East Asian Actor, 25 – 30, for reading Feb 12 at HERE

Untitled Theater Company No. 61
New York, NY 10025


Edward Einhorn

Job Details


Seeking an Asian-American actor from “Cathay” to play Lorenzo in a staged reading of a new play by Edward Einhorn: The Shylock and the Shakespeareans.  The young love interest for Jessica, daughter of Jacob (known to others as the Shylock)

Play description: In ancient Venice, of sorts, a mob of white supremacists calling themselves the Shakespeareans has taken over public discourse. Jacob, a Jewish diamond merchant (called Shylock as a slur), finds himself entangled with Antonio, a member of the Shakespeareans. Meanwhile, Jacob’s daughter Jessica has fallen in love with the son of Asian immigrants and faces her own battles against prejudice. And in Belmont, a young heiress named Portia subjects her suitors to a strange, nonsensical game. When Antonio’s business encounters hardship, he reneges on a debt with Jacob then spreads the rumor Jacob wants him dead. A trial in a kangaroo court follows. A darkly humorous retelling of The Merchant of Venice.   Performing at 6:30 February 12 at HERE Arts Center, 145 6th Ave.  Rehearsing Sunday evening Feb 9 at ART/NY Rehearsal Studios at 520 8th Ave.  Because the reading is coming up so quickly, there is no formal audition needed, but if you send video of yourself it would be appreciated.  Please make sure you are available for both dates.

This is produced by Untitled Theater Company No. 61.  We are currently also producing a full production at HERE, called Doctors Jane and Alexander.  Further information about the company can be found at: www.untitledtheater.com


February 9, 2020 – February 12, 2020





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