Rodgers &Hammerstein’s Cinderella, The Marvelous Wonderettes: Dream On, The Music Man – Peach State Summer Theatre

Peach State Summer Theatre
Valdosta, GA 31698

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CONTRACT: Non-Union Service Agreement with Valdosta State University.

Artistic Director – Jacque Wheeler
Directors: Hank Rion, Jacque  Wheeler, Randy Wheeler
Choreographers: Sarah Wildes Arnett and others tbd
Music Director: David Springfield
Vocal Director: Joe Mason
Managing Director: H. Duke Guthrie

First Rehearsal: May 18, 2020
CINDERELLA opens June 5, 2020
THE MUSIC MAN opens June 26, 2020
CINDERLLA and TMW: DREAM ON close July 18, 2020; THE MUSIC MAN closes July 19, 2020.

OTHER: An Equity Monitor will not be provided.  The producer will run all aspects of this audition.
PSST may hire up to 2 AEA members on the Guest Artist Contract.
Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination.  Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion.  As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities to attend every audition.
Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.
BREADOWN: The schedule of Peach State Summer Theatre allows for actors to appear in 2 or 3 musicals of the season.  Tracks are to be determined.  PSST is not scheduling minor actors at this audition. Please note that as of this posting the roles of Marian and Harold Hill in THE MUSIC MAN and Marie in CINDERELLA have been cast.

ELLA: Unnoticed beneath her rags and quiet demeanor, she is opinionated, charismatic, passionate, beautiful, and funny; courageously challenges the prince to change the policies in his kingdom and helps him discover who he truly is; we see her blossom into a confident woman.
TOPHER: A misguided and lost prince who longs to do something important with his life; he feels lonely and unfulfilled; charming, appealing and innocent – with an unforced goofy streak.
MADAME: Ella’s selfish stepmother; the epitome of vanity and fashion.
SEBASTIAN: The kingdom’s Lord Chancellor; Topher’s trusted advisor despite being devious and selfish; believes he should rule the kingdom.
GABRIELLE: Ella’s stepsister; she unenthusiastically joins her mother and sister in their abrasive behavior.
CHARLOTTE: Ella’s stepsister; brash, self-centered, materialistic, loud, sassy, and bratty; has a ridiculously high, but unfounded opinion of herself.
JEAN-MICHEL: a feisty, passionate peasant determined to make a change for the starving class; impetuous; a firebrand.
LORD PINKLETON: The Lord Chancellor’s right hand man; announces things.

BETTY JEAN: the class clown and tomboy of the group, she has a loving heart that is easy to break; alto with strong low range.
CINDY LOU: sassy, wicked, with a heart of gold; mezzo soprano with belt – sings lead on many songs.
MISSY: the over-achiever of the group and the group’s organizing force; soprano with wide range and very high vocals.
SUZY: the giddy happy-go-lucky slightly ditzy; mezzo alto with a sweet soulful sound and big belts.

MAYOR SHINN: a blustery politician who is all too ‘self-important.’ Begrudgingly married to Eulalie, he is skeptical of the town rumor mill.
MARCELLUS WASHBURN: Harold’s old friend and former con man, trying to settle down in River City.
TOMMY DJILAS:  A young man from the wrong side of town, secretly courting Zaneeta Shinn.
MRS. PAROO: An Irish widow and mother of Marian and Winthrop; cheerful and always plotting.
EULALIE MACKENCKNIE SHINN: the mayor’s wife; serial gossiper and snob who has trouble keeping her opinions to herself.
CHARLIE COWELL: traveling salesman who is on to Harold Hill’s schemes.
PICK-A-LITTLE LADIES: the town gossips.
THE QUARTET: high tenor (JACEY SQUIRES), tenor (EWERT DUNLOP), baritone (OLIVER HIX) and bass (OLIN BRITT)

Email a photo and resume to [email protected]; after screening these materials, appointments will be set.

Peach State Summer Theatre, located in Valdosta, GA on the campus of Valdosta State University, is the Official Musical Theatre of Georgia.  2020 marks the 30th anniversary season of professional summer musicals produced by Valdosta State University. The 2020 season is presented in rotating repertory (audiences can see 3 musicals in 2 days if they time it right). PSST provides housing in shared suite-style apartments (private bedrooms) in a campus dormitory.  For further information about PSST, please visit   

Actors should bring sheet music for a song from a Broadway classic or women may prepare a 60’s/70’s pop song. An accompanist will be provided.  Actors may be invited to attend a dance call late in the afternoon.


May 18, 2020 – July 19, 2020


up to 2 AEA Guest Artists


varies per contract type



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