Arena Stage and Signature Theatre (VA) 2020-21 Seasons – Arlington VA EPA (03.10.20)

Various Producers
Arlington, VA

Job Details


Call Type: EPA

LORT Non-Rep
Contracts for Signature Theatre: LORT B and D ($969, $917/wk)
Contracts for Arena Stage: LORT B+ and D ($1064, $917/week)

Personnel in attendance:
Kelly d’Amboise, Casting Director, Signature Theatre
Teresa Sapien, Casting Director, Arena Stage Jorge Acevedo, Casting Associate, Signature Theatre
Robert Hebda, Lead Monitor

An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.


Arena Stage 2020-21 Season

Actors of all genders, backgrounds and identities are encouraged to audition. Unless specifically noted, roles are any ethnicity. Arena Stage will provide reasonable accommodations to individuals who request them in advance. Accommodation requests may include but are not limited to: Large Print Materials, Social Narratives, and ASL Interpretation. Please call 202-554-9066 with any questions.

Music and Lyrics by Marcus Hummon
Book by Frederick Douglass, Marcus Hummon and Charles Randolph-Wright
Directed by Charles Randolph-Wright
First Rehearsal:6/9/2020
First Preview: 7/10/2020
Opens: 7/22/2020
Soft Close: 8/16/2020
Hard Close: 8/23/20

FREDERICK DOUGLASS (30s-40s, male, African American) escaped slavery to become a successful orator, abolitionist, and political reformer; storyteller; not afraid to show flaws/growth; passionate beliefs; commanding presence; the American Prophet. ROLE IS CAST

GRANDMA BETSEY (50s-70s, female, African American) Frederick’s grandmother; slave; raised Frederick; Warm, loving nature. Also plays ELIZABETH – dressmaker at the White House; plays along with Mary Todd’s shenanigans. ROLE IS CAST

ANNA MURRAY (20s-30s, female, African American) a free woman living in Baltimore; instant connection with Frederick; hospitable and devoted wife; supports Frederick and his cause.

ESTHER (20s-30s, female, African American) A slave; beaten in front of Frederick which horrifies him. Plays others

DEMBY (20s-40s, male, African American) A slave killed in front of Frederick by Mr. Gore; Refuses to cooperate after being whipped; knows what’s coming. Plays others

MR GORE/PREACHER (40s, male, white) a slave owner; kills a slave in front of Frederick; preaches the word of God; a walking contradiction, normalized. Plays others.

SOPHIA (30s, female, white) Wealthy mistress; cares for Frederick as he is sent to Baltimore by slave master; a warm, pious woman who teaches Frederick to read the Bible; ultimately sees the danger in that and becomes cold and harsh to Frederick. Also plays MARY TODD – Wife to President Lincoln; loving wife; eavesdropper; funny

LINCOLN (40s-60s, male, white) President of the United States; A loyal friend to Frederick; against slavery; storyteller. Also plays GARRISON. ROLE IS CAST

NATE (30s- 40s, male, African American) A fellow slave along with Frederick; tells the story of what it took for Frederick to rebel against his master. Plays others

GABE (20s-30s, male, African American) A friend of Frederick’s in Baltimore; a match maker; introduces Frederick to Anne; matter of fact with a sense of humor. Plays others ROLE IS CAST

JOHN BROWN (40s, male, white) Abolitionist; very passionate about the cause; would die for the fight. Also plays HUGH, a slaveowner who demands his wife (Sophia) not teach Frederick to read.


by Theresa Rebeck
Directed by Theresa Rebeck
First Rehearsal: 8/11/2020
First Preview: 9/11/2020
Opens: 9/24/2020
Closes: 10/18/2020

MR. STRANGE (30-50, male) good natured, good looking, good with language. The third son of a minor British earl. A provocateur. He owns a large tract of deep wood just outside a small village in rural Pennsylvania. He is a lover of nature and a real appreciator of women. Verbose, with a bit of a temper. His interests do have a sinister aspect: though he does nothing explicitly evil. In fact, Mr. Strange may or may not be the devil. Or he may or may not just be a devious neighbor who would love to have his own farm. ROLE IS CAST

FAYE (18 – mid 20s, female, white) an open-hearted young beauty. Curious, confident, not so much innocent but possessing of an innocent heart. She steps into marriage with a local landowner, completely unaware of what awaits her. She grows in ferocity, cunning, determination and power as she faces the reality of being a woman born into America in 1770. She’s a heroine if there ever were one.

MR. AMES (early 40s, male, white) wealthy and arrogant in his wealth. He means well and yearns toward the glory of the Declaration of Independence. When he realizes what independence for all might mean in terms of his own privilege, it unmoors him and he becomes increasingly dissatisfied with his wife and slaves out of fear that they might actually want to claim the rights he helped secure for his brothers in democracy. ROLE IS CAST

SUSAN LITTLE (30s-40s, female, black) a slave. She has been owned by Mr. Ames for the last 12 years. She knows who he is and how to keep him happy. She is practical, unapologetic, wise. She has a very sound relationship with Mr. Strange, to whom she turns in times of need. She learns an awful lot from him about decidedly non-traditional medication.

WILLIAM NO-SECOND-NAME (20s-30s, male, black) The second slave on Mr. Ames’ farm. He works largely in the stables. A sorrowful big heart. Yearns to find his mother and has not crumbled under the knowledge that he cannot. A figure of real hope, even as his already bad situation worsens, he never ceases to see the beauty that surrounds him.

CHASTITY (18-mid 20s, female, white) Faye’s friend. Indiscreet and uncouth. She comes from humble stock and is dissatisfied with the hand she’s been dealt. Though she begins the play as a gossiper with a bit of a smart mouth, the events of the play disturb her circumstance and elevate her status. As the world swirls around her, she stumbles out of gossipy worry and into a belief in a larger spiritual world.

MRS. HASTINGS (55, female, white) Faye’s mother. She’s proud that her daughter has caught the eye of the richest man in the county. She’s cunning and determined to maintain the bump in status Faye’s marriage brings her. She’s hard on Faye and insists that her daughter should be grateful for the physical comforts Ames provides. She relishes tradition and status and is disturbed by the changes that swarm forth with enlightenment. ROLE IS CAST


Book by Terrence McNally
Music by Marc Shaiman
Lyrics by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman
Choreography by Parker Esse
Directed by Molly Smith
First Rehearsal: 9/22/2020
First Preview: 10/23/2020
Opens: 11/5/2020
Soft Close: 12/13/2020
Hard Close: 12/27/20

FRANK ABAGNALE, Jr. (20-30, male) a handsome and youthful con artist; grew up learning to disappear into another skin to avoid his problems; eventually falls in love with Brenda and desperately tries to change his ways. ROLE IS CAST

CARL HANRATTY (25-55, male) an FBI agent leading the investigation and search for Frank Jr.; a knowledgeable and habitual workaholic who idolizes the moment he catches his perp; lives a private life of loneliness and depression.

FRANK ABAGNALE, Sr. (45-65, male) Frank Jr.’s father; an inspiration when it comes to swindling; upbeat and fast-talking, he undergoes a series of progressive failures that leaves him a miserable drunk.

PAULA ABAGNALE (35-45, female) Frank Jr.’s gorgeous mother; met Frank Sr. in France, during the war, but has fallen out of love; caring and loving, with an underlying resentment toward her husband and son.

BRENDA STRONG (20-30, female) a hard-working young nurse, and initially insecure, she meets Frank Jr. after running away from a wedding; comes to trust him but his true identity clouds her feelings.

CAROL STRONG: (40-50, female) Brenda’s mother, talkative and boisterous.

ROGER STRONG (45-55, male) Brenda’s conservative father; stern and interrogatory but reveals himself to be deeply romantic.

by Pearl Cleage
Directed by Susan Booth
First Rehearsal: 11/3/20
First Preview: 11/12/20
Opens: 11/19/20
Closes: 12/20/20

ANNA CAMPBELL: (65, female, African American). Actress and performance artist; looking for a future. ROLE IS CAST

KATE: (45, female, African American). Producer; looking for a hit.

BETTY SAMSON: (65, female, African American). Manager/agent; looking for a home ROLE IS CAST

PRECIOUS ‘PETE’ WATSON: (25, female, African American). Burlesque artist; looking for a change _________________________

by Fay & Michael Kanin
Directed by Seema Sueko
First Rehearsal: 1/5/21
First Preview: 2/5/21
Opens: 2/11/21
Closes: 3/7/21

HUSBAND: (30-40, male, East Asian) A samurai warrior, a noble man. ROLE IS CAST

WIFE: (20-40, female, East Asian) Daughter of a maidservant who married a samurai. Comic and dramatic range required. Combat experience necessary.

TAJOMARU: (20-30, male, East Asian). Infamous bandit known for doing evil, boastful, card-carrying villain. ROLE IS CAST

PRIEST: (40-60, male, East Asian). Buddhist monk. Was once an idealist but is facing a crisis after witnessing the savagery of humans to one another and themselves.

WOODCUTTER: (25-40, male, East Asian). Seemingly innocent by-stander, appears to have accidentally stumbled into the scene of the crime. No desire to further complicate the situation at hand.

WIGMAKER: (40-60, male, East Asian). Mischievous, alert, resourceful, cynical, crass and lives in the Rashomon gate, collecting hair from corpses for wigs. Was not present at the crime or the trial and so hears everything second-hand. Physical agility required.

DEPUTY: (20-50, male, East Asian). Eager to do his job well. Bullied by Tajomaru.

MOTHER: (40-60, female, East Asian). Mother of the Wife. A former maidservant in the Husband’s home, she did everything in her power to help her daughter marry above her social class and cherishes this accomplishment as though it were her own.

MEDIUM: (20-60, female, East Asian). An otherworldly woman trained in the art of the afterlife. Induces a trance that summons the voice of the Husband. Must be physically agile.


Book by Britta Johnson
Music by Britta Johnson
Lyrics by Britta Johnson
Choreography by Ann Yee
Music Supervisor: Lynne Shankel
Directed by Annie Tippe
First Rehearsal: 12/15/20
First Preview: 1/15/21
Opens: 1/28/21
Soft Close: 2/21/21
Hard Close: 2/28/21

ALICE CARTER: (16 years old, female). Alice is the production’s central character; strong, confused, open, and vulnerable; soprano.

KATE CARTER: (20 years old, female). Alice’s sister, Kate is away at school and glad to be so. She is intense, smart, and vegan; soprano.

BETH CARTER: (40-50, female). mother to Alice and Kate, wife to Frank – early-to-mid 40’s. Beth tries hard to be all that she thinks she should be; mother and wife – and somewhere along the way, she got a bit lost; soprano.

HANNAH: (16 years old, female). Alice’s best friend, She is funny, charming, and a bit of a wise zany; mezzo.

MS. HOPKINS: (30-40, female). Alice’s favorite teacher. Intelligent, passionate, and a bit sad; mezzo. FRANK CARTER: (40-50, male). Alice’s father, mid to late 40s, charismatic, somewhat self-involved and still loving Father. He is a Self-help Guru; bari-tenor

THE FURIES: (female). An ensemble of three women, woman in her late 30’s/40 to be part of a small ensemble. Each of the three ensemble members will play multiple roles throughout the piece. We are looking for someone with a great sense of humour to play a broad range of characters and with the facility to cover different vocal styles


by Nathan Alan Davis
Directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian

First Rehearsal: 1/26/21
First Preview: 2/26/21
Opens: 3/11/21
Closes: 4/11/21

SOLDIER: (male, 30’s, African American) Stubborn, energetic, alert. Timeless.

VICTORIA/ VICKEY/VEE: (female, 30’s, African American) Powerful, compassionate, strategic. A shape shifter.

by Lynn Nottage
Directed by Hana Sharif
First Rehearsal: 3/2/21
First Preview: 4/2/21
Opens: 4/8/21
Closes: 5/2/21

ERNESTINE CRUMP: (17, female, African American): She is the eldest daughter of Godfrey, a studious dreamer, maternal intelligent, stubborn, mature, self-aware, thoughtful, determined, shy, honest, and the protagonist of the story.

ERMINA CRUMP: (15, female, African American): Younger sister of Ernestine, curious, self-assured, fierce yet fragile, humorous, rebellious, out-spoken, petulant, sexually curious.

GODFREY CRUMP: (35-50, male, African American) The father of Ernestine and Ermina Crump, stoic, hardworking, warm, tender, somber, faithful, neat, devoted, meticulous, hopeful, and forgiving.

LILY ANN GREEN: (35 female, African American) Aunt, deceased mother’s sister. She is a non- conformist, drinker, liberated, intellectual, rebellious, savvy, loud, communist, passionate, smart, vivacious, bawdy, glamorous, sexually confident, genuinely loves her nieces. Actors who can sing a plus.

GERTE SHULTE: (30, female, German): German immigrant and Godfrey’s new bride. Friendly, soft yet strong, no-nonsense, direct, understanding, patient, mature.

by Craig Lucas
Directed by Molly Smith
First Rehearsal: 3/22/21
First Preview: 4/23/21
Opens: 5/5/21
Closes: 5/30/21

MARY: 30’s/40’s, female; a ghost; born to a progressive family of means; highly literate and at ease in all social milieus, playful, faithful to her ideals while maintaining a light spirit. Well-educated, articulate, powerful.

MARY’S HUSBAND: 30’s/40’s, male; a ghost; born to wealth, Ivy League educated; highly idealistic in youth, then corrupted by power. Well-educated, articulate, powerful.

PROFESSOR: 30’s/40’s, male, a ghost; maverick in his academic field, controversial, a bit of a trickster, eloquent, cryptic, flirts with danger. Well-educated, articulate, powerful.

J.: 30’s/40’s, male, a ghost; wealthy insider in the upper echelons of power; torn between a desire to be popular and an equal and opposite pull toward wanting to truly benefit mankind. Well-educated, articulate, powerful.

J’S WIFE: 30’s, female, a ghost; socialite, erudite, old school values. Well-educated, articulate, powerful.

MARY’S BEST FRIEND: 30’s/40’s, female, a ghost; poet, heiress and Bohemian. Well-educated, articulate, powerful.



Signature Theatre 2020-21 Season

By Will Snider
Directed by Matthew Gardiner
ARK Stage: LORT D scale
1st Rehearsal: July 10, 2020
Opens: August 11, 2020
Closes: September 20, 2020
Possible Extension: September 27, 2020

All parts to be understudied

Harish, a member of the minority Indian population in a small market town in Uganda, lives a modest life running a restaurant. When an openly gay Peace Corps volunteer comes to town looking for more than a meal, Harish’s comfortable routine is broken – and his life put in danger – in this simmering exploration of the limits of good intentions, the social disruption of Americans abroad and the menace that hides behind a smile.

[HARISH] Male. Age early 30s. Indian Ugandan. He is formal, clenched, literal, a curmudgeon who snaps at people and rarely smiles but has a deadpan sense of humor. Over the course of the play we watch him open up to sweetness and a smile and then close off again.

[MICHAEL] Male. Age Early 20’s. Black Ugandan. He is young, friendly, charismatic, full of jokes, but these jokes morph to menace when his back is against the wall.

[PETER] Male, Age late 20’s. White American. He is intelligent, charming, confident, passionate, direct, but he stares for too long, there’s loneliness; he can turn cold and angry, even petulant, when he perceives unfairness or doesn’t get what he wants. Role is cast.

Music & Lyrics by Richard O’Brien
Book by Richard O’Brien
Directed by Matthew Gardiner
MAX Stage: LORT B scale

1st Rehearsal: August 10, 2020
1st Performance: September 8, 2020
Closes: November 1, 2020
Possible Extension: N/A
All parts to be understudied


[FRANK ‘N’ FURTER] Doctor and master of the castle. Welcomes Janet and Brad with open arms. Obsessed with creating a man to be part of his entourage. Master of seduction.

[BRAD] Male. Bari Tenor. Age 26-35. Quirky, but very much in love with his fiancé, Janet. Overly optimistic. Role is cast.

[JANET] Female. Mezzo Soprano. Age 26-35. Good girl who is madly in love with Brad. Always seems to be frightened of something. Emotionally weak and caves into pressure easily. Role is cast.

[RIFF RAFF] High Rock Tenor. Creepy zombie-like man. Often makes harmless conversation seem awkward and foreboding. One of Frank’s servants. Role is cast.

[USHERETTE/MAGENTA] One of Frank’s servants. Mischievous and mysterious. Always appears to have something up her sleeve.

[COLUMBIA] One of Frank’s servants. Full of energy and mischief. Madly in love with Eddie. Role is cast.

[EDDIE/DR. SCOTT] Male. Baritone. Eddie, delivery man, “went to pieces.” Misses the rock and roll of life. Comes back to life only to die after his solo. Scott is Eddie’s Uncle. Scott is skeptical of Frank & the disappearance of his nephew. Role is cast.

[ROCKY] Male. Frank’s magnificent creation. Naïve and gorgeous.
[NARRATOR] Male. Non-Singing Role. Age Flexible. Follows our two heroes through their story.

[PHANTOMS] Various Singers and Dancers, from a different planet. Faithful followers of Dr. Frank. _______________________

Music & Lyrics by Mel Brooks
Book by Mel Brooks & Thomas Meehan Directed by Eric Schaeffer
MAX Stage: LORT B scale
1st Rehearsal: November 2, 2020
1st Performance: December 1, 2020 Closes: February 7, 2021
Possible Extension: N/A
All parts to be understudied


[MAX BIALYSTOCK] Male. Age 40-55. The consummate con man. Naturally animated and bombastic,
he is never at a loss for charm and manners. Larger than life. Role is cast.

[LEO BLOOM] Male. Tenor. Age 35-45. An accountant. Boring and mousy, he is a reluctant optimist who longs to be passionate about something. Lured into a con scheme by Max. Role is cast.

[FRANZ LIEBKIN] Male. Baritone. Age 35-55. German loyalist playwright. From his lederhosen to his pigeon, Adolph, his love for the motherland runs deep. Role is cast.

[ROGERS DEBRIS] Male. Baritone. Age 45-60. New York’s most famous and flamboyant stage director. Surrounds himself with deliciously beautiful clothing, people, and possessions. Stands out in a crowd. Role is cast.

[CARMEN GHIA] Male. Tenor. Age 25-35. Roger Debris’ loyal assistant. Carmen is passionate and quick to judge. Role is cast.

[ULLA INGA HANSEN BENSON YONSEN TALLEN-HALLEN SVADEN-SVANSON] Female. Mezzo- Soprano. Age 20-30. A young and hopeful actress. Though her beauty might eclipse her talent, Ulla is passionate about life and art. A clueless seductress with a big heart. Role is cast.

[ENSEMBLE] Seeking various performers to play a number of roles. All ages and vocal types. Must be strong singers, dancers, and actors. Accountants; Bavarian Peasants; Showgirls, Convicts; First Nighters; Little Old Ladies; Storm Troopers; Chorus Girls; Girl Prisoners; Usherettes.


Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Conceived by James Lapine
Directed by Eric Schaeffer
ARK Stage: LORT D scale
1st Rehearsal: October 2, 2020
1st Performance: October 27, 2020
Closes: December 27, 2020
Possible Extension: January 3, 2021

No parts to be understudied


Music, Lyrics, and
Book: Michael John LaChiusa
Directed by Matthew Gardiner
ARK Stage: LORT D scale
1st Rehearsal: January 8, 2021
1st Performance: February 2, 2021
Closes: March 28, 2021
Possible Extension: N/A

No parts to be understudied

[WHORE] Female. Alto. Age 30 -50. weary, experienced.

[SOLDIER] Male. Baritone. Age 20 -35. afraid of dying; uses the war to get sex; doubles as 1980s music video singer.

[NURSE] Female. Age 20 -39. Innocent and naïve in one scene to Dominatrix in the next; doubles as 1980s music video singer.

[COLLEGE BOY] Male. Baritone. Age 18 -25. young, curious, eager to please.

[YOUNG HOUSEWIFE] Female. Mezzo. Age 20 -30. bored, repressed, sexually unfulfilled; doubles as 1940s swing dancer.

[HUSBAND] Male. Baritone. Age 30 -59. 1950s husband, bland; closeted; doubles as 1940s swing singer.

[YOUNG THING] Male. Tenor. Age 18 -25. gay; adventurous; shallow; doubles as 1950s pop singer and 1940s swing singer.

[WRITER] Male. Tenor. Age 20 -35. artistic Filmmaker type; doubles as 1940s swing singer.

[ACTRESS] Female. Mezzo. Age 20-39. desperate, needy, vain; doubles as the Prima Donna and 1940s swing singer.

[SENATOR] Male. Baritone. Age 30 -59. authoritative, controlling, unable to love/commit.


Music & Lyrics by Dan Fogelberg
Book by Kate Atkinson & Karen Harris
Directed by TBD
MAX Stage: LORT B scale
1st Rehearsal: February 9, 2021
1st Performance: March 9
Closes: April 4, 2021
Possible Extension: April 18, 2021

All parts to be understudied

Part of the Plan – an original book scored with the music and lyrics of the late, celebrated, singer- songwriter Dan Fogelberg – follows three decades in the lives of an adopted boy and the teenaged girl of privilege who was forced to give him up. During the post-World War II boom times, the social and sexual revolution of the 1960’s, and the political upheaval of the 70’s, we follow the parallel lives of these two people who are so deeply connected, yet worlds apart. Through their journey, we recognize the power of love, loss, redemption, and fate.

[SEAN O’CONNOR] Male. Rock Tenor. Age 19-26. A lost soul, a boy struggling to become a man. Ability to play guitar a plus.

[REBECCA MORGAN] Female. Open to all vocal ranges. Age20 – 35. The daughter of Reece and Patricia. Raised a debutante but is really a free spirit/rebel instead. Artistic and romantic, Rebecca carries an early heartache throughout her life. The heroine of the piece.

[JOSIE MESSINA] Female. Age early 20s. Sean’s sweetheart, then wife. Raised in south who falls in love too easily and for all the wrong reasons.

[JAKE] Male. Open to all vocal ranges. Age 20s – 30. Caucasian. dark, sensitive and attractive, to play a character that ages from 19 to 44. Rebecca’s love and soul mate. A musician growing up in a cultural revolution. Ability to play guitar a plus.

[PRIVATE HIRSCH] Male. Open to all vocal ranges. Age 18. Caucasian. Good-natured and charming. Rebels against his hippie parents to fight in Vietnam under Sgt. Sean O’Connor. Becomes Sean’s confidante. Open to all vocal ranges.

[MALE ACTOR #1] Male. Open to all vocal ranges. Age 40s. Caucasian. Plays 2 roles: Reece Morgan – 40’s. Ivy League lawyer, handsome, accustomed to power, Rebecca’s father; and Kevin O’Connor – ages 42-60. Southern, affable, a rugged working man, Sean’s adoptive father. Southern accent required. Ability to play guitar a plus. Open to all vocal ranges.

[FEMALE ACTOR #1] Female. Open to all vocal ranges. Age 30s to early 50s. Caucasian. Plays 2 roles: Patricia Morgan –Reece’s wife, Rebecca’s mother. 38, beautiful, cold, inaccessible; and Bridget O’Connor – ages 24 to 50. Plain, simple, an Irish war bride searching for a better life finds a loveless marriage instead, Kevin’s wife and Sean’s adoptive mother. Irish accent required.

[YOUNG MALE ACTOR] Male. Open to all vocal ranges. Age 11-13. Caucasian. To play Sean as a boy; Playful and spirited. Ability to play guitar a plus.

[FEMALE ENSEMBLE #1] Female. Open to all vocal ranges. Age 20s. Latina to play Rita – late 20s, Mexicana, sensual, exotic, helps post-war Sean find his way. Mexican accent required.

[FEMALE ENSEMBLE #2] Female. Age 30s. Caucasian. Seeking a versatile actor to play several small roles, a Nurse, dancer in Mexico, swing.

[MALE ENSEMBLE #1] Male. Open to all vocal ranges. Age 30s. African American. Seeking a versatile actor to play two roles: Max — NYC Artist, hotdog and Christmas tree vendor and Rebecca’s best pal; and Jackson – one of the soldiers fighting with Sean and Hirsch in Vietnam.

[MALE ENSEMBLE #2] Male. Open to all vocal ranges. Age mid 20s – mid 30s. Latino. Seeking a versatile actor to play two roles: Jerry, a young adoption lawyer that works with Reece Morgan and Mendez — one of the soldiers fighting with Sean and Hirsch in Vietnam.

[MALE ENSEMBLE #3] Male. Open to all vocal ranges. Age mid 20s – mid 30s, Caucasian. Seeking a versatile actor to play several roles: A mariachi player, an army drill sergeant, and Andy Lee Tucker, a southern good ol’ boy who seduces Josie while Sean is at war. Southern accent required.


Music & Lyrics by Brenda Russell, Allee Willis & Stephen Bray
Book by Marsha Norman
Directed by TBD
MAX Stage: LORT B scale

1st Rehearsal: April 19, 2021
1st Performance: May 18, 2020
Closes: July 11, 2021
Possible Extension: July 18, 2021

All parts to be understudied

Based on Alice Walker’s groundbreaking, Pulitzer Prize winning novel, and the recent John Doyle- streamlined Broadway revival, the story follows the trials and triumphs of Celie – a quiet woman warrior inside an oppressively male-dominated world. Anchored by of her unshakable devotion to sister Nettie; transformed by her unlikely bond with bluesy chanteuse Shug Avery, and grounded by her unwavering devotion to God, Celie’s is an inspired journey passionately forged by will and faith.

All Characters/ Ensemble Members are African-American, and uninhibited in their soulful expressions

of self. These are country folk who shimmer with an eternally earthy and spiritual wisdom.

[CELIE] Female. Character age 14 – 40s. A radiant survivor who triumphantly journeys through a life filled with soul-reckoning challenges and emotional/physical violence. She is buoyed by a rocksolid faith in God, love and devotion for her sister Nettie, as well as the intimacy-awakening bond that she develops with Shug Avery. Role is cast.

[NETTIE] Female. Character ages 13 – 40s. Celie’s sister, and her rock. Smart, driven, and protected by circumstance. Unwaveringly devoted to her sister, she is nonetheless torn apart from her, and goes on to realize a fulfilled life in Africa, which includes serving as caretaker to Celie’s ‘lost’ children, ultimately reuniting them with their mother.

[PA] Male. Age 40s – 50s. A deeply embittered and irredeemable man and violent abuser. He is father to Celie & Nettie, as well as father to Celie’s two children whom he abducts from Celie and gives them away at birth.

[MISTER] Male. Age 30s – 50s … A deeply troubled man, as well as Celie’s husband and abuser. He is also the estranged love interest to Shug Avery for whom he still carries a torch. Eventually he is redeemed by a self-reckoning and atoning for his transgressions.

[HARPO] Male. Character ages 18 – 40s. Mister’s hapless son from his first marriage. Well intended, but often falls short due to exceedingly bad parenting by Mister. Falls deeply in love with – and is dominated by his wife Sophia, then later by his girlfriend Squeak. He eventually finds his firm footing and manhood soon after Mister’s transformation and the return of his beloved Sophia.

[SOFIA] Female. Age 20 – 40s. Harpo’s wife and Celie’s friend for life. A full-figured woman who possesses a giant personality, along with an equally expansive lust for life, and a proud sense of justice. A domineering pacifist who suffers no fools.

[SHUG AVERY] Female. Age 30s – 40s. A sultry siren and juke-joint performer who has seen better days. A former lover of Mister and a ‘good-time girl’, whose body, soul, and desire to love again is reawakened by Celie and the intimate bond they form with one another. Role is cast.

[DARLENE / Ensemble] Female. Late teen. Church lady who serves as a Greek/Gospel chorus who comments on the events of Celie’s life throughout the journey.

[DORIS / Ensemble] Female. Mature. Church lady who serves as a Greek/Gospel chorus who comments on the events of Celie’s life throughout the journey.

[JARENE / ENSEMBLE] Female. 30s. Church lady who serves as a Greek/Gospel chorus who comments on the events of Celie’s life throughout the journey.

[SQUEAK / ENSEMBLE] Female. 20s. Harpo’s devoted and fiercely protective girlfriend who serves as his great motivator. She possesses a voice that matches her name with mathematical exactness.

[PREACHER / OL MISTER / ENSEMBLE] Male. 50s/60s. The soul-stirring minister of the church / Mister’s equally misguided and misogynist father.

[BOBBY / GUARD / ENSEMBLE] Male. 20s. Celie’s handyman in her later life / the arch flunky responsible for tending to Sophia during her jail stay.

[BUSTER / GRADY / ENSEMBLE] Male 30s/40s. Sophia’s goodtime man with whom she takes up between her relationship stints with Harpo / Shug Avery’s husband whose love and devotion grounds her life and love.

[ADAM / ENSEMBLE] Male. 20s. Celie’s son raised by Nettie in Africa and reunited with his mother late in the play.

[OLIVIA / ENSEMBLE] Female 20s. Celie’s daughter raised by Nettie in Africa and reunited with her mother late in the play.

Written by: Chelsea Marcantel
Directed by TBD
1st Rehearsal: March 19, 2021
1st Performance: April 13, 2021
Closes: May 30, 2021
Possible Extension: N/A

No parts to be understudied

[YOUNG MAN]: Male. Late 20’s- Early 30s. Young, macho, “bro-y” man who, after an accident, wakes to believe that he can communicate with the dead.

[YOUNG WOMAN]: Female. Late 20’s-Early 30’s. Young Man’s more subtle and cerebral sister who sets out on a quest with his sibling to prove or disprove his newfound gift.

[NEW AGE WOMAN]: Female. 40’s- Mid 60’s. Spiritual woman who talks to trees on occasion.

No advanced appointments. AEA members seen on first come, first serve basis.



Audition Information


Signature Theatre
4200 Campbell Ave
Arlington, VA 22206-3435

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Lunch 1 to 2


Please prepare a short monologue and/or a short song. Auditions may not exceed 2 minutes total. Accompanist will be provided. Please bring two copies of your headshot and resume stapled together. Always bring your equity card to EPAs.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult