Submissions for “Blood on My Mother’s Apron: A New True Crime Play”

Blood on My Mother’s Apron with the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival
New York, NY

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Playwright: Rachel Leighson
Director: Josie McAdam
Co-Producer: Ian McQueen
Festival: Broadway Bound Theatre Festival
Venue: Theatre Row: Off-Broadway

Important Dates: Festival runs August 10th-September 6th, 2020. Each show will receive three performances. 

Seeking: Submissions for actors for a new Off-Broadway true crime play. Actors must be available August 10th-September 6th. Rehearsals will be conducted via Zoom until it is deemed safe to meet in person. All auditions will take place via video submission. 

Synopsis: “Blood on My Mother’s Apron” is a true crime story based on the life of England’s most prolific female serial killer, Amelia Dyer and her daughter, Polly Dyer. As Amelia’s trial looms closer, Polly must reckon with her relationship to her mother and what it means to be her mother’s daughter. A story of family, murder, and the darker side of motherhood. 


POLLY DYER (MARY ANN PALMER): 20s-30s, female-identifying. Daughter of infamous serial killer, Amelia Dyer. Polly was the only child of Amelia Dyer to survive to adulthood. She is responsible for Amelia’s killer nickname “The Angel Maker”. When she was a child and witnessed the murders of infants by her mother’s hand, Amelia told her she was making angels for God. History is still unclear as to whether or not Polly followed in her mother’s murderous footsteps. She was arrested with a baby several years after her mother’s execution, but no charges were ever filed. Extremely intelligent, traumatized (but suppressed), untrusting. (LEAD)

CHARLOTTE CULLUM: 30s-40s, female identifying. Landlady and confidant of Polly Dyer. She and her husband, Albert Cullum, owned the Palmers’ home and lived in the same unit. She testified in the trial, but maintained to have no knowledge of Amelia’s actions prior to her arrest. Incredibly kind and affectionate, but very grounded with a hidden fiery streak. (LEAD) 

HORACE AVERY: 40s-50s, male-identifying. A renowned criminal lawyer of the late 1800s. Prosecutor in the Amelia Dyer case. Determined, brilliant, but not without compassion. (LEAD) 

AMELIA DYER: 40s-50s, female indentifying. The most prolific female serial killer in UK history. Though only convicted for two murders, she is suspected of the murder or attempted murder of over 300 infants over the course of a nearly 30 year career. She was executed by hanging after her conviction. Her crimes kickstarted the first laws to officially create a more supervised foster care system out of the remnants of baby farming. Her daughter, Polly, was her only surviving relative after two dead husbands and two dead children. (LEAD) 

HENRY SMITHWAITE: 30s-40s, male-identifying. A laborer who works on the Thames near Reading. He discovered the carpet bag holding the male and female infant victims of Amelia’s who would lead to her arrest. Testified against Amelia. Honest, hardworking, blue collar. (SUPPORTING)
Also Plays:
DR. FREDERICK LOGAN: 30s-50s, An established psychologist for the defense. Conservative, misogynistic. (SUPPORTING)
GUARD: Any age, male-identifying. Guard outside Amelia’s cell. Oddly kind. (SUPPORTING)

EVALINA EDITH MARMON: 20s, female-identifying. Mother of the female victim, Doris Marmon. A young governess who fell pregnant and farmed her baby temporarily to Amelia Dyer. Desperate for justice for her baby’s death. (SUPPORTING)
Also Plays:
DR. JAMES SCOTT: 20s-40s, An established psychologist for the prosecution. Progressive, arrogant. (SUPPORTING) 

***Additional Characters exist solely in voice over and will be covered by the actors playing the roles above:

JANE SMITH: 60s-70s, female-identifying. A fellow workhouse inmate at the same time as Amelia. Completely under Amelia’s thumb. She unwittingly assisted Amelia’s murders. Mentally unstable. Utterly devoted to Amelia.

AMELIA SARGEANT:30s-40s, female-identifying. A temporary guardian of the infant boy Amelia murdered. Straightforward.  

HAROLD PALMER: Polly and Arthur’s young, adopted son.

ARTHUR PALMER: Polly’s husband.

ALBERT CULLUM: Charlotte’s husband.


Submissions: Please submit a headshot, resume, and role you are interested in auditioning for to Please also indicate that you are comfortable with the subject matter. While there is nothing in the script that requires the actors to physically act out violence, this is a true crime play and there is graphic language regarding the murders. 

Compensation: Actors will be compensated an hourly rate for rehearsal as well as a per-show stipend for performances. 


April 13, 2020 – September 6, 2020





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