing submissions:
Casting Representative: Andrew Kato, Producing Artistic Director/Chief Executive

Audition Instructions:
Submit footage (preferably via an unlisted YouTube link) with two contrasting 16-bar cuts (up-tempo and ballad) and a one-minute monologue in the style of the show you are auditioning for (i.e. comedic or dramatic).
If you have a dance reel, feel free to also submit it with your audition video.
In your video, please state your name and what you will be performing. When you email your submission, please indicate your union status, which show(s) you are submitting for.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Due to COVID-19 and Social Distancing Efforts, accepting Video Submission Auditions in lieu of live EPAs locally at the theatre in Jupiter FL.

Seeking Video Submissions from Equity members only

SM and SM positions available. See separate notice for info.


2020/21 Season, with available Equity roles listed. Understudies will not be used.

Maltz Jupiter Theatre:

I Hate Hamlet
By Paul Rudnick
Directed by Bill Fennelly
Rehearsals begin on October 6, 2020
Opening is October 29, 2020
Closing is November 8, 2020

Characters: (for a complete character breakdown, please go to

Felicia Dantine: (late 30’s to 50’s) A tall imposing woman. She is a real estate agent with an almost carnal passion for Manhattan apartments. She speaks with a hoarse buoyant voice and a hint of Queens nasality – a jubilant New York honk. This character has onstage intimacy with the character of John Barrymore which includes being kissed passionately on the back of her neck.

Andrew Rally: (late 20’s to 30’s) An actor in his late twenties or early thirties. He is handsome and charming. He possesses the polished easy air of a television star. Andrew could easily glide through life wafting on a cloud of good looks and affability. He is more than accustomed to being the center of attention. He possesses a potent charm. Yet, under this charming exterior beats a tender and sincere heart. Actor must be able to move well; we are seeking an actor with stage combat experience, a current SPT in single sword or smallsword with the SAFD is a plus. This character has onstage intimacy with the character of Deirdre McDavey which includes several moments of passionate kissing and physicality.

Deirdre McDavey: (late 20’s but looks much younger) She is twenty-nine years old but looks much younger. She is Andrew’s girlfriend. She is a bohemian Valley Girl imagining herself as a Bronte heroine. Deirdre must be played with a delicious comic fervor. She is a wild romantic but never a ninny. She is always on the verge of a swoon; and while she enjoys being swept away by tidal wave of emotion every few seconds she is delightfully resilient. To her life is a miracle a minute. She is a beacon of breathless wonder with a soul full of romantic enthusiasm. Actor must be able to move well; experience with contact improv or unarmed stage combat a plus. This character has onstage intimacy with the character of Andrew Rally which includes several moments of passionate kissing and physicality as well as moments of intimacy with John Barrymore which includes light facial stroking and being kissed on the neck.

Lillian Troy: (70’s) A striking silver-haired woman in her seventies. A picture of elegance who smokes unfiltered Camel cigarettes. She speaks with a regal German accent. She has a no-nonsense manner combined with a wicked sense of humor – she delights at any sort of hijinks. She is Andrew’s agent. Her tough exterior is a cover for deep romantic passions. Actor must be able to move well, ballroom dance experience a plus. The actor will have a romantic and intimate ballroom dance with the character of John Barrymore.

John Barrymore: (50’s to 60) He is phenomenally sexual and dashing, the very image of a sly romantic hero. He possesses a witty and rakish charm combined with a wicked bounding glee, and not an ounce of pedantry. Actor must be able to move well; we are seeking an actor with stage combat experience, a current SPT in single sword or smallsword with the SAFD is a plus. This character has onstage intimacy with several characters: Deirdre McDavey which includes some sensual facial stroking and neck kissing; a romantic ballroom dance with the character of Lillian Troy; and passionate neck kissing with Felicia Dantine.

Gary Peter Lefkowitz: (30’s to early 40’s) He personifies L.A. “shaggy-chic.” A happy overgrown child, an oddly appealing creature of pure appetite. Reality is of very little consequence to him; the deal is
all. He is crass and calculating, he is never stupid. He possesses a shameless exuberance. He loves his life. He is at once appalling and irresistible. He is unafraid to speak our dirty secrets about the often too present tedium of high art.


Sweet Charity
Book by Neil Simon
Music by Cy Coleman
Lyrics by Dorothy Fields
Directed by: Marcos Santana
Choreographed by: Al Blackstone
Rehearsals begin on November 10, 2020
Opening is December 3, 2020
Closing is December 20, 2020

Characters: (for a complete character breakdown, please go to

Charity Hope Valentine: (20’s – 35, Latin X) Down-on-her-luck, but always hopeful. A dance-hall hostess who dreams of finding true love. Determined, fun, quirky, funny, despairing, optimistic. Vocal range: E3-C#5; Alto/Mezzo. Must be a very strong dancer. Helene/Ensemble: (20s-35, Actor of color) Sultry and sassy dancer at the Fandango Ballroom and one of Charity’s best friends. Been around the block a bit. Straight talking, feisty, confident and streetwise. Vocal range: F3-C#5. Mezzo with a big belty sound. Must be a very strong dancer.

Nickie/Ensemble: (30s – 45, Any ethnicity) Brassy New Yorker, dancer at the Fandango Ballroom. One of Charity’s close friends. She has seen it all and is quick to offer advice to Charity and the other girls. Vocal range: F3-C#5. Mezzo with a strong belt. Must be a very strong dancer.

Oscar Lindquist: (25-40, Any ethnicity) A square, claustrophobic, educated, well spoken, shy, repressed and gawky man. Works as an actuary (the most boring job in the world). A reluctant romantic. Strong physical comedy. Vocal range: B2-Gb4

Vittorio Vidal/Ensemble: (30 – 45, Caucasian) Very handsome, international film star. Italian. Knows his place in the world. Charismatic and authoritative. Has a way with the ladies and a hot-headed wife, named Ursula. Baritone with an operatic sound.

Herman/Ensemble: (35 – 55, Any ethnicity) Owner of Fandango Ballroom. A tough taskmaster. Grizzled and annoyed at everything but with a heart of gold. Vocal range: E3-B4. Must be a strong tenor. Ursula March/Ensemble: (25 – 35, Any ethnicity) Beautiful, hot-headed and jealous wife of an Italian movie star, Vittorio Vidal. A flair for the dramatic. Must be a strong dancer. Daddy Brubeck/Ensemble: (25 – 40, Actor of color) A true hippie, founder and leader of the Rhythm Of Life Church. A spiritual, enigmatic but laid back kind of guy. Must be a strong dancer.

Female/Male ensemble: (25 – 40, Any ethnicity) Strong performers who can play multiple featured roles with ease. Must sing well and be very strong dancers.


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Book by Jeffrey Lane
Music and Lyrics by David Yazbek
Director/Choreographer: Mark Martino
Rehearsals begin on December 22, 2020
Opening is January 14, 2021
Closing is January 31, 2021

Characters: (for a complete character breakdown, please go to

Lawrence Jameson: (late 40’s-50) The French Riviera’s classiest con man…elegant, erudite, stylish, British, and hugely successful. Able to charm the jewelry (not to mention the gowns) off of the world’s wealthiest women by “giving them what they want”. Seeking an incredibly charismatic leading man who has it all: classic good looks, gorgeous voice, graceful dance skills, and the acting and comic chops to go from impeccably suave to outrageously silly and keep us charmed the entire time. Tenor; vocal range: G2-Bb4

Freddy Benson: (early 30’s) the attractive American interloper who crashes Jameson’s heretofore private party. Nakedly ambitious, aggressively loud, hilariously crude, small time con man who relies on street smarts and sob stories to make his pitch. Seeking a fearlessly funny young leading man who can pull out all the stops: sing a power ballad, rap like a white boy, pull off outrageous characters and physical comedy…and still endear himself to us. Tenor; vocal range: A2-B4

Andre Thibault: (40’s) wry, sophisticated, opinionated, “oh-so French” chief of police. Andre is Lawrence’s right hand man and voice of reason…practical and unflappable until love unexpectedly comes his way. Seeking a comic singing actor with flair and panache, who is also a surprisingly tender song and dance man. Baritenor; vocal range: F2-F4

Muriel Eubanks: (early 40’s) an extremely wealthy, attractive American …quirky, funny, gullible, and utterly sincere as she willingly succumbs to the thrilling charm of Jameson and later to a surprising and touching romance with Andre. Seeking a glamorous comic leading lady with amazing vocal stylings who dances with style and grace. Alto; vocal range: E3-C5

Christine Colgate: (late 20’s-early 30’s) “The American Soap Queen” – the clumsily exuberant, ingratiatingly excited, seemingly innocent heiress from Ohio who becomes the intended victim of Jameson and Freddy’s con. Christine is, however, far more than she seems…as she surprises the guys (and the audience) by revealing herself to be the legendary con “man” – The Jackel. Seeking a compelling comic actress with amazing vocal chops…able to convince us she’s an innocent broad falling hard for a guy in a wheelchair and then able to provide a totally delightful shock as she reveals she’s been turning the wheels all along! Mezzo-Soprano; vocal range: A3-F#5

Jolene Oakes: (early 30’s) “The Princess of Petroleum” – the luridly wealthy, frequently married, deliciously vulgar Oklahoma oil heiress. Seeking a true triple threat comic actress – an amazing dancer who belts out a song with guts and gusto and has the comic chops to make Jolene as funny as she is obnoxious. Mezzo-Alto; vocal range: A3-D5

Male and female ensemble (25-35) sexy, stylish, triple threat dancer/singer/actors to bring the upscale heat to the Riviera, and the hillbilly funny to Oklahoma. Excellent dancers who sing very well to play the gorgeous socialites, the haughty hotel managers, the naughty French maids, the scheming hotel staff, the hot disco dancers, the bikini clad beach-goers, the Greek magnates, etc. who make the world of the Riviera irresistibly fun, and undeniably hot!


Good People
by David Lindsay-Abaire
Directed by J. Barry Lewis
Rehearsals begin on January 26, 2021
Opening is February 18, 2021
Closing is February 28, 2021

Characters: (for a complete character breakdown, please go to

All characters, except for Kate, have strong South Boston accents.

Margaret: 40’s; Working class with a tough veneer, single mother of an adult child with challenges. Has a wicked and biting sense of humor. Currently down on her luck, desperately trying to survive her hard luck. Refuses to be a victim but struggles with the reality of her life.

Stevie: late 20’s; Store manager, son of Margaret’s old high-school friend. Self-assured, working class, practical, responsible and kind.

Dottie: 50’s to 60’s; Older Landlady to Margaret, crafty, self-satisfied, manipulative. Working-class mother, often opportunistic

Jean: 40’s; Best friend to Margaret. Protective, loud, pushy, working class. Very direct. Great sense of humor, in spite of everything.

Mike: 40’s; Originally from south Boston, Mike “got out” by going to Medical School and becoming a successful doctor. Wealthy, but often defensive of his background. Guarded, yet proud.

Kate: 30’s, African American. Wife to Mike. Gracious, protective mother, wealthy, comfortable in her surroundings. Proud, dignified and kind.


Sunset Boulevard
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Book and Lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton
Based on the Billy Wilder film
Director/Choreographer: Marcia Milgrom Dodge
Rehearsals begin on February 16, 2021
Opening is March 11, 2021
Closing is March 28, 2021

Characters: (for a complete character breakdown, please go to

Norma Desmond, 50s, a faded, eccentric, former silent screen star who lives in her deluded past; Vocal range: Belter (F3-Eb5) ability to sing difficult rhythms.

Joe Gillis, 30s, a jaded Hollywood screenwriter; voice of sarcasm; Vocal range: Baritone/Tenor (A2- G4) with a solid G.

Max von Mayerling, 60s, Norma’s first husband & now her butler and chauffer; German in speech and action; Vocal range: Baritone (G2-G4) with a solid top.

Betty Schaefer, 20s, A naive fresh-off-the-bus romantic budding writer; still believes in the Hollywood dream; Joe’s love interest; Vocal range: Mezzo Soprano with a good mix (G3-G5)

Cecil B. DeMille, 60s, the famous director; highly admired; Vocal range: Bass/Baritone (Ab2-Db4)

Artie Green, 20s Betty’s fiancé and Joe’s friend; overworked assistant director; Vocal range: Tenor (C3-G4)

Ensemble (Assignments Subject To Change): The Ensemble provides commentary on the “Hollywood Situation” throughout the story. All must sing, act and move well. Ensemble play everything from studio employees to Hollywood hopefuls to movie stars. Seeking all body types and ethnicities. Age Range: 25-50

5 Female-Identifying Ensemble; Soprano (at least 1 woman with an Ab5+); Mezzo; Alto W1/Joanna, A Writer; Dresser; Beautician; Journalist W2/Mary, An Actress; Dresser; Hedy Lamar (stand-in); Astrologer; Reporter/Photographer
W3/Lisa, An Actress; Jean, a waitress; Hedy Lamar (Delilah); Beautician; Reporter/Photographer W4/Heather, DeMille’s Assistant; Analyst; Reporter; Photographer W5 Wardrobe Lady; Larissa; Makeup Woman; Doctor; Reporter

7 Male-Identifying Ensemble: Tenor (Ab4+); Tenor 2; Baritone; Bass MAN 1/ Myron (Joe’s self-serving Agent); Policeman; Salesman; Jones; Photographer MAN 2 Policeman; Sammy; Sandy; Salesman; Director of Photography MAN 3/Baritone (C3-F4)/Sheldrake (Head of script development at Paramount); Sandy; Salesman; Guard, Policeman; Actor MAN 4/ Morino (Joe’s Agent); Policeman; Daniel; Salesman; Extra; Victor Mature (Samson); Masseuse MAN 5 Policeman; Lighting technician; Cliff; Glenn; Salesman; Cameraman; Masseuse MAN 6 Policeman; Finance Man; Adam; John; Salesman; Victor Mature (stand-in); Beautician MAN 7/ Tenor (C3-G4)/Mr. Manfred (Manager of high- end men’s store); John; Hog-Eye (Elderly guard); Policeman; Finance man; Actor/J.J. _________________________________________________________________________________ ___

Maltz Jupiter Theatre is committed to equal opportunity employment and a flexible, non-traditional casting policy. “Non-traditional casting” is defined as the casting of ethnic minorities, senior actors, female actors, or actors with disabilities in roles where race, ethnicity, age, sex or ability is not germane

Please email your completed submission (including a link to your audition video and requested information mentioned above) to [email protected] by Thursday, May 14, 2020. Please mail a hard copy of your headshot and resume to: Kristen Kesonen c/o Maltz Jupiter Theatre 1001 E. Indiantown Rd. Jupiter, FL 33477

Deadline: 05/14/2020

[email protected]