Production Technician Fellowship

Atlantic Theater Company
New York, NY 10011

Job Details


Production Technician Fellow

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Production Technician Candidate will report to the Production Manager and Technical Director. Under supervision, the Technician Candidate will perform technical duties associated with production. These can include and not limited to:

·         Assist in the construction of scenery

·         Assist in the installation of lighting, sound, and video equipment

·         Assist during lighting focus and/or quiet time

·         Assist with the programming of the light board

·         Assist in the organization and maintenance of our props and costume stocks

·         Assist in the acquisition of production materials (driver’s license preferred)

·         Attend all production meetings

·         Maintain the professional appearance of the production facilities as well as public spaces

·         Other duties as assigned

As The Production Departments at all times of day, the Candidate should have the flexibility to work evenings when called upon.


                The Production Department will provide hands-on training for areas in which the Candidate is required to assist.  This will include training in Vectorworks, QLab, lighting consoles, sound boards. The Candidate will also be taught best practices regarding the construction of scenery, shop maintenance, and general production safety.


                Our ideal Candidate will have at least 60 college credits or the equivalent amount of work experience, and identify as an organized and prompt individual. The Candidate should have an interest in theater and a desire to learn the technical skills of production. Any experience in construction, sound, lighting, and crafts are a plus.


The candidate will have monthly check-ins with the Production Manager to discuss the Candidates progress with the program and gauge the candidate’s interests. From there we can look for other educational and networking opportunities to help the Candidate gain experiences that foster growth in their desired career path. 

Opportunities can include:

                Shadowing/assisting/meeting with our professional production staff.

                Visiting shops and other theater facilities in the area.

                Shadowing our department heads to learn about managing departments.         

Please email cover letter and resume to the attention of Ian Guzzone, Stage 2 Production Manager, at [email protected], subject “Production Technician Fellow”. Only those whose application is being considered will be contacted. No phone calls, please.


March 9, 2020 – August 28, 2020





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