Producer seeking Production Manager for Musical Theatre Project

Production Company
New York, NY 10018

Job Details


Seeking a Production Manager to oversee an exciting musical theatre project involving several Broadway stars. Keeping details to a minimum for now as the project has not yet been publicly announced, but will be happy to share more information privately with interested candidates.

Responsibilities will include:
• Provide administrative and logistical support to Producers and production team members
• Schedule rehearsals and other appointments with artists, venues, and production team
• Oversee artist relations — serve as the primary point of contact for artists and their representatives, and primary liaison between artists and Producers
• Coordinate contracts and work with artists and production team members to fulfill contractual terms
• Create and distribute schedules, announcements, reminders, and other communications
• Serve as day-of event manager, coordinate with production team and artists to ensure everything runs smoothly on-site
• As the on-site representative, create a positive and hospitable experience for artists and other team members, and ensure that all personnel concerns are handled
• Other various tasks as delegated by Producers

The ideal candidate will be: 
• Based in NYC
• Well-versed in the business side of the New York live theatre industry
• Self-motivated and efficient at completing project-based work on your own schedule, including on evenings and weekends as needed (this may not be a good fit for someone with an inflexible full-time job, or a full-time student)
• Available for both on-site and remote work 
• Highly professional, especially in stressful situations and when handling sensitive issues
• Dedicated, enthusiastic, highly organized, detail-oriented, and able to work well under pressure / in fast-paced environments
• Able to take initiative and intuit next-steps with minimal instruction
• Outgoing, personable, hospitable, great at developing relationships
• Excellent at problem-solving
• A natural and effortless communicator. You don’t overthink it, but you also don’t under-think it. 
• Exceptionally reliable — when you commit to something, you always follow through. You never let an email slip through the cracks or go unanswered for too long.
• Fearless about handling awkward conversations and adept at diffusing tense situations
• Fluent in delivering bad news with a positive spin, and knowing how to phrase questions to get the answer you’re looking for
• Up for doing whatever needs to be done, even when it’s not glamorous
• A pro at writing efficient emails, and equally adept at knowing when picking up the phone will solve an issue more efficiently
• A quick thinker with excellent PR skills and the ability to smoothly respond to unexpected questions
• Able to start immediately

Experience in the following areas is a plus:
• Theatrical Producing / General Management
• Stage Management
• Company Management
• Artist Services
• Marketing / Publicity
• Talent Management / Representation
• Event Planning
• Social Media
• Music Recording / Production / Distribution
• Legal / Accounting / Business Services
• Arts Administration

$1,000 flat-fee for the project, plus billing credit in connection with the project.

Interested candidates should fill out the following form: 
Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview on a first-come-first-served basis.