The Public Theater of San Antonio 2020-2021 Season – San Antonio ECC Female Dancers (03.08.20)

Public Theatre of San Antonio, The
San Antonio, TX

Job Details


Call Type: ECC

Minimum – $263/wk

To be in attendance:
George Green (CEO|Artistic Director)
Courtnie Mercer (Choreographer)
Zachariah Baker (Music Director)

See breakdown.

Accepting auditions for ages 8 and older – youth roles available (Annie, A Bronx Tale The Musical). Minors are required to
provide a parent/guardian email on audition registration as well as resume. No correspondence will be made with a minor’s personal email.

An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

See breakdown.


Something Rotten!
Book by Karey Kirkpatrick and John O’Farrell
Music and Lyrics by Wayne Kirkpatrick and Karey Kirkpatrick
Rehearsals beginning August 2, 2020

An energetic and outrageous musical farce! Nick and Nigel struggle to find success in the theatrical world as they compete with the wild popularity of William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare: The Bard. Over the top with a huge ego. Gender: Male | Age: 30 to 40 | Vocal: Ab2-Ab4

Nick Bottom: A struggling writer who cannot stand Shakespeare. Nigel’s older brother. Gender: Male | Age: 30 to 40 | Vocal: A2-G4

Nigel Bottom: Nick’s sweet younger brother. A struggling writer who falls in love with Portia, a Puritan. Gender: Male | Age: 30 to 40 | Vocal: Eb3-A4

Bea: Nick’s wife. She loves Nick despite his past lack of success. She dresses up like a man to prove she can be an actor. Gender: Female | Age: 30 to 40 | Vocal: D3-D5

Portia: A Puritan woman who loves poetry, theater, and ultimately Nigel. Gender: Female | Age: 20 to 35 | Vocal: G3-F#5

Nostradamus: A soothsayer. Gender: Male | Age: 40 to 50 | Vocal: Unspecified

Brother Jeremiah: Portia’s father. A Puritan who thinks Nick and Nigel’s plays are sinful. Gender: Male | Age: Unspecified | Vocal: G3-G4

Lord Clapham: A posh patron of the theater. Gender: Male | Age: Unspecified | Vocal: Unspecified

Shylock: An investor to whom Nick and Nigel are in debt. Gender: Male | Age: Unspecified | Vocal: Unspecified
Minstrel: Gender: Male | Age: Unspecified | Vocal: C#3-A4

Ensemble: Minstrel, Townspeople, Troupe, Man Servants, Crowd, Chorus, and more.

Book by Thomas Meehan, Music by Charles Strouse,
Lyrics by Martin Charnin
Rehearsals beginning October 11, 2020

A Broadway blockbuster perfect for the holidays! Determined to find the parents who abandoned her, Annie escapes on an adventure through New York City. While charming her way into our hearts, she finds herself the perfect new family.

Annie: A street-wise orphan; she is eventually taken in by Oliver Warbucks. Spunky, friendly, big-voiced. Gender: Female | Age: 10 to 12 | Vocal: A3-G5

Warbucks: A successful businessman with a warm heart. Rich, stiff-collared, bullish. Gender: Male | Age: 40 to 55 | Vocal: B3-Gb5

Grace Farrell: Faithful secretary to Mr. Oliver Warbucks. Poised, sweet, gentle. Gender: Female | Age: 20 to 35 | Vocal: Bb3-G5

Orphans: The other girls in the orphanage with Annie. These girls are gritty, neglected and vulnerable, yet basically honest and potentially loveable. Includes Molly, Kate, Tessie, Pepper, July, and Duffy. Gender: Female | Age: 6 to 13 | Vocal: Unspecified

Servants: The servants at the Warbucks mansion. Includes Drake, Mrs. Pugh, Mrs. Greer, Cecille, and Annette.

Gender: Any | Age: 20 to 50 | Vocal: Unspecified

Miss Hannigan: The orphanage matron who hates children but is fond of liquor. Very disillusioned, bitter, and cold.

Gender: Female | Age: 30 to 45 | Vocal: A3- F5

Rooster: Miss Hannigan’s no-good brother looking for a quick buck. A sleazy, slick con man. Gender: Male | Age: 25 to 35 | Vocal: B3-G5

Lily: Rooster’s girlfriend, who is also out for a quick buck. She is considered to be a floozy and bimbo. Gender: Female | Age: 20 to 30 | Vocal: B3-G5

Bert Healy: The ultimate radio personality. He helps Annie by broadcasting about the search for her birth parents. Gender: Male | Age: 30 to 45 | Vocal: E4-G5

Roosevelt: The 32nd President of the United States. A Democrat and friend of Warbucks. Gender: Male | Age: 40 to 60 | Vocal: Eb3-F4

Ensemble: Servants (Drake, Mrs. Greer, Mrs. Pugh), Boylan Sisters, Cabinet Members, Hooverville Citizens. Gender: Any | Age: Unspecified | Vocal: Unspecified

Kinky Boots
Book by Harvey Fierstein
Music and Lyrics by Cyndi Lauper
Based on the Mirimax motion picture Kinky Boots
Written by Jeff Deane and Tim Firth
Rehearsals beginning December 20, 2020

A winner of six Tony Awards including Best Musical and Best Score! With help from Lola, Charlie not only saves his shoe factory, he discovers his passion and learns that we have more in common than meets the eye.

Charlie Price: A bit confused, a bit unfocused, a hero hiding under a victim’s mantle. Gender: Male | Age: 25 to 35 | Vocal: C3-B4

Young Charlie: Charlie as a seven year old boy. Lost, quiet, reflective. Gender: Male | Age: 7 to 7 | Vocal: G3-D4

Lola/Simon: A prize fighter’s physique draped in satin. A talented drag queen with a killer voice and winning ways. Gender: Male | Age: 30 to 35 | Vocal: C3-B4

Young Lola/Simon: Lola as a ten year old boy who already knows he’s destined to wear high heels. Gender: Male | Age: 10 to 10 | Vocal: G2-D4

Nicola: Charlie’s long-term girlfriend. Driven, uncompromising. Gender: Female | Age: 20 to 30 | Vocal: Bb3-F#5

Lauren: Beautiful and strong working class girl. Gender: Female | Age: 20 to 30 | Vocal: Bb3-F#5

Don: Lola’s nemesis. Burly hypermasculine bear of a factory worker. Gender: Male | Age: 20 to 40 | Vocal: C3-F4

Pat: Officious office manager who will let loose her wild side when allowed. Lola’s love interest. Gender: Female | Age: 20 to 40 | Vocal: Bb3-F#5

Trish: Factory worker with a husband and kids to worry over. Gender: Female | Age: 20 to 40 | Vocal: Bb3-D5
George: Factory manager keeping up traditions. Reserved. Gender: Male | Age: 30 to 50 | Vocal: C3-F4

The Six Angels: The drag performers who populate The Blue Angel Nightclub. This ain’t a job for no wall-flowers. Gender: Male | Age: 20 to 30 | Vocal: A4/C#5

Mr. Price: Charlie’s father. Gender: Male | Age: 50 to 80 | Vocal: Bb2-G4

Simon Sr.: Lola’s father. An unforgiving tower of anger. Gender: Male | Age: 30 to 50 | Vocal: Non-singing

Harry: A contemporary of Charlie’s but his opposite. Successful, self-aware and confident. Gender: Male | Age: 25 to 40 | Vocal: E3-C4

Richard Bailey: Nicola’s boss. An overtly attractive and successful man. Gender: Male | Age: 30 to 50 | Vocal: Non-singing

Ensemble: Hooligans, Factory Workers, Pub Patrons, Photographers, Club Patrons. Gender: Any | Age: Unspecified | Vocal: Unspecified

La Casa Azul, The Musical
Music and Lyrics by Gregory Glade
Lyrics by Kate Ayers
Rehearsals beginning February 14, 2021

A new musical! Inspired by the life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Passion and pain are transformed into creativity and beauty as this story speaks to us about the strength, fragility, and the power of the human spirit.

Frida Kahlo: An emotional, passionate, and raw voice with a large vocal range. A petite and fragile woman in appearance, but strong, confident, courageous, and stubborn in presence, with nuances of insecurity, brokenness, and desperation. A charismatic, disarming, quiet force of nature. Gender: Female | Age: 30-40 (plays age 21-47) | Voice: Alto Mezzo Soprano Belt

La Muerte (dancer): (THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST) This character is of utmost importance and is Frida’s constant companion. She appears as La Muerte in calavera face throughout the show. Strong ballet/contemporary dancer. Gender: Female | Age: Various |Vocal: Silent

Diego Rivera: A man of large stature, girth, presence, and personality. Self-absorbed and oblivious to much due to his commitment to his art and politics. A charismatic and commanding presence. Gender: Male | Age: 35-55 (plays age 36-68) | Vocal: Baritone

Cristina Kahlo: Frida’s younger sister. A quiet presence. Plays other characters in the ensemble. Gender: Female | Age: 25-35 (plays age 20-45) | Vocal: Alto

Guillermo Kahlo: Frida’s father. Caring, nurturing and proud of his children. Plays other characters in the ensemble. Gender: Male | Age: 40-55 | Vocal: Baritone/Tenor

Alejandro Gomez Arias: Frida’s boyfriend. Handsome, idealistic, political, ambitious, and a dreamer. Plays other characters in ensemble. Gender: Male | Age: 24-40 (plays age 20-50) | Vocal: Tenor

Ensemble: Towns people, city dwellers, dignitaries, dancers. Various ages, genders, vocal ranges

A Bronx Tale The Musical
Book by Chazz Palminteri
Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Glenn Slater
Based on the Play by Chazz Palminteri
Rehearsals beginning April 04, 2021

Jersey Boys meets West Side Story! This streetwise musical takes you to the stoops of the Bronx in the 1960s where a young man is caught between the father he loves and the mob boss he’d love to be. A Bronx Tale is a story about respect, loyalty, love, and above all else, family.

Ensemble Men: 7 versatile men to play Sonny’s wise-guys as well as various inhabitants of Calogero’s neighborhood. Looking for unique, authentic characters with strong voices and comedic chops. At least 1 must be a true bass-baritone , 1 must be quite heavy-set, and 1 should be a Sinatra / Bennett / Martin / Darin “song stylist”. Must move well. Gender: Male | Age: 30s/40s/50s

Doo-Wop Group: 4 guys; Calogero’s best friends. Also double as various inhabitants of Calogero’s neighborhood. EXCELLENT DANCERS and SINGERS. Gender: Male | Age: 20s/30s | Vocal: at least 1 must be a true bass-baritone; at least 1 must have a thrilling doo-wop falsetto; one must be a top-quality lead vocalist; and all four must be capable of performing tricky close-harmony arrangements

Tyrone/Ensemble: Jane’s brother, African-American, strong mover. Gender: Male | Age: 18+ to play 17 | Vocal: Excellent singer; tenor (high C)
Jesse/Ensemble: African-American, strong mover. Gender: Male | Age: 18+ to play 17 | Vocal: Excellent singer; tenor (high C)
Ensemble Women: 3 Italian girls in Calogero’s neighborhood. Beautiful, funny, tough. EXCELLENT DANCERS and SINGERS. Gender: Female | Age: 20s/30s
Denise/Ensemble: Jane’s friend, African-American, excellent dancer. Gender: Female | Age: 18+ to play 17 | Vocal: Excellent singer

Frieda/Ensemble: Jane’s friend, African-American, excellent dancer. Gender: Female | Age: 18+ to play 17 | Vocal: Excellent singer

Calogero: A young likeable Italian-American teenager. He steps in and out of narrating the show, moves well. Gender: Male | Age: 18+ to play 17 | Vocal: Excellent singer, tenor or very high baritone, with a flair for 60s rock-and-roll

Sonny: Italian. The number one man in the neighborhood. He’s the leader of the wise guys. Powerful and charismatic. Gender: Male | Age: 30s/40s | Vocal: Strong singer, full voice to G above middle C a plus, should be “at home” with stylings of Frank Sinatra / Tony Bennett / Dean Martin / Bobby Darin

Lorenzo: Italian. Calogero’s father. Strong and sympathetic. He works as a bus driver. Gender: Male | Age: 30s/40s | Vocal: Excellent tenor or high baritone; ability to express honest emotion while singing more important than vocal fireworks

Young Calogero: Calogero’s younger self, moves well. Gender: Male | Age: Child – must believably play 9 yrs. old | Vocal: Excellent singer

Rosina: Italian. Calogero’s mother. Sensible and beautiful. Gender: Female | Ages: 30s/40s | Vocal: Strong singer, warm mezzo or alto voice preferred

Jane: African-American. Calogero falls in love with her. Striking and smart, moves well. Gender: Female | Age: 18+ to play 17 | Vocal: Excellent singer; should be completely “at home” as the lead singer of a girl group.

Rock of Ages
Book by Chris D’Arienzo
Arrangements and Orchestrations by Ethan Popp
Rehearsals beginning May 30, 2021

A rock musical like no other! Sherrie has stars in her eyes and Drew dreams of making it big. As this parody takes us down the Sunset Strip, music from the hit bands Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, and more will have you jamming out with your own personal air guitar.

Drew: The young dreamer. Gender: Male | Age: 22 – 30 | Vocal: Tenor

Lonny: Our rock and roll narrator. Gender: Male | Age: 30 – 40 | Vocal: Tenor

Sherrie: She has stars in her eyes. Gender: Female | Age: 21 – 29 | Vocal: Mezzo-Soprano, Alto

Dennis Dupree:The classic bar owner. Gender: Male | Age: 35 – 50 | Vocal: Baritone

Justice Charlier: The lead lady of the Venus. Gender: Female | Age: 25 – 40 | Vocal: Mezzo-Soprano, Alto

Stacee Jaxx: The ultimate rock and roll legend. Gender: Male | Age: 25 – 40| Vocal: Tenor

Hertz Klinneman: A German developer ready to destroy the strip. Gender: Male | Age: 40 – 60 | Vocal: Baritone

Franz Klinneman: Hertz’s son. Gender: Male | Age: 22 – 35 | Vocal: Tenor

Regina: Leader of the rebellion. Gender: Female | Age: 22 – 35 | Vocal: Mezzo-Soprano, Alto

The Mayor / Ensemble: The typical politician. Gender: Male | Age: Any | Vocal: Tenor

Waitress #1 / Ensemble. Gender: Female | Age: Any | Vocal: Alto

Constance Sack / Ensemble: A reporter. Gender: Female | Age: Any | Vocal: Non-singing

Ja’Keith / Ensemble : The worst talent manager- ever. Gender: Male | Age: Any | Vocal: Tenor

Joey Primo / Ensemble: The next big thing… probably not. Gender: Male | Age: Any | Vocal: Tenor

Ensemble: Gender: Any | Age: Various | Vocal: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone


Boeing Boeing
by Marc Camoletti
Translated by Beverley Cross & Francis Evans
Rehearsals beginning September 20, 2020
A true classic door-slammer! Full of misadventures and mistaken identities, this farce tells the exploits of bachelor Bernard and his lovely female flight attendants.

Bernard: An American playboy living in Paris, Bernard is happily engaged to three different women, none of whom know about the others. Gender: Male | Age: 30-35

Gloria: An American airline stewardess from New York City, Gloria is engaged to Bernard. She is a go-getter, sexy and works for TWA. Gender: Female | Age: 25-35

Gabriella: An Italian airline stewardess, Gabriella is also engaged to Bernard. She is passionate and feisty and works for Alitalia. Gender: Female | Age: 25-35

Gretchen: A German airline stewardess, Gretchen is also engaged to Bernard. She is strong and beautiful and works for Lufthansa. Gender: Female | Age: 25-35

Berthe: Bernard’s French housekeeper, Berthe is always exhausted and exasperated. Gender: Female | Age: 30-40

Robert: An old time friend of Bernard’s from Wisconsin, Robert shows up unexpectedly at Bernard’s Paris home. Gender: Male | Age: 30-35

Last of the Boys
by Steven Dietz
Rehearsals beginning December 6, 2020

A haunting play. This is a fierce, and at times funny, drama about a friendship that ends and a battle that doesn’t. The ghosts that appear are in many ways permanent residents in the bodies and psyches of those who fought in the Vietnam War, as well as those who became its indirect casualties.

Ben: A strong, self-determined vet that hides his pain. Gender: Male | Age: 50-60

Jeeter: A vet that embraced his freedoms and lives care-free (or so it seems). Gender: Male | Age 50-60

Salyer: Jeeter’s young girlfriend – she has a secret. Gender: Female | Age: 25- 30

Lorraine: Salyer’s mother. Gender: Female | Age: 45-50

by Lyle Kessler
Rehearsals beginning January 31, 2021

A wonderful thriller filled with suspense. Two brothers, Phillip and Treat, deal with a mysteriously wealthy businessman who turns the tables on them, and in a strange, hilarious and moving way, becomes their long lost father figure.

Harold: A Chicago gangster who travels to Newark with a briefcase full of negotiable bonds and promptly gets drunk out of his mind in a tavern. Gender: Male | Age 40-50

Treat: A hot-tempered street punk, who kidnaps Harold and takes him home. Phillip’s, older brother. Gender: Male | Age: 28-35

Phillip: The younger, recluse brother suffering from a social affliction that has cause self-imprisonment. Gender: Male | Age: 16-24

Ladies Foursome
by Norm Foster
Rehearsals beginning March 28, 2021

Hit the golf course in this must see comedy! During this outrageous round of golf, four women discuss life, love, men, sex, and careers. From the opening tee off to the touching final events, we will learn the meaning of life-long bonds while finding new friendships.

Margot: She has been running a construction company for over 25 years, she loves her work so much that it cost her marriage and the relationship with her daughter, Stephanie, she is direct, funny and grounded, is in a new relationship, she is happy about it until she discovers Connie also slept with Garrett, she is not a very good golfer, she carries beer in her golf bag and drinks it at 8:30 a.m. Gender: Female | Age: 50-59

Connie: She is Connie Sajack best news anchor in the region, she loves men and men and men, she is confident about being sexy, she is the best golfer and has never lost a game in 14 years of the group playing together, for all her passion, she still mourns the death of her husband, Vic, who was the love of her life. Gender: Female | Age: 50-59

Tate: Of the original foursome, she is married to Bobby who is a vascular surgeon and provides a nice home for their 3 teenagers including Nigel with the crossed eye, Tate has been a stay at home mom for about 17 years and is now wanting something more, she enjoys her secret White Russian smoothies which helps her take the edge off each day, she dreams of owning and running a café, she is the most put together, she wears a visor to play golf, Tate is an ok golfer as she has had some lessons. Gender: Female | Age: 40-45

Dory: She is married and has 6 children aged 12 and under, she lives with her husband, Richard and children in a lodge on Arrowhead Lake–Huntsville area, she is American and learned to golf with her father, David Lakeside who golfed on the PGA tour, she is a good golfer, she met her Canadian husband while working as a singer in Las Vegas, to escape her gambling addiction, she moved with him to Ontario and has been having babies every two years. Gender: Female | Age: 38-42

References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot
By Jose Rivera
Rehearsals beginning July 18, 2021

A comedy-drama about marriage, sexuality, and war. Gabriela, the wife of career soldier Benito, dives into a surreal fantasy world during her husband’s prolonged absences and imagines the mating rituals between a coyote and a cat.

Moon: The moon in the sky, Gabriela’s friend. Gender: Male | Age: 26-35

Coyote: A wild one. Gender: Male | Age: 26-35

Cat: Gabriela’s pet. Gender: Female | Age: Unspecified

Martin: Gabriela’s neighbor, Latino. Gender: Male | Age: 14-15

Gabriela: An Army housewife, Latina. Gender: Female | Age: 25-29

Benito: Gabriela’s husband, a soldier, Latino. Gender: Male | Age: 29-34

N/A. Please sign up on day of audition



Audition Information


Public Theater of San Antonio, The
800 West Ashby Place
San Antonio, TX 78212

Sunday, March 8, 2020
9:30 AM


Dance appropriate attire. Please provide a color headshot and resume. Resumes should include a current phone number and email address.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult