Heartbreak County: An Original Musical – Video Submission Request

Heartbreak Country: An Original Musical
New York, NY 10032

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Bradley Adam Stein, Producer
Ramsay Burgess, Director
Payton Millet, Music Director

Two years after her roommate died by suicide and she dropped out of college, Casey has yet to move on with her life. In an effort to help her start again, Casey’s mom convinces her to attend a grief support group. There, along with a rag-tag group of mourners, she begins to pick up the pieces, open herself up to love, and ultimately, learn how to move with.

Heartbreak County will be presented as part of the New York Theatre Festival: Summerfest 2020. All shows and rehearsals will take place in Manhattan.

Note: Unitl the COVID-19 crisis is over all auditions, callbacks, and communications will be digital.
Please send your headshot, resume, and a video of a 16-32 bar cut that shows off your singing and acting ability to heartbreakmusical@gmail.com. Please make sure the video is a YouTube link (listed or unlisted). Submission deadline: April 10.

$150 Stipend- Potentially more if you or the show wins an award from the festival.


CASEY: ASIAN-AMERICAN, early 20’s. She’s brilliant and was once ambitious. The valedictorian of

her high school, she was the only person to escape her small town and attend an ivy league school. She

spent most of her life working as hard as she can, staying busy as a way to hide from her depression and

familial problems. She doesn’t want people to know she’s struggling and always find herself pushing

them away. Underneath it all, she is deeply loyal and has a lot of love to give. With the help of Hope and

the support group, she begins to confront her mental illness and finally open up. ALREADY CAST.

JILL: ASIAN-AMERICAN, 40’s-60’s. Casey’s mom. Kind and anxious, she desperately wants to

connect with Casey. She lost her husband many years ago, but has never opened up about that experience.

She is afraid of burdening others with her emotions, choosing to shove them down and convince people

she is “fine.” She can’t help but worry she will lose Casey too and the times she may appear stern or cold,

she is simply trying to protect Casey and herself from that hurt.

HOPE: ANY ETHNICITY, early 20’s. Smooth and sarcastic, she was the cool stoner in high school.

Since then, she hasn’t amounted to much, working full time at a fast food restaurant in the same small

town. She had secret ambitions to escape to the east coast and though nobody’s ever believed in her, she

hasn’t given up on those dreams. She’s been in love with Casey since high school and is one of the few

people who still sees the girl she used to be. ALREADY CAST.

BRIDGET: ANY ETHNICITY, late teens. She is serious and competitive high schooler, one of the best

track runners in the state. She hasn’t processed the recent death of her father and runs as a way to escape

from her grief. She is so consumed by her sport that she has become a loner at school and interacts more

with the older people in her support group. She has a special connection with Archie, who attends all her

track meets and acts as a surrogate father.

ARCHIE: ANY ETHNICITY, 40’s-70’s. He is the overly positive, bubbly leader of the support group.

Relentlessly positive and motivational, he encourages everyone in the group to practice self-love and care.

A walking cliché, he always knows the right (and cheesy) thing to say. He doesn’t, however, internalize

what he says and is lost when it comes to dealing with his own grief. He is there for everyone but himself.

SUE-ELLEN: ANY ETHNICITY, 20’s-70’s. Hopeful and religious, she believes that everything happens

for a reason. She finds joy in the small things like entering the lottery and seeing butterflies in the park.

She knows that everything is going to get better as long as she is patient and doesn’t give up, a mentality

that she is trying to get Randall to subscribe to. ALREADY CAST.

RANDALL: ANY ETHNICITY, 30’s-70’s. The antithesis of Sue-Ellen, Randall has no certainty that he

is ever going to feel better. Since the death of his wife, he has become a scruffy hermit, neglecting to take

care of his hygiene and mental health. He wishes people will just leave him alone so he can smoke

cigarettes and mope. Throughout the show, his rough exterior is slowly chipped away until Casey finds a

seed of hope at the center.


June 9, 2020 – July 12, 2020


$150 Stipend



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