Arena Stage 2020-21 Season – Equity Video Submission (Deadline 04.10.20)

Arena Stage
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LORT Non-Rep
LORT B+ (minimum $1,003) LORT B (minimum $969) and LORT C (minimum $873)

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Video Audition Submissions from Equity actors and singers for various roles.

All SM positions are currently filled.


Actors of all genders, backgrounds and identities are encouraged to audition. Unless specifically noted, roles are any ethnicity. Arena Stage will provide reasonable accommodations to individuals who request them in advance. Accommodation requests may include but are not limited to: Large Print Materials, Social Narratives, and ASL Interpretation. Please call 202-554-9066 with any questions.

In Association with American Conservatory Theatre By Lydia Diamond
Directed by Pam MacKinnon
First Rehearsal: 6/23/20
First Preview: 7/3/20
Opens: 7/9/20
Closes: 8/9/20


Toni Stone: CAST: (20s-30s, African American) Pitcher. Highly personable, athletic, and quirky. First female to play in the Negro League. No one will ever own her.

Auralious Alberga: CAST: (60s, African American) Half Jamaican businessman that owns everything and Toni’s eventual husband. Involved in civic matters.

Spec Beebop: CAST: (20s, African American) Short but, very smart. He seems happy with all that God did and didn’t give him.

Rufus Mcneal: CAST: (20s, African American) Pitcher/utility man. He’s never said anything bad about anyone, and he doesn’t get rattled.

Woody Smallwood: CAST: (20s, African American) Extremely competitive player. Takes great pride in being one of the best players on the team. Will do anything to be considered the best.

Jimmy Wilkes CAST: (20s, African American) The Greenest, play flashy, play hard. He loves to keep up with the Jones’.

Willie Brown: CAST: (20s, African American) Shortstop, who is pretty much in his own world where a bottle keeps him company.

Willie “Stretch” Gaines: CAST: (20s, African American) Catcher. Hands out the paychecks and report back to the white people.

King Tut: CAST: (30s, African American) Clown. A comic genius, most famous person on the team, most famous person in the Negro Leagues, some would say he an institution.

Elzie: CAST: (20s, African American) Pitcher. Popular with the ladies though the boys joke he’s compensating his sexual identity.

Millie: CAST: (Mid 30s-Late 40s, African American) Toni’s female confidant. Works at Gentlemen’s Club.

Sydney Pollack: CAST: (60s-70s) He’s the owner of the Clowns. Nice man, good heart, pays better than the other owner.

Coach Gabby: CAST: (50s) a famous catcher, then a famous coach in the Majors for over twenty years.


Music and Lyrics by Marcus Hummon
Book by Frederick Douglass, Marcus Hummon and Charles Randolph-Wright Directed by Charles Randolph-Wright
First Rehearsal: 8/4/20
First Preview: 9/3/20
Opens: 9/16/20
Closes 10/18/20

FREDERICK DOUGLASS (30s-40s, male, African American) escaped slavery to become a successful orator, abolitionist, and political reformer; storyteller; not afraid to show flaws/growth; passionate beliefs; commanding presence; the American Prophet. ROLE IS CAST

GRANDMA BETSEY (50s-70s, female, African American) Frederick’s grandmother; slave; raised Frederick; Warm, loving nature. Also plays ELIZABETH – dressmaker at the White House; plays along with Mary Todd’s shenanigans. ROLE IS CAST

ANNA MURRAY (20s-30s, female, African American) a free woman living in Baltimore; instant connection with Frederick; hospitable and devoted wife; supports Frederick and his cause. ROLE IS CAST

ESTHER (20s-30s, female, African American) A slave; beaten in front of Frederick which horrifies him. Plays others ROLE IS CAST

DEMBY (20s-40s, male, African American) A slave killed in front of Frederick by Mr. Gore; Refuses to cooperate after being whipped; knows what’s coming. Plays others ROLE IS CAST

MR GORE/PREACHER (40s, male, white) a slave owner; kills a slave in front of Frederick; preaches the word of God; a walking contradiction, normalized. Plays others. ROLE IS CAST

SOPHIA (30s, female, white) Wealthy mistress; cares for Frederick as he is sent to Baltimore by slave master; a warm, pious woman who teaches Frederick to read the Bible; ultimately sees the danger in that and becomes cold and harsh to Frederick. Also plays MARY TODD – Wife to President Lincoln; loving wife; eavesdropper; funny ROLE IS CAST

LINCOLN (40s-60s, male, white) President of the United States; A loyal friend to Frederick; against slavery; storyteller. Also plays GARRISON. ROLE IS CAST

NATE (30s- 40s, male, African American) A fellow slave along with Frederick; tells the story of what it took for Frederick to rebel against his master. Plays others ROLE IS CAST

GABE (20s-30s, male, African American) A friend of Frederick’s in Baltimore; a match maker; introduces Frederick to Anne; matter of fact with a sense of humor. Plays others ROLE IS CAST

JOHN BROWN (40s, male, white) Abolitionist; very passionate about the cause; would die for the fight. Also plays HUGH, a slaveowner who demands his wife (Sophia) not teach Frederick to read. ROLE IS CAST


by Eduardo Machado Directed by Molly Smith
First Rehearsal: n/a
First Preview: n/a
Opens: 10/9/20
Closes: 11/22/20


Fidel Castro: CAST (50s, Cuban) The leader of the Cuban revolution; charismatic and bright. Intolerant of anyone who gets in his way.

Celia Sanchez: CAST (60s, Cuban) Thin, intellectual, demanding. Organized the revolution with Fidel, fought in the Sierra Maestra with him.

Manolo Ruiz: CAST (50s, Cuban) Fought in the revolution with Fidel and Celia. He left Cuba in the early sixties when he became disillusioned with Fidel. He has been sent back repeatedly by Jimmy Carter to try to figure out a way to end the embargo. He always thinks things through and tries to be fair.

Consuelo: CAST (late 20s – early 30s, Cuban) Fidel’s protégée. Gutsy and opinionated.


Book by Terrence McNally
Music by Marc Shaiman
Lyrics by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman
Choreography by Parker Esse
Directed by Molly Smith

First Rehearsal: 9/22/2020
First Preview: 10/23/2020
Opens: 11/5/2020
Soft Close: 12/13/2020
Hard Close: 12/27/20

FRANK ABAGNALE, Jr. (20-30, male) a handsome and youthful con artist; grew up learning to disappear into another skin to avoid his problems; eventually falls in love with Brenda and desperately tries to change his ways. ROLE IS CAST

CARL HANRATTY (25-55, male) an FBI agent leading the investigation and search for Frank Jr.; a knowledgeable and habitual workaholic who idolizes the moment he catches his perp; lives a private life of loneliness and depression.

FRANK ABAGNALE, Sr. (45-65, male) Frank Jr.’s father; an inspiration when it comes to swindling; upbeat and fast-talking, he undergoes a series of progressive failures that leaves him a miserable drunk.

PAULA ABAGNALE (35-45, female) Frank Jr.’s gorgeous mother; met Frank Sr. in France, during the war, but has fallen out of love; caring and loving, with an underlying resentment toward her husband and son.

BRENDA STRONG (20-30, female) a hard-working young nurse, and initially insecure, she meets Frank Jr. after running away from a wedding; comes to trust him but his true identity clouds her feelings.

CAROL STRONG: (40-50, female) Brenda’s mother, talkative and boisterous.

ROGER STRONG (45-55, male) Brenda’s conservative father; stern and interrogatory but reveals himself to be deeply romantic.


by Pearl Cleage
Directed by Susan Booth

First Rehearsal: 11/3/20
First Preview: 11/12/20
Opens: 11/19/20
Closes: 12/20/20

ANNA CAMPBELL: (65, female, African American). Actress and performance artist; looking for a future. ROLE IS CAST

KATE: (45, female, African American). Producer; looking for a hit.
BETTY SAMSON: (65, female, African American). Manager/agent; looking for a home ROLE IS CAST

PRECIOUS ‘PETE’ WATSON: (25, female, African American). Burlesque artist; looking for a change


Book by Britta Johnson
Music by Britta Johnson
Lyrics by Britta Johnson
Choreography by Ann Yee
Music Supervisor: Lynne Shankel
Directed by Annie Tippe

First Rehearsal: 12/15/20
First Preview: 1/15/21
Opens: 1/28/21
Soft Close: 2/21/21
Hard Close: 2/28/21

ALICE CARTER: (16 years old, female). Alice is the production’s central character; strong, confused, open, and vulnerable; soprano.

KATE CARTER: (20 years old, female). Alice’s sister, Kate is away at school and glad to be so. She is intense, smart, and vegan; soprano.

BETH CARTER: (40-50, female). mother to Alice and Kate, wife to Frank – early-to-mid 40’s. Beth tries hard to be all that she thinks she should be; mother and wife – and somewhere along the way, she got a bit lost; soprano.

HANNAH: (16 years old, female). Alice’s best friend, She is funny, charming, and a bit of a wise zany; mezzo.

MS. HOPKINS: (30-40, female). Alice’s favorite teacher. Intelligent, passionate, and a bit sad; mezzo. FRANK CARTER: (40-50, male). Alice’s father, mid to late 40s, charismatic, somewhat self-involved and still loving Father. He is a Self-help Guru; bari-tenor

THE FURIES: (female). An ensemble of three women, woman in her late 30’s/40 to be part of a small ensemble. Each of the three ensemble members will play multiple roles throughout the piece. We are looking for someone with a great sense of humour to play a broad range of characters and with the facility to cover different vocal styles


by Fay & Michael Kanin
Directed by Seema Sueko

First Rehearsal: 1/5/21
First Preview: 2/5/21
Opens: 2/11/21
Closes: 3/7/21

HUSBAND: (30-40, male, East Asian) A samurai warrior, a noble man. ROLE IS CAST

WIFE: (20-40, female, East Asian) Daughter of a maidservant who married a samurai. Comic and dramatic range required. Combat experience necessary.

TAJOMARU: (20-30, male, East Asian). Infamous bandit known for doing evil, boastful, card-carrying villain. ROLE IS CAST

PRIEST: (40-60, male, East Asian). Buddhist monk. Was once an idealist but is facing a crisis after witnessing the savagery of humans to one another and themselves. ROLE IS CAST

WOODCUTTER: (25-40, male, East Asian). Seemingly innocent by-stander, appears to have accidentally stumbled into the scene of the crime. No desire to further complicate the situation at hand.

WIGMAKER: (40-60, male, East Asian). Mischievous, alert, resourceful, cynical, crass and lives in the Rashomon gate, collecting hair from corpses for wigs. Was not present at the crime or the trial and so hears everything second-hand. Physical agility required.

DEPUTY: (20-50, male, East Asian). Eager to do his job well. Bullied by Tajomaru. ROLE IS CAST

MOTHER: (40-60, female, East Asian). Mother of the Wife. A former maidservant in the Husband’s home, she did everything in her power to help her daughter marry above her social class and cherishes this accomplishment as though it were her own. ROLE IS CAST

MEDIUM: (20-60, female, East Asian). An otherworldly woman trained in the art of the afterlife. Induces a trance that summons the voice of the Husband. Must be physically agile. ROLE IS CAST


by Nathan Alan Davis
Directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian

First Rehearsal: 1/26/21
First Preview: 2/26/21
Opens: 3/11/21
Closes: 4/11/21

SOLDIER: (male, 30’s, African American) Stubborn, energetic, alert. Timeless.

VICTORIA/ VICKEY/VEE: (female, 30’s, African American) Powerful, compassionate, strategic. A shape shifter.


By August Wilson
Directed by

First Rehearsal: 3/9/21
First Preview: 4/2/21
Opens: 4/8/21
Closes: 5/2/21


Floyd Barton: CAST (20s-30s, African American) blues singer/guitarist with big aspirations and big flaws, passionate, hopeful, knows how to do the right thing for a little while, but then that little while runs out. In love with his ambition and with Vera.

Hedley: CAST (50s-60s, African American) keeps, butchers, and sells chickens, suffers from tuberculosis and possible dementia, desirous and disturbed. No one really knows his story, but we know he’s been through a lot. Lives mentally in a past and future fantasy; lives physically with Louise. Needs Ruby.

Louise: CAST (40s-50s, African American) the matriarch, doesn’t rock the boat, but issues wise warnings, knows what it is to be used up and left, a realist, uninterested in love, fed up with life and death.

Vera: CAST (20s-30s, African American) faithful, described as a true woman in character and physicality, has been given the run-around by Floyd, but continues to fall for him.

Red Carter: CAST (20s-30s, African American) Floyd’s friend and drummer, superstitious, simpler, steadier, from Alabama, likes to have a good time, but is in the middle of 7 years bad luck because he broke a mirror.

Ruby: (20s-30s. African American) Louise’s niece, stubborn, young, and fatally attractive, won’t belong to anyone, but needs someone to take care of her unborn child.

Canewell: (30s-40s, African American) Floyd’s friend and harmonica player, tired of playing second fiddle to Floyd, edgy, wary, and dissatisfied, thinks he knows best, in love with Vera.


by Craig Lucas
Directed by Molly Smith

First Rehearsal: 3/22/21
First Preview: 4/23/21
Opens: 5/5/21
Closes: 5/30/21

MARY: 30’s/40’s, female; a ghost; born to a progressive family of means; highly literate and at ease in all social milieus, playful, faithful to her ideals while maintaining a light spirit. Well-educated, articulate, powerful.

MARY’S HUSBAND: 30’s/40’s, male; a ghost; born to wealth, Ivy League educated; highly idealistic in youth, then corrupted by power. Well-educated, articulate, powerful.

PROFESSOR: 30’s/40’s, male, a ghost; maverick in his academic field, controversial, a bit of a trickster, eloquent, cryptic, flirts with danger. Well-educated, articulate, powerful.

J.: 30’s/40’s, male, a ghost; wealthy insider in the upper echelons of power; torn between a desire to be popular and an equal and opposite pull toward wanting to truly benefit mankind. Well-educated, articulate, powerful.

J’S WIFE: 30’s, female, a ghost; socialite, erudite, old school values. Well-educated, articulate, powerful.

MARY’S BEST FRIEND: 30’s/40’s, female, a ghost; poet, heiress and Bohemian. Well-educated, articulate, powerful.

NYC EPA on 3/16 was cancelled.Due to COVID-19 and Social Distancing Efforts, accepting Video Submission Auditions.

Please submit videos to by 6pm (Eastern) on Friday, April 10, 2020. • Videos should be shared via unlisted Youtube link • Attach to your email a PDF of your headshot/resume (combined in one file) • Please Prepare: a 90 second monologue, OR 32 bars of a song, OR a 60 second monologue with 16 bars of a song. No Shakespeare monologues.
Auditions may not exceed 2 minutes.

Deadline: 04/10/2020