Aquila Theatre Company’s Spring 2020 Tour – “The Odyssey” & “1984”

Aquila Theatre Company
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Victoria Weinberg

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Aquila Theatre is looking for two actors for the 2020 Spring tour of Orwell’s 1984, adapted by Michael Gene Sullivan and directed by Desiree Sanchez, and Homer’s The Odyssey, translated by Emily Wilson and directed and adapted by Desiree Sanchez. 


Rehearsals: Jan 13-24, 2020 in the NYC area.
Tour: First public performance Jan 28, 2020 in Hillsdale, MI and the last performance is April 1, 2020 in Alexandria, LA.  

Rate of pay: Rehearsal and performance rate is $700/week. Once on tour an additional  $55/day per diem and all single hotel accommodation and travel will be provided. 


Male actor – Must be a dynamic, versatile actor, who can sing and play the guitar. Will play multiple roles in both shows: 

List of characters by production: 


Party Member 3 — This character plays an interrogator who is a militant supporter of Big Brother. Often reverts to physical violence, and is a fervent supporter of the beliefs of the state. This character must re-enact moments in Winston’s life as a method of torture, and in so doing must believably enact the following characters:

Syme: a colleague of Winston at the Ministry of Truth. He is an erudite professorial type who is obsessed with the inaccuracies of language. 

Child:  one of two children of Parsons (Winston’s neighbor and colleague). Child is predisposed to violence and obsessed with watching public executions

A rally speaker: something like a televangelist.

Telescreen announcer. 

The Odyssey: This production focuses on the psychological aspects of The Odyssey to reflect the veteran perspective. 

The Narrator – plays a veteran and initiates the story by breaking the 4th wall, speaking directly to the audience guiding them through the story. Plays the guitar to help facilitate the story telling and also steps into the story to play various roles such as:

Suitor of Penelope who is wealthy, well connected, who believes he should be given what he wants. He is also physically abusive and threatening especially towards Odysseus’ son.

Achilles – war hero who was famously known for preferring a short but glorious life who is depicted in the underworld as having a change of heart. 

A  member of a veteran motorcycle club who helps Odysseus tell his story through re-enactment by becoming a member of his crew. 

Female Actor – Must be a dynamic performer with lots of presence. Will need to sing in both productions. 

List of characters by play: 


Party Member 2 – a female interrogator who is very serious and efficient at her job. At times, she must re-enact scenes from Winston’s life by playing: 

Julia:  Winston’s love interest. A strong young woman engaged in a personal rebellion involving risky behavior and profanity. 

Mrs. Parsons: wife of a colleague of Winston’s with two children. Described as looking “much older than she is. You get the impression there is dust in the crevices of her face. 

The Odyssey: 

Athena: the guiding protective force for Odysseus and his family. Goddess of wisdom and strategy especially as it pertains to warfare. She, like Odysseus is known for her many disguises and often speaks through mortals. Must move very well and be able to sing.  

*Special consideration made for military veterans or close family members of veterans.  

Preference to those that can and are willing to share the driving with other cast members. Extra pay given for driving hours. 

All physical types, ethnicities, gender identities, ages, and performers with disabilities welcomed and encouraged.  

Aquila Theatre is a physical theatre company. Must be able to perform in hand to hand stage combat for both productions. 

Please submit by video a short sample of your musical abilities, a song, and two very contrasting monologues of your choice (3 min in length each) to [email protected] 

In person auditions will be by invitation only.


January 1, 2020 – April 1, 2020







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