The Drowsy Chaperone – Equity Video Submissions

Atlanta Lyric Theatre
Marietta, GA

Job Details



minimum $454/ week. Contract Pending

Music and Lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison
Book by Don Martin and Bob McKellar

Watching Videos:
Director- Susan Reid
Choreographer- David Rosetti
Music Director- Bethany Okie
Artistic Director- Mary Nye Bennett

Callbacks TBA
First rehearsal: July 20, 2020
Opening: August 14, 2020
Closing: Sunday August 30, 2020

An Equity Stage Manager has already been hired for this production. To be considered for future Stage Management jobs please submit resume to Company manager, Stephanie Polhemus, will be in attendance at the audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Due to COVID-19 and Social Distancing Efforts, accepting Video Submission Auditions in lieu of in-person EPAs at the theatre in Atlanta, GA.

Seeking video submissions from Local Atlanta Equity actor/singers (who reside within 50 miles from the theatre).


**Man in Chair and Drowsy Chaperone have already been cast**

Mrs. Tottendale- The air-headed, proper, and bossy host of the wedding. Age: 50 to 60

Underling- Mrs. Tottendale’s savvy butler who is thrifty and stiff yet has an understated sense of humor. Age: 35 to 50

Robert Martin- The dashing, ever-cheerful groom; played by matinee-idol Percy Hyman. Age: 25 to 35

George- Robert’s anxious, dim-witted best man who has Robert’s best-interest always at heart. Age: 35 to 50

Feldzieg- Broadway producer who is desperate for his star to return to his show; played by Jack Adler. Age: 25 to 35

Kitty- Feldzieg’s dim-witted companion who has hopes of being a star; played by Sadie Adler. Age: 25 to 30

Gangsters- Posing as pastry chefs, this duo is intending to collect from Feldzieg; played by the vaudeville duo Tall Brothers. Age: 35 to 45

Aldolpho- European self-proclaimed “ladies man”; played by former silent movie star Roman Bartelli. Age: 35 to 45.

Janet Van De Graaf- The famous bride. Glamorous and talented star of Feldzieg’s Follies; played by rising star Jane Roberts. Age: 25 to 35

Trix The brave and brash female aviator who, by chance, is recruited to perform the wedding. Age: 30 to 40

Ensemble- Staff; Reporters, strong dancers

Submit 2 videos as requested below to following link at Airtable:

Video 1) Dance combination – which can be viewed here: AAARw2lrOuwfDT6_XybNibSEa?dl=0

Video 2) A song in the style of, or from the show.

Please slate with name, height, vocal type, tap level, song selection



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