Summer Apprenticeships Available| Sonoma, Ca: (Music, Tech, Costume, Stage Management)

Transcendence Theatre Company
Sonoma, CA 95476

Job Details


Transcendence Theatre Company’s apprentice/internship program offers a unique opportunity for individuals to gain practical experience in wine country’s premiere not-for-profit theater. Internships and Apprenticeships are offered in a variety of departments, from the creative to the administrative, and interns and apprentices are encouraged to explore beyond their department to learn more about how the theater functions as a whole. 

The internship/ apprenticeship  program aims to provide individuals with valuable mentorship and expert training, bridging the gap between academic education and practice. Interns and apprentices are an integral part to the success of our summer performances. Supporting Transcendence in its daily activities, interns and apprentices will gain insight, knowledge, and hands-on experience in all aspects of the theater. We offer tickets to Transcendence  main stage summer productions, and bi-weekly Artist Advancement workshops. A weekly stipend is available for all internships and apprentices. Travel, housing and transportation will be provided for certain Apprentice positions. 

Ideal intern and apprentice candidates should be enthusiastic, dedicated workers with an interest in using the arts as acts of service for a specific community. We are looking for people who are detail-oriented, independent, have a sense of humor, and are able to multi-task. 

To apply, please fill out the application link on site: Then, please send a resume and any other information detailing your work that would be nice for us to know in an email to [email protected].

Please send email with the subject line “Intern (or Apprentice)  Application for Summer 2020, [Your name]”. Applications deadline is February 9th, 2020. 

REQUIREMENTS: Available to high schoolers, college pre-professionals, recent college graduates, and young adults pursuing higher education.


The Costume/Props Apprentice / Intern will be contracted by Transcendence Theatre Company for the entire summer.  While this internship/ apprenticeship uniquely spans two fields of theatre, it will instill a general understanding of the process of sourcing and building pieces for a show. Throughout the process, apprentices will learn how to create a costume or prop design from an idea given from the director, creatively building said pieces, organizing props and costumes, updating show paperwork, running crew as a wardrobe dresser, and the basics of sewing and costume upkeep. Interns will leave Transcendence with the tools to continue in the fields of Costume Design, Wardrobe Dresser, and Properties Master. Apprentices can hope to learn: 


  •  Scheduling meetings  with the upcoming Director to discuss the Show Flow and vision for the show. 
  •  Pre-pull potential costume and prop pieces that would work and reserve them to be used as necessary.


  • Confirm the scheduling of the “Costume Show & Tell.”  Help lead the session.
  •  Strategize and design the show as necessary.
  • Build necessary costumes for the productions
  • Properly categorizing and labeling  Costume Shop inventory. 
  •  Schedule and administer costume fittings. 
  • Assist in finalizing quick-change paperwork, dressing lists, and any other necessary paperwork needed for a smooth run of a show.


  • Assisting in pre-show preparation for performance 
  • Assisting performers in and out of costumes backstage 
  • Potentially be in charge of quick changes throughout performance 
  • Laundry and up keep of costumes

  MUSIC: (APPRENTICE) ***must play piano/ have the ability to accompany rehearsals*** 

As the music industry becomes ever more stratified and competitive, employers are seeking candidates with a vast and strong skill set capable of executing effectively a wide variety of musical and non-musical tasks. Here at Transcendence, our goal is to expose the Music Apprentice to an array of musical projects and provide guidance along the way. While every entering Music Apprentice will have a different skill set, we try to cater our education to his/her particular needs and interests, filling in knowledge gaps and extending the knowledge base with those skills already in possession. Specifically, we hope that the Music Apprentice will:

Musical Tasks:

  • become more skilled with notation software, Finale or Sibelius
  • become more skilled with orchestration
  • become a stronger rehearsal accompanist
  • gain exposure to Mainstage and learn how to program within it
  • become faster at music preparation (transcription, making parts, etc.)
  • gain exposure to music on a Tablet using the app ForScore
  • gain exposure to playing in a pit band
  • gain exposure to promotional events like “Skits Under the Stars” and others

Non-musical Tasks:

  • Become a stronger and more timely communicator
  • Become more familiar with rehearsal etiquette, including the proper times and channels for communication
  • gain exposure to set up / tear down of keyboards and musical equipment
  • gain exposure to music play-throughs, production meetings, creative team meetings as needed
  • gain familiarity with the Music team’s communication app: Slack
  • Strive for impeccable punctuality

*As mentioned above, the trajectory for each Music Apprentice will be different and your individual track may or may not include all of these tasks.


The Stage Management Apprentice will be employed by Transcendence Theatre Company for the entire summer.  After completing this program our hope is that apprentices will feel confident in leading rehearsals, organizing schedules, maintaining a callboard, and creating professional relationships.  Specifically we hope that this position will learn: 


  • how to properly use Dropbox, Google Drive, and all Microsoft tools.
  • know how to use all office equipment (printers, laminators, paper cutters…)
  • different ways to create and organize a rehearsal schedule
  • different ways to organize a production calendar
  • how to make a libretto, sign-in sheets
  • taping out a rehearsal studio floor
  • making a call board
  • making sign in sheets


  • how to fully RUN a rehearsal room
  • proper rehearsal times and breaks 
  • how to make a props list, entrance/exit plot, mic plot, libretto
  • how to chart out blocking and choreography
  • how to schedule costume fittings
  • proper communication when speaking to actors, directors, choreographers and musical directors.


  • Learning what an ASM/PSM does during the run of a show
  • Learning how to give times before the show and at intermission
  • Learn all terminology for calling a show (spots, sound, backstage) 
  • Having the opportunity to sit with the PSM for part of tech, and for the call of a show.


The  Technical  Apprentice will  partner with the Technical  Director to gain valuable experience  while working in a professional and unique theatrical  environment. The Technical Theatre Apprentice assists the  Transcendence team with projects and initiatives including but  not limited to:

  • Helps  facilitate  the needs of  all Transcendence  Events. f
  • Assistance  with the lighting,  sound, and set build  requirements for all events and productions.   
  • Work  with various  production departments  as needed

Prior  experience  in technical  theatre production  preferred including:

  • Lighting  and/or Electrical  experience
  • Live  Audio and/or  Recording experience
  • Construction  and/or Fabrication  experience
  • Excellent  interpersonal,  organizational, and  communication skills (both  written and verbal)
  • Work  comfortably  and effectively  in a diverse, collaborative  environment
  • Familiarity  with basic fabrication  techniques and shop safety  requirements

Our Technical Theatre Apprentice is integral to the success of the summer productions and by the end of the summer our apprentices can expect to  learn:


  • Understanding of scheduling labor and crew
  • Learn how to use power tools and hand tools
  • General shop safety
  • Understand the various types of lumber, types of lighting equipment, etc
  • Learning the proper chain of command
  • Learn how to set up a sound system and mix a simple event
  • Understand basic programming on the lighting console
  • Learning how to hang and focus lighting and how to set up a lighting system
  • Possibly take the lead on a small design/construction project for a show
  • Learn how to make followspot cue sheets


  • Learn how to run a follow spot
  • Learn what various positions do in a show
  • Learn how to think on the fly and troubleshoot


The apprentice will work with Transcendence Theatre Company’s Director of Education and Education Associate to support every aspect of the Education program. 

Responsibilities will include:

  • Assisting in the coordination of various on-site programs including student dress rehearsals, on-site workshops, and various education events.
  • Organizing walk throughs and multiple locations for off site events for our Mobile Unit program. 
  • Teach at Kids Camp, Mobile Unit tours, and other community/school events. 
  • Coordinating workshop materials and working toward being the on-site person for workshops.
  • Coordinating documentation for all education programming. 
  • Conducting dissemination and collection of teacher and student surveys. 

Qualifications: Ideal candidates will be self-starters, have strong organizational skills and a demonstrated interest in technical theatre and/or education.



May 18, 2020 – September 13, 2020


$350.00/ wk