Spit&Vigor Seeks SM for Run at New Ohio Theater March-April

Brooklyn, NY 11206

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spit&vigor is an NYC-based theater company dedicated to makeshift, skin-of-your-teeth, ad hoc theater. We build intimate theatrical pieces with a strong backbone of human vulnerability and connection, with props and costumes made by hand from recycled and donated materials.

We are looking for a stage manager for our upcoming production of THE WAKE OF DORCAS KELLY at The New Ohio Theatre

Written and directed by Sara Fellini

Duties include: 
Being present at most if not all rehearsals (February through March) and all performances (Wednesdays-Saturdays March 26-April 12)
Taking notes (entrances and exits, blocking) 
Calling breaks during rehearsals
Operating light and (potentially sound) board during performances

Fellini’s dark new comedy THE WAKE OF DORCAS KELLY brings the audience front and center as a grotesquely intimate circle of mourners gather within The Maiden Tower brothel to hold a wake for Dorcas Kelly, the beloved former madame, executed for her crimes against humanity, while a riot rages without on the streets of Dublin, 1762. But as the night rages on and Dorcas’ many well-kept secrets are revealed, thoughts of love for their departed benefactress turn to questions about their own love, lust, fear, and anger. 

More information: www.spitnvigor.com



February 1, 2020 – April 12, 2020





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