Jennifer Aydin revealed her daughter lost her sense of ‘taste and smell’ while her dad experienced ‘profuse vomiting’ as they both battled COVID-19.

Just weeks after confirming she tested positive, Jennifer Aydin, 43, revealed her 12-year-old daughter Gabby and dad John also contracted the Coronavirus. “My dad had had it after. I didn’t really tell anybody that…he was hospitalized on Friday,” she told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on Friday, April 24. John, who worked as a professional jeweler, contracted the virus after being quarantined with Jennifer. “My dad was staying with me…I like having my dad with me. It just makes everything better,” she said, noting that she had him move over to her sisters’ house after she got sick. It was there that he began showing symptoms of COVID-19.

“[He had] no fever. My father’s symptoms were actually profuse vomiting,” the Real Housewives of New Jersey star explained. “He was vomiting for about 3 days straight until finally my sister said he was complaining about chest pain, so I was like, ‘Well, we can’t avoid the hospital if he’s complaining about chest pain.’ So we brought him in and sure enough he tested positive, but again, thank God, no respiratory problems,” she continued, confirming that “he’s been discharged” and back home with her and her husband, plastic surgeon Bill Aydin.

Jennifer also shared how her 12-year-old daughter Gabby is doing since she began feeling sick. “Gabby was only having symptoms of not having taste and smell, but that’s back for her,” the New Jersey native confirmed. “The [other] kids are all fine,” she added, referencing her sons Justin, 15, Jacob, 11, and Christian, 8, and youngest daughter Olivia, 7.

The Bravo star announced that she contracted the virus in a video post on April 8, which surprised her because she “never” gets sick. “I haven’t had a fever in 20 years. I am prone to migraines so I was getting this migraine and it lasted all day and night and once it lasted a second day, I was trying to tell Bill, ‘I think you should bring me home one of these tests,’ and he checked to see if I had a temperature which I did not, I was not coughing,” she explained. “It was a lot of sweating and chills and just really unexplainable sweating and chills and again the headache. I had to have a night mask on and I had to sink in my headache into a very cushiony pillow because the more cushions I had, the better,” she said, noting that she turned to “vitamin C gummies” and green tea to help her recover.

Since fighting off the virus, Jennifer confirmed she’s feeling much better. “I never had a fever. I barely had a cough,” she said. “I feel good as new…I feel great. I feel almost dangerously invincible now and now I’m betting on the theory because I’m invincible now that once you have it you’re immune to it because,” she also revealed.