Non-Union Stage Manager

New York, NY 10019

Job Details


Job Title: Non-Union Stage Manager

Reports to:  Director and GM

An interactive dinner theatre production seeks reliable and intuitive non-union stage manager.

Principle Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Studies production website and is familiar with show’s vision / mission. 

  2. Set up all appointments and follow-up emails in coordination with cast and creative requests and notifications

  3. Maintain rehearsal calendar and rehearsal schedule and studio reservation. 

  4. TECH NEEDS: Maintain / update simple lighting plot, sound plot and costume / prop assignments.

  5. LIGHTING CUES: Assess general lighting plot and availability at the venue.  Work closely with Venue technician to communicate and interpret simple lighting plot. 

  6. SOUND: Update all sound and music cues. Work closely with Sound Engineer to communicate lavalier assignments / sound cues and sound check at venue prior to each performance and press event. 

  7. REPORTS: Submit daily rehearsal, site & performance reports 

  8. Update and maintain a detailed and highly organized Prompt Book.  

  9. COMPANY & POLICIES: Be familiar with all rules, regulations, and guidelines for production; actors’ contracts; and maintain all company policy in an amicable, consistent and professional manner. 

  10. Advance site visit to venue to pre-check venue Rider Agreement and technical checklist

  11. Keep staff and team organized

  12. Set up and break down of show, including the storage and maintenance of all props between shows

  13. Manage photography team & assistants

  14. Communicate with venue needs and expectations for setup

  15. Keeping the team on schedule

  16. Arranging smaller events in addition to the regularly scheduled performances

  17. Direct cast and patrons to their designated locations

  18. Basic social media management

Other duties and responsibilities: 

  1. Ability to work cheerfully and professionally with cast; new environment; and diverse populations 

  2. Trustworthy, transparent, and utterly reliable in time-management 

  3. Maintains impeccable communication skills with integrity, grace, kindness and wisdom. 

  4. Work with administrative office & GM to coordinate cast, crew, and musician needs for each show

Required Skills: 

  1. Advance knowledge in MS Office

  2. Advance knowledge of Lighting, Sound & Lavalieres

  3. Strong Communication, Organizational skills, and detail-oriented

  4. Problem solving skills (ability to find the right solution to an issue not just the easiest solution for them)

  5. Great attention to detail

  6. Good logistical and problem solving skills

  7. Strong team player

  8. Ability to carry heavy equipment

Must be available December and January Weekends.



December 2, 2019 –



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