Lead Teaching Artist needed in Queens

Cultural After School Adventures
Queens, NY

Job Details


Lead Teaching Artist/Director/Writer for an after-school musical theatre residency in Queens from March 5 through June 25 on Thursdays from 2:30-4:30pm for 6th-8th graders. Final performance date TBD.    The grant which provides this program is called the CASA grant (Cultural After School Adventures).  It is given to under-served NYC public schools, that do not have much (if any) arts programing – often due to budget cuts.  It’s a really fabulous grant, and most of these students don’t have any exposure to the arts besides this program.   The students all want to be there, and only a maximum of 30 are chosen out of the student applications to be a part of the program.   This position is for the Lead Teaching Artist/Director/Writer.  The Lead TA/Director and the Music Director will collaborate together – with the director focusing more on the acting/improvisation/blocking/choreography/script, and the music director focusing more on the music/vocal/lyrics.  Both work together with the students to teach theatre skills, and guide them through workshopping and developing a 20 minute piece on a theme (which will be provided).  The piece would include scenes (developed through improv, exercises, and writing) interwoven with songs (often already existing songs which are chosen by the teaching artists, and may also include original songs developed by the teaching artists and students).  The music director also does basic vocal training, breath support, and other vocal/physical exercises with the students in the process of learning the songs.

Each of the after school sessions pays $50 per hour PLUS a $25 prep fee for every time traveling out to the school (which may be used for prep, travel, food, etc.). So, for each 2 hour session, the pay would be $125. Additional hours paid for the performances.     


March 5, 2020 – June 25, 2020



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