Nikki Sixx’s Heroin Diaries The Miraculous Survival Of A Rock Star (Nikki/Frankie Open Call)

Mungioli Theatricals
New York, NY 10036


Arnold Mungioli

Job Details


NIKKI SIXX’s HEROIN DIARIES The Miraculous Survival of a Rock Star

Non-AEA Tour Contract

(Major Cities, incl LA, San Fran, Seattle, Denver, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, etc.) 

Rate of Pay:  Scale $800 per week for Performance; $600 per week for Rehearsal & Developmental WorkShop

Housing and per diem included outside of New York. 

Producers: Randall Buck, Troika Entertainment; Allen Kovac, Eleven Seven Label Group

Creative Producer: Nicole Tongue

Book: Nikki Sixx & Todd Kreidler

Music & Lyrics: Sixx:A.M.

Additional Songs: Mötley Crüe

Director: David Esbjornson

Music Supervisors: Robert Morris & Steven Morris

Casting: Mungioli Theatricals, Inc.

Auditions begin: March 2020

Rehearsals Begin: o/a 7/28/20

Possible Developmental Incarnation (one to two weeks): Either End of May/Beginning of June OR mid-July 2020 (NYC)

Note: Based on the true story of Rock Star Nikki Sixx, who founded MÖTLEY CRÜE, plummeted into a heroin addiction, and found his way to Recovery, this story takes place in the Rock and Roll World and addresses the tragedy of the opioid crisis. We are looking for Actors and Singers with terrific Rock and Pop Voices,  who appear they would live very much in this world, and can handle dramatic book scenes with emotional depth and range — fearless, and unafraid to take risks.


NIKKI: [Late 20’s – Mid/Late 30’s, Male, Caucasian] A Sexy and Wildly Charismatic Presence — A Creator of the Eighties Rock Scene and Radiates that Intensity, Power, and Forcefulness in every way; Self made, and serious about his music — NIKKI struggles with the pressures of the music industry, personal identity and drug addiction. The famed Rock Star, NIKKI SIXX, as he appears now, and at the height of “MÖTLEY CRÜE.” Must have Gravitas, and a sense of the narrative text as poetry, as well as the Acting Chops to convey the highs and lows of drug addiction, including bottoming out to the point of death. [Please Note: A brief moment of Nudity — complete, but not full frontal –Required for this role.] Vocally: STRONG ROCK/POP TENOR [Ideally to Bb, but negotiable].

FRANKIE FERANNA: [Early-Mid 20’s, Male, Caucasian] Sexy, and Wildly Charismatic. A younger version of NIKKI, the Rock and Roll Superstar and International Music Sensation, during his rebellious teenage years — Though Younger, he is every bit as formidable and rebellious a Presence in manner and Soul, as the adult NIKKI. Must be able to express Solid Determination and Resilience, as well as extreme Vulnerability and Raw Emotion. The kid who doesn’t fit in — Rough Hewn, not popular, and not clean cut — he radiates that roughness and difference from the moment he walks in the door. Good transformational abilities and Very Strong Voice. Vocally: STRONG ROCK/POP TENOR [Ideally to Bb, but negotiable].


July 28, 2020 –


$800/ Week – performances, $600/week – rehearsals

Audition Information


March 9, 2020 at 10:00AM –


Pearl Studios, 500 Eighth Avenue, 12th Floor


Please sing a Rock song (no more than 32 bars in length).
Please have a second song prepared, in case you are asked to sing it. Bring sheet music in the correct key. Piano accompaniment will be provided. Please bring picture & resume, stapled together