Florida Studio Theatre 3 shows – Sarasota FL EPA (03.16.20)

Florida Studio Theatre
Sarasota, FL

Job Details


Call Type: EPA

LORT Non-Rep
LORT D (minimum salary – $717/wk), Great artistic environment, Equity Contract with competitive, negotiable salaries.

Artistic Director: Richard Hopkins
Alexa Doggett (Casting and Hiring Coordinator),
James Ashford (Casting and Hiring Associate),
Madison McAllister (Literary Intern) and
an accompanist (TBA) will all be in attendance.

Florida Studio Theatre recognizes and appreciates the benefits of diversity in the work place. People who share this belief or reflect a diverse background are encouraged to apply.

An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Equity actors and singers for 3 shows in the remainder of the 2020 season:



BUDDY – The Buddy Holly Story
By Alan Janes
Directed by Jason Cannon
Rehearsals begin: 5/12/2020
Show opens: 6/6/2020
Show closes: 6/21/20 (extension is likely)

“Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story” tells the true story of Buddy’s meteoric rise to fame, from the moment in 1957 when “That’ll Be the Day” hit the airwaves until his tragic death less than two years later on “the day the music died”. The show features over 20 of Buddy Holly’s greatest hits including “That’ll Be The Day”, “Peggy Sue”, “Everyday”, “Oh boy”, “Not Fade Away”, “Rave On” and “Raining in my Heart”, plus Ritchie Valens’ “La Bamba” and the Big Boppers “Chantilly Lace”.

BUDDY HOLLY – Appears early to mid-20s; white male. Must play the guitar, sing and act exceptionally. Buddy is a Singer-songwriter and star from Lubbock, Texas. Intelligent and charismatic, he has a flair for rock n’ roll. Preferably over 6ft.

JERRY ALLISON – Appears early to mid-20s; male. Expert drummer who can also sing and act. One of Buddy’s bandmates in The Crickets. Good looking and cheeky. Will play Ensemble characters as needed.

JOE B MAULDIN – Appears early to mid-20s; male. Plays the Double Bass in The Crickets. A serious, square young man with musical ability. Must be able to sing and act; ability to do tricks with the stand- up bass a HUGE plus. Will play Ensemble characters as needed.

BIG BOPPER – Appears 30s-40s; white male. Preferably 5’10 or taller. Must play the guitar exceptionally well. A former DJ, he is a Texan with an irrepressible, larger-than-life character and ability to command the stage on his own as a single performer. His key song is “Chantilly Lace”. Also plays Niki Sullivan (the 4th Cricket) and other Ensemble characters as needed.

VI PETTY – Appears late 20s-40s; white female. The wife of Norman with a heart of gold and a good sense of humor. Must be able to sing and act and have exceptional rock ‘n’ roll keyboards ability. Also plays Jingle Singer, Shirley, Mary Lou Sokolov and Snowbird.

MARIA ELENA – Appears early to mid-20s; Latinx female. Attractive, classy, and well-educated. Must be able to sing and act exceptionally well. Ability to play a musical instrument is a huge plus. Also plays Jingle Singer, Marlena and Snowbird.

RICHIE VALENS – Appears early to mid-20s; Latinx male. Good-looking with charisma. A dedicated eye for the ladies and the ability to hold the stage in his own right. His key song is “La Bamba.” Must be able to act and move well. Must play the guitar VERY well. Also plays Tyrone, Engineer and other Ensemble characters as needed.

HIPOCKETS DUNCAN – Appears 30s-40s; white male. An exuberant hometown radio DJ from Lubbock, Texas, with an air of authority and a keen sense of humor. Must be able to sing. Also plays: Norman Petty – late 20s-40s. A record producer from Clovis, New Mexico. A Business man with a love of music. Must be able to sing. Also plays Decca Producer, DJ at the Apollo, Murray Deutch, MC Bob Hale, and others as needed. Preferably plays a horn instrument (saxophone, trumpet, trombone, etc).

LORT D contract (minimum $717/wk)


By Deborah Brevoort Director TBA
Rehearsals begin: 6/9/2020
Show opens: 7/3/2020
Show closes: 8/2/20 (possible extension)

Presented by Florida Studio Theatre as part of a Rolling World Premiere through the National New Play Network.

“In 1937, after performing a sold-out concert in Princeton, NJ, internationally renowned singer Marian Anderson was refused a room at the whites-only Nassau Inn. With nowhere to go, Albert Einstein invites her to stay in his home, beginning an intimate friendship between two icons that lasts a lifetime. Based on actual events during a turbulent time in our nation’s history, Deborah Brevoort’s new play offers a rare glimpse into what transpired that fateful evening.”

ALBERT EINSTEIN – White and Jewish, 58. The German-born theoretical physicist who developed

the general theory of relativity. He fled Nazi Germany and settled in Princeton NJ where he was offered a position with the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton University.

MARIAN ANDERSON – African American, 41. One of the most celebrated singers of the 20th century. She performed on concert stages around the world, but suffered discrimination at home in the United States. The actress playing this role must be able to sing. Vocal type: contralto.

ABRAHAM FLEXNER – White, 60s. Head of the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton University, he recruited Einstein to be a fellow at the Institute.

MARY CHURCH TERRELL – African American, 60s – with the energy of a 30-year old. A civil rights activist and suffragist who worked tirelessly to put an end to racial prejudice. One of the early foot soldiers of the civil rights movement, she helped plan Marian Anderson’s historic concert at the Lincoln Memorial in 1939.

LORT D contract (minimum $717/wk)


By Richard Dresser
Director TBA
Rehearsals begin: 7/7/2020
Show opens: 7/31/2020
Show closes: 8/16/20 (possible extension)

“ROUNDING THIRD is the tumultuous journey of two Little League coaches through an entire season, from their first tentative meeting to the climactic championship game. The audience is the stand-in for the team, so the coaches speak directly to the audience about competition, character, punctuality, and the importance of wearing the right equipment.”

DON – Late 30s to 40s, any ethnicity. A tough, blue-collar, win-at-all-costs veteran coach whose son is the star pitcher.

MICHAEL – Late 30s to 40s, any ethnicity. A newcomer both to the town and to baseball; a corporate executive who agrees to be Don’s assistant because he wants a special activity with his son, who’s never played baseball before.


Please email Artistic Assistants Drew Norris and Madison McAllister at [email protected] to schedule an appointment time. Walk-ins will be seen as time allows, but appointments are highly preferred.



Audition Information


Florida Studio Theatre
1241 N Palm Ave
Sarasota, FL 34236-5602

Monday, March 16, 2020 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Lunch 2 to 3


1) a brief song in the style of Buddy – the Buddy Holly Story with sheet music, cuts clearly marked. or
2) 1 monologue (not to exceed 1 1/2 minutes in length). or
3) 2 brief, contrasting contemporary monologues (not to exceed 2 minutes total). or
4) a brief monologue and a brief song (not to exceed 2 minutes total).
Performing material from one of the shows is acceptable. Please also bring a photo and resume. An accompanist WILL be provided, but those auditioning for Buddy are STRONGLY encouraged to bring instruments and accompany themselves.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult