Repertory Theatre of St. Louis 2020-21 Season – Equity Video Submission (Deadline 05.11.20)

Repertory Theatre of St Louis
St. Louis , MO

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LORT Non-Rep
LORT B $969, LORT D $717 per week minimums.

Associate Artistic Director, Amelia Acosta Powell

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Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

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Loretto-Hilton Center Virginia Jackson Browning
Theatre – LORT B
1st Rehearsal: 8/4/20
1st Preview: 9/4/20
Open: 9/11/20
Close: 10/2/20

SEYMOUR KRELBORN: (he/him, any race/ethnicity, 20s-early 30s) a nerdy underdog hero who works at Mushnik’s flower shop. His discovery of a carnivorous alien plant changes everything. Strong comedic chops; bari-tenor; vocal range: A2-G4, equally comfortable with musical theatre and contemporary rock vocals.

AUDREY: (she/her, any race/ethnicity, 20s-early 30s) a nice girl with low self-esteem who has fallen for the bad boy; she has a vision for a better future. Vocal range: G#3-D5; soprano with strong rock mix/belt.

MUSHNIK: (he/him, any race/ethnicity, 50s-early 60s) small business owner of a failing Skid Row flower shop and Seymour’s boss; the opportunity of Seymour’s newly discovered plant makes him greedy for fame and recognition. Baritone; vocal range: G2-F4.

ORIN SCRIVELLO D.D.S: (he/him, any race/ethnicity, 30s-early 40s) a sadistic dentist and Audrey’s abusive boyfriend. This actor also plays other roles, and should be transformative with strong comedic chops; vocal range: bass or bari-tenor.

AUDREY II: (any race/gender/ethnicity, any age) The voice of a villainous alien plant in Seymour’s care, manipulative and clever. Vocal range: G2-G4 with a funky R&B style.

CRYSTAL, RONNETTE and CHIFFON: (she/her, any race/ethnicity, 20s-40s) our musical guides through the evening – omniscient narrators with R&B girl group energy (think The Supremes or the muses of Disney’s Hercules). Vocal ranges: low alto to belt soprano, strong R&B style.

HIR by Taylor Mac
Emerson Studio Theatre – LORT D
1st Rehearsal: 8/25/20
1st Preview: 9/25/20
Open: 10/2/20
Close: 10/18/20

ISAAC CONNOR (he/him, 20s, White) Recently returned from the frontlines in Afghanistan, Isaac grapples with PTSD. Cisgender son of Paige and Arnold, sibling to Max. When he left, his home was abusive but “normal.” Now that he has returned, everything seems to have transformed.

PAIGE CONNOR (she/her, 50s, White) Cisgender mother to Max and Isaac, married to Arnold. Having spent her adult life under the thumb of her abusive husband, she now finds himself care-taker to him in his illness and she is drunk with the power that entails.

MAX CONNOR (ze/hir, 20s to play 17, White) Transgender child of Paige and Arnold, sibling to Isaac. Max’s transition has coincided with a paradigm shift in the household, and ze stirs the pot regularly. Seeking an actor who was assigned Female at birth and currently identifies as transgender or gender- queer.

ARNOLD CONNOR (he/him, 50s-60s, White) Cisgender father to Isaac and Max and husband to Paige. Previously an angry man, he recently had a stroke, which reduced him to basic functions: eat, sleep. His emotions are at the surface and he can transition from complete joy to complete sadness in an instant.

TOP OF THE WORLD by Catherine Butterfield Berges
Theatre – LORT B
1st Rehearsal: 9/8/20
1st Preview: 10/9/20
Open: 10/16/20
Close: 11/1/20

BRENDAN MURRAY: (he/him, any race/ethnicity, early 40s) The Executive Producer of a crime TV show. The kind of guy who inspires confidence. He is dealing with the aftermath of his wife, Suzanne, committing suicide and he starts to spiral down memory lane, trying to put the pieces together of why she made this decision.

CHERI: (she/her, any race/ethnicity, early 40’s) Brendan’s sister. She is a large woman with a large personality. After Suzanne’s passing, she steps in to help take care of Brenden and his kids.

ETHAN CHIVERS: (he/him, African-American, late 30’s-40’s) Brendan’s Co-Executive. While Brenden is grieving, Ethan takes lead at the studio to make sure that the show is still running accordingly.

SUZANNE MURRAY: (she/her, any race/ethnicity, late 30’s-early 40’s) Brendan’s wife; a teacher and aspiring novelist. We see Suzanne in memory sequences that occur before her suicide.

RUTH: (she/her, any race/ethnicity, late 60’s) Suzanne’s mother. She is an impeccably groomed, imposing woman who is not holding up well after her daughter’s passing and has her suspicions about Brendan.

COP #1: (he/him, any race/ethnicity, 30’s-40’s) Also plays PASTOR JULIAN, a pastor at a local church, and WAITER 2.

COP #2: (she/her, any ethnicity, 30’s-40’s) also plays PAM, a member of the church, WAITER 1 and JULIE WEINTRAUB, a TV executive who went to college with Brendan.

THE GREAT LEAP by Lauren Yee
Loretto-Hilton Center Virginia Jackson Browning
Theatre – LORT B
1st Rehearsal: 9/29/20
1st Preview: 10/30/20
Open: 11/6/20
Close: 11/22/20

MANFORD (he/him, Chinese American, 20s to play 17) Intense, scrappy, runs into trouble, attacks the rim, with a ruthless crossover. Not tall. More Allen Iverson than Jeremy Lin.

CONNIE (she/her, Chinese American, mid 20s) Manford’s cousin and UC berkeley grad student. Level-headed, big picture. A Chris Paul/Klay Thompson type.

WEN CHANG (he/him, Chinese, early-mid 40s) The coach of Beijing University’s men’s basketball team. Observant, efficient, politically savvy. Favors three pointers over aggressive inside shots. Tim Duncan would appreciate his energy. (His english is formal, but relatively unaccented.)

SAUL: (he/him, Jewish American, early 50s) The coach of University of San Francisco’s men’s basketball team. A shit-talking, shot-blocking, washed up Larry Bird.

A Christmas Carol adapted by Michael Wilson from the book by Charles Dickens
Loretto-Hilton Center Virginia Jackson Browning
Theatre – LORT B
Directed by Hana S. Sharif
1st Rehearsal: 11/3/20
1st Preview: 12/4/20
Open: 12/11/20
Close: 12/30/20

EBENEEZER SCROOGE (he/him, 50s-60s, any race/ethnicity) The miserly, grumpy owner of Scrooge and Marley’s, an accounting office.

JACOB MARLEY (he/him, 40s-50s, any race/ethnicity) The ghost of Scrooge’s deceased business partner; he returns on Christmas Eve to warn Scrooge of what the future could hold. Doubles with Mrs. Dilber, Scrooge’s housekeeper.

BOB CRATCHIT (he/him, 30s-40s, any race/ethnicity) Hardworking, kind-hearted clerk to Scrooge. Though he and his family live in poverty, they are good people who value love and charity.

FRED (he/him, 20s-30s, any race/ethnicity) Scrooge’s nephew. Unfailingly cheerful and generous, each year he tries to invite Scrooge to his holiday festivities. Doubles with Scrooge at 30.

MR. FEZZIWIG (he/him, 40s-50s, any race/ethnicity) A jolly merchant under whom Scrooge apprenticed as a young man; he was renowned for his wonderful Christmas parties. Doubles with First Solicitor and Undertaker.

SECOND SOLICITOR (any gender, any age, any race/ethnicity) A visitor to Scrooge’s office seeking charitable contributions.

SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS PAST (she/her, any age, any race/ethnicity) An apparition who takes Scrooge on a tour of previous Christmases. Doubles with Bettye Pidgeon, a doll vendor, and Old Josie, who runs a sweatshop by the shipyards.

SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT (he/him, any age, any race/ethnicity) A majestic apparition who guides Scrooge through visits of his acquaintances’ Christmas celebrations. Doubles with Bert, a fruit vendor.

SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS FUTURE (he/him, any age, any race/ethnicity) A silent phantom who shows Scrooge an ominous vision of his demise. Doubles with Mr. Marvel, a watchworks venor.

MRS. FEZZIWIG (she/her, 30s-50s, any race/ehtnicity) Wife of Mr. Fezziwig, she is a jovial woman. Doubles with Mrs. Cratchit, Bob Crachit’s wife who is humble and kind.

BELLE (she/her, 20s-30s, any race/ethnicity) A lovely woman that Scrooge was in love with as a young man, but she broke off their engagement as he became increasingly greedy. Doubles with Fred’s Wife.

FRED’S SISTER IN LAW (she/her, 20s, any race/ethnicity) A guest at Fred’s Christmas, she is admired by Mr. Topper. Doubles with Beggar Woman.

ENSEMBLE (any gender, any age, any race/ethnicity) Various party guests, ghostly apparitions, etc. Singing skill required.

THE GRADIENT by Steph Del Rosso
Emerson Studio Theatre – LORT D
1st Rehearsal: 8/25/20
1st Preview: 9/25/20
Open: 10/2/20
Close: 10/18/20

TESS (she/her, late 20s-early 30s, any race/ethnicity) New to the job at The Gradient. Kind, eager. Believes in logic and systems. Wants to excel at her new job.

NATALIA (she/her, mid-late 30’s, any race/ethnicity) Old hat at the job at The Gradient. Confident, intimidating, professional. Co-founder of The Gradient.

JACKSON (he/him, 30s-40s, any race/ethnicity) A client at The Gradient. Type of person who normally gets cast as the romantic lead. Patient at the Gradient. Charming. Seductive. Tech CEO.

LOUIS (he/shim, 30s-40s, any race/ethnicity) An ally. Also works at The Gradient. Goofy. Friendly and warm to Tess.

CLIENTS 1-8 (he/him, 20s-40s, any race/ethnicity) Actor plays a montage of men. Ivy League Douche, surfer bro, tough dude, distinguished older gentleman, Mr. Nice Guy, etc. Physically and vocally transformative.

NATIVE GARDENS by Karen Zacarias
Loretto-Hilton Center Virginia Jackson
Browning Theatre – LORT B
1st Rehearsal: 12/15/21
1st Preview: 1/15/21
Open: 1/22/21
Close: 2/14/21

TANIA DEL VALLE (she/her, late 20s-early 30s, Latina) A doctoral candidate from New Mexico who just moved into the neighborhood, and is excited to plant a native garden. Smart, energetic, and friendly. Firm in her values and not afraid of confrontation. She is also pregnant.

PABLO DEL VALLE: (he/him, early 30s, Latino) Smart, ambitious lawyer from Chile; Tanya’s husband. He is striving to make partner, even if that means assimilating. Generally tolerant, he will go with the flow, but his new neighbors push him over the edge.

VIRGINIA BUTLEY: (she/her, 50s-60s, White) An executive working for a large defense contractor in the D.C. area. Polite and civil, but deeply set in her ways. Prone to committing microaggressions…and macroaggressions.

FRANK BUTLEY: (he/him, 50s-60s, White) A soft-spoken, retiree who gets his main joy from his perfect English garden. Virginia’s husband. A traditional WASP, he is friendly but easily ruffled.

OO-BLA-DEE by Regina Taylor
Berges Theatre – LORT B
1st Rehearsal: 1/5/21
1st Preview: 2/5/21
Open: 2/12/21
Close: 3/7/21

GIN DEL SOL (she/her, 20s, African American) Saxophone player trying to find a way in a world that tries to limit ways for women. Ambitious, smart, resourceful, resilient and fierce. Strong jazz vocalist.

LULU (she/her, 20s, African American) She comes off as rough but is very sensitive. She spars with Ruby because she loves her. Percussion player. Strong jazz vocalist.

RUBY (she/her, 40s, African American) A mother who left a husband and a child behind to take to the road to follow her music. “Mama” Ruby is what band members in every city call her as she is known for her cooking- “Trying to make it feel like home.” Bass player. Strong jazz vocalist.

EVELYN (she/her, 30s-40s, African American) Leader of the band. She is fierce and brilliant. A lot of battle scars from not staying in her “place”. She is a star. Plays piano. Strong jazz vocalist.

SHORTY (he/him, 40s-50s, African American) Quick-witted. Protective of Evelyn. Would give his life for her. Manager of the band. Strong jazz vocalist.

ARTHUR/SOLDIERS (he/him, 20s-30s, African American) Arthur is an idyllic, romantic, hero. A soldier recently returned from battle, he longs for the woman he left behind and he is rigid in his views of the roles of men and women. Strong jazz vocalist.

LUNA C (she/her, 20s-40s, African American): An Elegba Orisha. She is the director of this story. She is controlling the retelling of a tale but has no control of its outcome which has already been written. She sometimes steps into the story telling to become different characters – Gin’s Mother, Bette Davis, and others. Strong jazz vocalist – think Billie Holiday.

BEATBOXER/FOLEY (he/him, any age, African American) A Shango Orisha. Shango is a warrior who rules over lighting, thunder, fire, the drums and dance. A killer beatboxer.

MOBY DICK adapted by David Catlin from the book by Herman Melville
Loretto-Hilton Center Virginia Jackson Browning Theatre – LORT B
1st Rehearsal: 2/9/21
1st Preview: 3/12/21
Open: 3/19/21
Close: 4/11/21
No roles available.

MLIMA’S TALE by Lynn Nottage
Emerson Studio Theatre – LORT D
1st Rehearsal: 2/23/21
1st Preview: 3/26/21
Open: 4/2/21
Close: 4/18/21

MLIMA (he/him, any age, African or African American) An African bull elephant. His name means “the mountain.” Old and clever, a wanderer, a warrior. Hunted for his majestic tusks. The character of Mlima does not have any spoken language. The performer must be a very strong dancer and physical storyteller – expressive, fluid, and athletic.

PLAYER 1, PLAYER 2 AND PLAYER 3 (any gender, any age, various races/ethnicities) Seeking actors who are physically and vocally transformative. Must be strong movers. The players portray the following characters:

Rahman: A Somali poacher. Nervous and green.
Geedi: A Somali poacher. Experienced and proud, honorable in his own eyes.
Githinji: Chief of Police. Sees everything, and how it can most benefit him.
Wamwara: Regional Warden. Takes his responsibilities to heart.
Andrew Graves: Director of Wildlife. Wants to do the right thing, without having to try too hard. Guoxi Fu: A Chinese diplomat. A collector. Happy to benefit from his position.
Hassan Abdulla: A Tanzanian trader. Skittish, but with an eye on the greatest profit.
Aziz Muhammed: A merchant. Comfortable and cautious.
Captain Ramaaker: An American ship captain. By-the-books, except under pressure.
Jim Baxter: Chief Mate. An opportunist.
Hua Huynh: A Vietnamese customs officer. Watchful and disinterested.
Thuy Fan: A Vietnamese trader. Easygoing. Enjoys winning.
Master Yee: A master ivory carver. An artist. Doesn’t ask questions.
Alice Ying: A Chinese woman. Nouveau riche. Eager to have the best and show it off.
Mr. Cheung: An ivory salesman. Has a flair for the big sale.
Hong Feng: A businessman. A little self-righteous.
Li Jun: A businessman. A gossip.

EMAIL a headshot and resume to [email protected] subject line “2021 EPAs” with a link to your video. Please submit up to 3 minutes of material – either a monologue (contemporary only please), song (musical theatre or contemporary), or a combination thereof. Accepting submissions through Monday, May 11 2020. Submissions will be reviewed by Associate Artistic Director, Amelia Acosta Powell.

Deadline: 05/11/2020

[email protected]