Man Cave – Equity Video Submissions (Deadline 05.13.20)

Page 73 Productions
Brooklyn, NY

Job Details



$580/ wk minimum

Written by John J. Caswell, Jr.
Directed by Taylor Reynolds
Produced by Page 73 Productions at the Connelly Theater
Artistic Director: Michael Walkup
Managing Director: Amanda Feldman
Casting Director: Taylor Williams (will view video submissions)

First Rehearsal: August 11, 2020
Tech: Sept 1-6, 2020
First preview: Sept 8, 2020
Opening: Sept 18, 2020
Closing: October 10, 2020

NOTE: While we hope to proceed with the production as scheduled, we are carefully watching the government’s allowances in regard to gathering and will make appropriate decisions accordingly. As always, we echo and support AEA’s commitment to a safe working environment

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Due to COVID-19 and Social Distancing Efforts, accepting Video Submission Auditions in lieu of live EPAs in NYC.

Seeking Video Submissions from Equity members only.

Also seeking a PSM and an ASM. See separate notice for info.


Imaculada has gathered her friends in the fortress-like mansion belonging to her absent employer, a wealthy Republican Congressman living high on a hill in Sedona, Arizona. Together they convert his luxurious basement MAN CAVE into their own spiritual war room and protective sanctuary from the violence of men, both real and supernatural.


LUPITA – 35-40, she/her/hers OR they/them/theirs. Latinx. Butch and bullish, caring and protective. Charismatic, outspoken, unfiltered. Practices tough love. Speaks Spanish and English fluently.

ROSEMARY – 20-30, she/her/hers. First-generation Mexican-American with immigrant mother. An old soul who makes deep-rooted decisions quickly. Extremely well-read. Very stubborn with righteous morals. Spiritual, commanding, and fearless. (Also voices a 16-year old girl via intercom.)

IMACULADA – Late 40’s-Late 50’s, she/her/hers. Mexican-American. Cautious, motherly, accommodating but carries herself with a strong sense of authority and is always in control. Maintains the peace; wholesome, loving nature. A live-in housekeeper. Recently lost substantial weight. Speaks Spanish and English fluently.

CONSUELO (CAST) – THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST AND WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY SEEKING SUBMISSIONS FOR THIS ROLE. 60’s, she/her/hers. Carries pride and wisdom. Undocumented Mexican immigrant. Rosemary’s mother. Very pronounced Mexican dialect when speaking English. Speaks Spanish and English fluently

AUDITION INSTRUCTIONS: Audition material can be found via this dropbox link:

Sides are provided for the three roles we are casting. Please send tapes via a downloadable link to [email protected] . Please include your headshot and resume in the email and put “MAN CAVE CASTING” in the subject line. Submission deadline is 5/13/2020.

Deadline: 05/13/2020

[email protected]