Friends Exhibition Retail Manager

Creative Goods Merchandise
New York, NY 10018

Job Details


Position Summary / Purpose

This manager works directly with the Operations Directors to assist in all matters needed at the Friends Exhibition Store. Is the point of contact for management staff and sellers. Oversees the day to day activities of the operation, ensuring all runs smoothly, both on-site and with the CG Corporate Office.


Essential Functions / Responsibilities

•       Responsible for consistent communication and information between on-site operations to CG Corporate. This includes all client needs and requests, schedule and event updates and any other detail that directly affects the day to day retail operations.

•       Required to manage staff of 20-30 people; responsible for the hiring and onboarding of staff with assistance from CG and HR; scheduling, training staff, implementing disciplinary action where necessary including making recommendations on staff terminations; handle sick calls, vacation and time off requests.

•       Visual merchandising, venue and production relations, selling, ordering, receiving and audits of inventory, daily reporting and weekly settlement, cash deposits and POS management, on site IT troubleshooting.

•       Demonstrates “the customer comes first” attitude by ongoing training and maintenance while holding shift leads and sellers accountable for delivering great customer service.

•       Coordinate between CG Corporate and Superfly Client to identify, communicate, and delegate appropriate responsibilities to retail staff to ensure smooth flow of daily operations.

•       Maintains a calm exterior presence during periods of high volume or special events.

•       Accountable for adherence to application wage and hour laws for non-exempt employees.

•       Any other task that would be deemed necessary to the success of daily operations as determined by CG Corporate. This includes adapting to ever changing protocols, event schedules and working with high profile clients.


Required Knowledge / Qualifications

•       Must be fluent in English.

•       Must have a positive attitude and the ability to adjust and acclimate to any situation or circumstance that arises and lead a team to rise up to the same level of enthusiasm.

•       Valid Driver’s License preferred.

•       Must be willing and legally able to travel throughout North America including the US and Canada.

•       Knowledge of Excel, Word, Gmail, and Square preferred.

•       Managerial experience required.

•       Ability to work well with the public and other employees, both internal and external.


Working Conditions

•       Must be able to lift and move items up to 75 lbs without assistance.

•       Must be comfortable being on your feet for 8 to 12+ hours.

•       Must be able to climb in and out of a truck from street level (with assistance of a provided ladder or steps).

•       Must be able to climb stairs.

•       Must be comfortable working in all kinds of weather conditions (snow, rain, cold, heat, etc.).

To Apply:

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DEADLINE:  Monday 3/2/2020


April 1, 2020 –



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