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Seeking actors for the Secret Theatre’s upcoming queer production of Othello. We are seeking a cast of LGBTQ performers of all races, genders, sexualities, and cultures to participate. In this Othello, Iago and Othello’s army is a queer militia of freedom fighters. Othello is a woman, and Iago outwardly demonstrates every support for her leadership and her marriage to Desdemona while privately plotting to maintain his privilege and power within the insurrection. This production will use Shakespeare’s work to examine gatekeeping power and performative allyship in the queer community.


Auditions will be Thursday, Feb. 20 and Friday, Feb. 21 6 pm-10 pm. Please prepare a one-minute dramatic, heightened text monologue (please disregard intended gender roles when selecting monologues). Please email your headshot and resume to [email protected] to book an audition slot.


Performances will be March 19-29 at the Secret Theatre in Long Island City. Rehearsals will be at the Secret or The Factory LIC. AEA Showcase; $100 stipend for non-equity actors, $200 for equity actors.




OTHELLO: Female character, 20s-early 30s. Seeking a Black, female actor. Othello is a strong, capable general of the queer militia. Her eloquence and intelligence has garnered her much respect from the militia as well as its enemies, though that respect is tenuous at best.Othello is under incredible pressure to be perfect so as to maintain her power.


IAGO: Male character, 28. Seeking a Caucasian, male actor. Iago is a charming and flamboyant personality and Othello’s ensign in the militia. Iago’s penchant for manipulation and destruction comes from his desire to be as powerful and important as possible. His behavior is ostensibly in the name of his “community,” though he would rather see Othello suffer so that he can take her place.


DESDEMONA: Female or non-binary character, early 20s. Seeking a female or non-binary actor of any ethnicity. Desdemona is a bright, fierce rebel that represents the love and freedom for which the militia is fighting. Her love for Othello is deep and consuming, making it difficult for her to persevere and save their marriage while Othello grows increasingly distrustful of her.


CASSIO: Male or non-binary character, early-mid 20s. Seeking male or non-binary actor of any ethnicity. Othello’s lieutenant, quite young for their position, passionate about the militia but easily distracted with various lovers of various genders. Genuinely wants Othello’s respect and admiration, though their appeals to Desdemona only increase Othello’s insecurity.


EMILIA/O: Male or non-binary character, mid-late 20s. Seeking male or non-binary actor of any ethnicity. Iago’s spouse and Desdemona’s attendant. Cynical and trepidatious, they are distrustful of their husband and looking out for Desdemona’s best interests.


RODERIGO: Male or non-binary character, 20s. Seeking a male or non-binary actor of any ethnicity. Desperate and jealous suitor of Desdemona’s that seeks Iago’s help in winning her affection. Foolish, rich, and selfish.


BIANCA: Female or non-binary character, 20s. Seeking a female or non-binary actor of any ethnicity. One of Cassio’s lovers who is growing impatient with Cassio’s wandering eye.

BRABANZIO: Male character, 40-50s. Seeking a male actor of any ethnicity. Desdemona’s father, who is shocked to hear the news of her marriage to Othello, who he very much respects.


DUKE OF VENICE: Female character, 40-50s. Seeking a female or non-binary actor of any ethnicity. Reconciles Brabanzio and Othello before sending Othello and the militia to Cyrpus.


ENSEMBLE: A queer militia unified to fight for their freedom and safety. Will include roles Montano, Lodovico, Graziano, the Clown, and others. Seeking queer actors of all ethnicities.


March 19, 2020 – March 29, 2020


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